ABC's Glass House Looks Like The Big Brother House

The Glass House premieres June 18 on ABC.

ABC's Glass House Looks Like The Big Brother House

If it looks like Big Brother and it sounds like Big Brother and it's brought to you by a former producer of Big Brother … well, then it must be ABC's answer to the popular CBS summer reality show. ABC has announced the June 18 premiere of The Glass House, a competition set in a house where contestants will be filmed 24-7 as they vie to be the last man standing. The winner takes $250,000.

ABC's show blends the voyeurism of Big Brother with the viewer interaction of American Idol,  allowing fans to vote o

n the action, including what the players eat and wear, where they sleep, and what games they play. It's unclear whether one of the games will be “throwing stones.”

The Glass House is executive-produced by Kenny Rosen, who has worked on Big Brother and Hell's Kitchen.

Meantime, Big Brother 14 will premiere July 12.

Will you watch The Glass House, or are your summer nights already dedicated to Big Brother? Is there room for another reality show this summer? Tell us in the comments!



  • Scott Andersen

    So pretty much they have from June 18th to July 12th to get viewers hooked…if they fail to do so, then the show likely wont make it

  • Julia Woods

    I will watch both.. I like the fact you can vote on what they do.. but i will always watch Big brother..

  • Dean Brown

    I guess if it premieres June 18th we’ve got a few weeks to decide whether its worth following or not before Big Brother starts!! If Jun is going to do Power Rankings for Glass House then I’ll definitely give it a watch ;) lol

    • Beth

      Completly agree

  • Donna Murphy

    I will watch both! I like being more interactive with the viewers! I wonder if they will have Live Feeds available 24/7 too!!!

  • SarahUff777

    After ABC ditched 2 Daytime Soaps and ticked off so many loyal viewers, no way! I watch BB every summer, I wouldn’t ditch them to watch a channel that doesn’t care what it’s viewers want until they are losing them. Sorry no dice ABC!

  • Kathykrause59

    First time Im hearing of this new show!!! Hell Ill give it a shot. I love BB and cant seem to get enough!!

  • Ljscheer

    I may check out Glass House. But BB has my heart.

  • Annie

    I will try it until July but my loyalty is with big brother

  • Ann Svensen

    ITA with SarahUff777….Don’t think the glasshouse will keep many viewers..also the prize money is 1/2 of BB

  • Robindawson

    I will always be a BB fan, but am reality obsessed so I will probably check this show out too. Big Brother takes precedence over them all though

  • Juanita

    I’ll probably start Glass House just to get my fix till Big Brother comes on. Big Brother will rule.

  • Zach (Nickel-Liss)

    This show sounds like a major rip off.

  • Inashopping

    I’m devoted to BIG BROTHER you’re wasting your time here. It’ll never peek the interest of true Big Brother fans.. What a waste of television. Your ratings on this show will crash and burn in my opinion. Can’t wait until Big Brother 14 starts!! CBS is the real BIG BROTHER!

  • Luvmywings

    Big Brother since Season 1…..not about to miss BB……..

  • Allaboutthebenjamins10

    I will definatley watch both hopefully they won’t be aired the same days an times :-) :-)

    • Allaboutthebenjamins10

      I personally think last year big brother was kinda crappy so why not a perfect time for something like this

      • Dale McClung

        The past few seasons have been kind of dry for me, they keep casting the same types just because its what they know and wont take risks. I think the major factor is bc the ratings get better every year. But the fact is less people are going out on vacations bc of the economy and BB is one of a handful of shows that is new during the summer.

  • Dale McClung

    First off BB and The Glass House air at on different days so there is no direct competition between the two of them. With that being said this is not a “Rip off of Big Brother” if that is the case then Big Brother is a rip off of The Real World and any other shows that feature cast members living in a house is a rip off of it as well. There is no such thing as an original idea. Sure its a competition show set in a house with live feeds, but that’s where the comparison ends. I love the idea of fans actually getting a say on who stays and goes as well as the social media aspect which will be an interesting twist on the genre as a whole. To me BB has ran dry with the same characters, twists, and comps they use over and over each season. While id rather see a US version of Loft Story hit our screens but this seems just be just the change I have been waiting to see. Honestly, what else is there to watch during the Summer especially during the 10pm block. Its at least worth a chance.

  • Lisa Barlow

    I’ll check it out. for sure

  • Tereseatx

    I’ll watch ,,,summer reruns are boring …wonder if the will be on showtime also??

    • Teresea Avant

      I will watch BB for sure. It’s my first love. Glass House is on Monday nights so it won’t interfere with BB.

  • Hec

    I may check out the ABC show because I hate waiting until July for Big Brother. I’m definitely watching BB though.

  • Annemariecaggiano

    IT starts June 18th so yeah Ill watch it But Im a BIG Brother fan .Theres enough to go around .It depends on times its on but TVO solves all that. My family wont be to happy because life stops when Big Brother is on plus the live feeds keeps me on the computer. IM excited about JEFF & JORDAN show on CBS .I will be a true fan to that show very excited

  • Byars_in_tampa

    well bb dont have 24/7 feeds, i hope the new one do. i would pay 25.00 a week for real 24/7 feeds.

  • Teresea Avant

    CBS filed a lawsuit because Glass House is copying them…so who knows if the Glass House is a go

  • Teresea Avant


  • LindaS

    sorrycbs…bigbrother all the way!

  • Debby Wright Camardelle

    I’ll watch both but if they conflict, I’ll have my eyes on CBS’s BIG BROTHER 14!!!!

  • Rentbogo

    The Real World do not have voting any way the interactive part of the show is patent pending by another company they did not paid. so there is another law sue.

  • Byron

    I’m going to watch them both but I’m worried about the glass house maybe making big brother quit production soon if the glass house gets more viewers, bb will always be my favorite no matter how good the glass house is.

  • Romeo28innc

    I will watch it for sure. looks awesome.
    more updated than big brother.

  • pkdeb52

    Love Big Brother and will always watch it . will give glass house a shot but BB all the way~

  • Dannielle Obenchain

    ill be watching both of course i’m a loyal BB fan and love it!! but i can still watch TGH on mondays it’s no BB but still entertaining enough