Are Jeff and Jordan Engaged?

Have America's favorite reality TV couple finally gotten engaged?

Are Jeff and Jordan Engaged?

UPDATE: Jeff & Jordan are moving to LA in 2012!

EDITORS NOTE: After publishing this article, E! Online changed ”engaged” to “still romancing.”

Jeff also tweeted: “How much did Jordan & I drink @ that wedding, apparently were engaged? haha. Don’t believe everything u read. We didn’t get engaged. Sorry.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that this engagement happens soon! Be sure to catch Jeff and Jordan on the Big Brother 13 Live Feeds!

E! Online is reporting that Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder are ENGAGED! Ummm… did we miss something? The article, Five Reality Shows with Better Romance Track Records Than The Bachelor/Bachelorette, listed Big Brother first, with the engagement of Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly, along with America’s sweethearts, Jeff and Jordan.




  • dianne ariondo

    I can not believe jeff & jordan are engaged if this is true I am so so happy they are the cutest realist couple ever on reality tv I’m over the moon with joy love & hope they get married on tv all the best to both of themthey so deserve it love ya both 4ever

  • simon

    They are not engaged yet.

  • Jane Schultz

    I wouldnt believe it unless THEY themselves say it! People always start rumors.

  • Trish Castillo

    Hello, Big Brother hint hint maybe Jeff will propose on finale night I mean they did meet on big brother. Then make it a tv show bb marriage vows of Jeff & jordan Ratings WILL hit the roof. They are AMERICA’S SWEETHEARTS!!!

    • Michele

      I think such a good idea, I would love to see jordan face onces he asks

  • Sarina

    I thought they got engaged on BB11. I am watching it now and they were talking about it– must have been a big joke I guess lol

  • taylor

    I know, that’s what I was thinking! He can propose on finale night, and they’ll go down in history like that couple on Survivor….I just really wanna watch my two favorite players get engaged! :)

  • Janelane

    <3 them.

  • Bexar

    Jordan made a comment about them breaking up after the show (BB13) is over, but she was whispering and said well we can just talk it about after all this.?????????? no I wanna see them get married. Does anyone know anything about this?

    • Claudia

      I sure hope they aren’t breaking up. I think they are the cutest couple and would love to see them get married on tv as a BB Special.

  • Breelynne

    I love Jeff and Jordan. They are soooo cute together. Don’t break up!

    • Mitchellreesa

      when did you here they where going to break up

  • Mitchellreesa

    Jeff and Jordan when are you going to get engaged and you two are probably the cuttest couple that ever played big brother sorry you did not win big brother 13

  • Amy56

    On finale night of BB 13 Jordan said she hoped Jeff would win the big prize so that he would propose to her. Jeff, ya’ve been America’s favorite TWICE now for 50K. Get to proposing!

    • Nancy

      It’s not 50K it’s 25K just so that you have the amount right. Plus lets’s not forget he did win 10k plus 5K, so this season Jeff won 40K, almost as much as 2nd place.
      Good for him!!
      I trully hope that the two of them finally decide to settle down with each other and begin a life together, hopefully married.

      • Suzie

        i think she was saying that winning Americas favorite at 25k x 2 = 50k total.

      • Snezzie

        Plus his stipend..which put him making more than Porcha. Which he deserved.

      • Sage

        She’s saying on bb11 Jeff won 25k and bb13 he won another 25k both for being america’s favorite. Jeff also won 10k in a challenge so it’s 60k. maybe you should rad more carefully.

  • Herbertt

    Actually, Jeff won $40,000 on BB13 and got a stipends of $25,000 for a total of $65,000, Porsche only got $50,000 since 2nd place does not get the stipends. That said Jeff made more than the second place winner Porsche who won $55,000.

  • Julie

    Jeff and Jordan are a match made in heaven. I do hope Jeff gets the rag out and proposes to Jordan very soon. Girls like Jordan are few and Jeff seems like a great guy with a good head on his shoulders. Jeff and Jordan, hope to see you on Big Brother again – in later years!

  • Anonymous

    I think Jordan needs to move on.Jeff will never propose and she is wasting her time with him.

    • guest

      No, Jordan and Jeff are cute together, don’t put such a negative spin on such an adorable couple!

  • caitlin

    They need to get married already!

  • Beth

    I think Jeff and Jordan should have there own reality show I think it would be fun to watch what they do together. They need to get engaged all ready.

  • Joeandjess

    They need to do a reality show on their lives

  • Victoria Renee Raines

    They are allowed to take their time

  • VoiceOfReason

    They are beautiful people to look at and sometimes entertaining with their strange conversations but Jeff is loud and rude and Jordan is sweet and quiet. He bullies her. She needs a man with much more patience. Do none of you remember him making her feel so lousy on both of their seasons? People just can’t give up the fairytale. I wish better things for both of them.

  • Sewingchick

    Jeff you better put a ring on that girls finger or she will walk,