Ashley’s Back: Is Her Game in Jeopardy?

Will an injury affect Ashley's game - or is she faking it?

Ashley’s Back: Is Her Game in Jeopardy?

Big Brother 14 live feeders are talking about Ashley’s back problems and how they’ve resurfaced – right before the Have/Have Not competition is set to get underway.

After Ashley woke up this morning she seemed to be in pain, she wasn’t smiling much and she remained in a horizontal position for the entire day (so far). At 9:28am BBT we see her laying down in the living room with Wil stroking her hair. When she is up and moving around, other houseguests aid her as she walks. At 10:24 am BBT we see Wil and Joe walking Ashley out of the bathroom. Boogie and Dan also escorted her around.

BB 14 Ashley Back Injury

Now. Here’s what people are saying on social media…

Some fans think it’s ridiculous that Ashley has not been removed from the BB14 house if she is in fact, in so much pain. Others believe it is simply a ploy for Ashley to obtain prescription drugs (she DOES always seem spaced out), or perhaps it’s game play and she is faking it. Janelle fans think Ashley should leave the house and be replaced with Jani, who was evicted on last night’s live show.

What we want to know is, what is YOUR opinion on Ashley and her back problems? Do you think it is going to affect her game at some point, if not today?

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  • jordguitar

    I am sure that production is all over it and if they know it isn’t a problem then its just a big act. They cant just leave her like that if it is a problem. Also for those Janelle fans, production needs to drop houseguests like crazy. She will not come back this season.

  • Philstanford70

    Weather is it a ploy for Narcotics or she is in pain she needs to go. Survivor wouldve had her leave 3 weeks ago, its ridicilous that somebody is in the house acting like that when millions would kill to be in her position.

  • Johnny8876

    Production should remove her from the game! No tv show is worth damaging your back even more!! She needs rest not playing silly games! Let Jani come back and remove ashley!

    • Ka Ri Ma Karima

      ONE has NOTHING to do with the OTHER.

      Let’s talk about Big Brother.
      I think the Have Not beds are a health risk to everyone’s back. I think BB needs to replace those beds IMMEDIATELY! Those beds are beyond uncomfortable, they are a serious threat to back health! The long term effects of sleeping in such an unnatural, awkward position are yet to be discovered. And some HG’s are going to be more susceptible than others, given their age, fitness level, prior back injuries, etc. Big Brother, a half million dollars is a lot of money & people are willing to take all kinds of risks to attain it. Please don’t exploit the HG’s in such a way that threatens their back health.

      Let’s talk about Ashley.
      If she can’t compete in all of the comps, then she should be eliminated from the game. Perhaps BB could bring Ashley back next year, if her back is healthy by then? I think that would be very fair. But it’s not fair to the rest of the HG’s for BB to give Ashley free passes out of comps. Nor is it fair, social game wise, due to the sympathy factor. And it’s certainly not fair to Ashley if BB allows her to stay and compete in comps, if it puts her at risk of further (and potentially more serious) back injury. The possibility of winning a half million dollars gets closer for her every week, which makes it even harder for her to walk away from.

      Let’s talk about Janelle.
      I’m a super – HUGE – fan of Janelle, so let me say this: >>> The Ashley situation has nothing to do with Janelle AT ALL.
      I would love to see Janelle enter back into the BB house. Nothing could make me happier in this game. I would vote my heart out for Janelle if we had “America’s Choice” to bring back an evicted HG. But that’s a totally separate issue.

      • Jnee51

        I know with back problems they don’t magically get better.With that said what is the point her being in the game and get a free ride to the jury house to make thousands of dollars for having NO GAME play. I do not dislike Ashley but other people have gone home that could have a chance to play the game.She just has a free vacation with a back problem. I wish her well and hopes she gets better but I want another player have a chance to play. They can bring back Kara or whatever they need to do to even the numbers up. What is she doing that she deserves to stay?

  • Ditdotdee

    If she is taking that much pain meds for so long, she should leave the game. She has become the druggie joke. I love jani, want her in, but that time has passed.

  • Thorn105

    I’m pretty sure this gal said she was going to act like a ditz as part of her game strategy. As for the drug abuse rumors, I’m not buying it. Her Dream Board and positive attitude no matter what is consistent with being a well-adjusted person. We are so cynical that we automatically think that anyone who is really happy and loving life has to be on drugs. I think she has a positive outlook, she’s really into spiritual pursuits, and she loves life – I highly doubt she is an addict. Addicts typically wouldn’t want to be on BB, since it would affect their ability to get high. Janelle fans, I’m sorry she got sent home. I’m sorry your “Save Janelle” campaign didn’t work. Stop being such sore losers, quit threatening to stop watching Big Brother (we know you won’t!), and just deal with it. If you REALLY love Janelle so much, be happy for her husband and her BABY, who I am quite sure was missing her terribly. Unless CBS does what they did with Rachel in her first season, and sends her in for 1 day/1 nite to start causing trouble and stirring up shit, Janelle won’t be back this season.

    • Perpetua777555

      Her ditz thing is an act….see her private convos w/Wil last night….her guard was down and she wasn’t talking like the ditz she is in groups….Janelle early on in private said to Ashley that “we both know the real Ashley ” Janelle is smarter than the rest, as most think that is really her…..I say it’s game.

    • Kevin

      Reading all this about Ashley’ back pain, I agree with your assessment of everyone being too cynical. You can’t judge other people’s pain. And in reards to Janelle fans not watching anymore, I’m a Janelle fan and was debating not watching but apparently my DVR made the decision for me because when I went to watch the veto ceremony and eviction episodes I found out it cancelled my recording! Oh well, I guess no more BB14 for me. I’ll get my fix from the messgae boards :)

  • Stech89

    She should be out! It’s crazy for her to be constantly walking around in a drug induced stupor!!! She looks ridiculous!

  • Rebecca Ann Powers

    Well, as long as she gets to stay in that house, CBS might as well sign her name to one of those final 2 checks. She’s throwing a huge pity party. My thing is, if you cannot compete in the competitions (as every other HG has to do) then she should be medically removed from the game. Or is CBS willing to go on record to allow HG’s to sue them for medical issues and lack of “REAL” medical treatment?

    • Katmsanz

      IMO she is in extreme pain, as a person with severe back problems, you can tell by the way she walks and sits, she is not faking. She is really hurt, and I feel bad for her. Do not know if she had it b4 entering the show, but she is hurt now. When my back goes out, I have to sit the way she does, cant walk, cant dress myself, she is in alot of pain for real. When she is lying down, you see her rub the back of the top of her butt, right where the siatica pain starts. Sorry people, but she isnt a druggie like your all accusing her of. They need to tell her the best way to sleep, that has alot to do with recovery, putting a pillow between your lower legs and give the girl the best bed in the house. That will help her too. ALOT>

      • Jenerrific713

        In that case, she can’t compete in competitions and needs to leave the house. Why should everyone else have to compete in the “have not” comp, but she gets a free pass?

        • Corndogger

          It’s not her fault that her back is screwed up. None of the other players are complaining so we shouldn’t either.

      • Venus-mars

        Also, from what little I’ve heard about her meds, she’s NOT taking narcotics but MUSCLE relaxers. They’re NOT narcotics and they do make me the same way she acts when I take them…So I believe it’s true. Truth is that if she were on narcotics, she would probably be much more lively and not so “drugged”. As someone who has taken both for a number of years, I believe I am correct.

        PLEASE people, stop accusing her of being a drug addict. It’s not fair to her!

        • wesa

          I work for a drug company, muscle relaxers are indeed a controlled substance! maybe not narcotic but in the same class

    • Lynda Perky

      She has NOT had a pittty party at all. A pitty party is what Boogie and Frank had after finding out that Dan had lied to them. Joe last night is another prime example of throwing a pitty party….Ashley has not whined at all she tells people it’s ok.

      • Perpetua777555

        Yes, but she should have to go, it is unfair advantage over the other houseguests.

        • Lynda Perky

          Totally agree with that, was only pointing out the off subject rant about her “throwning a Huge pitty party”.

  • Splashet2000

    I think if you need and request as many drugs, as this girl does then its time to go ,

    • Nicole Bamonte

      You can request drugs in the Bb house? At least they can get xanex so they don’t go completely insane LOL

  • Snoops927

    She can’t compete etc so why waste the space…Take her out and skip a fast forward..I like Jani but she is gone..move forward..Ashley can’t play the game as an equal so take her out.

  • Marsgroiup

    Ashley should be removed, if she is in that much pain. As for bringing Jani back…She played a bad game and got exactly what she deserved.

  • Brian Webster

    I think you can rule out gameplay because why wouldn’t she be bragging about it in the DR about how she has the whole house fooled.

    • Perpetua777555

      Because she’s getting drugs from BB doctor…. that wouldn’t fly.

      • Brian Webster

        I don’t know what drugs she was taking in the house in front of everyone I thought it was over the counter Advil or Aleve. She says they’ve given her shots and stuff in DR and if they have she wouldn’t be doing that for gameplay. If she was lying about the pain to get sympathy in house she could just lie about getting shots in DR. So if it was gameplay she wouldn’t need the actual prescription drugs. So the only 2 options would be it’s real or she’s lying for drugs cause those are the only reasons to lie about it in DR

  • lagnaf

    she needs to go if she can not compete…I don’t see any advantage to it being a ploy. Send her home and skip the dbl elimination. Janelle played a bad game and now she’s gone…get over it, she will not be back.

    • shaunte bradley

      janelle game was not really bad. she is the smartest player in the house and thats why people were so threaten by her and wanted to get her out of the house

  • Jenerrific713

    She needs to be taken out of the game for numerous reasons.

    1. BB isn’t a conducive environment for her to take care of the problem and get better if she’s truly as ill as she appears. She couldn’t even walk to the bathroom. That seems to be medical grounds to be removed from the house.
    2. She obviously can’t compete in the competitions and it’s particularly unfair that she’s automatically excluded from being a “have not.”
    3. This medical problem casts her in a sympathetic light far beyond the scope of what’s fair (IMO). This creates an unfair advantage over the other HG’s as well.
    5. CBS would never risk her health (ie: lawsuit) which makes one wonder how serious it really is.
    6. Unfair that she’s high on narcotics while in the house. (I’d want them too!) :)

    • Corndogger

      CBS is obviously risking her health. She was like this already when she did her first Have Not stint. It was obvious then that her back was fucked up. At least now she’s getting some medical attention. As for not playing in the Have Not comp, that’s rather trivial. No one is going to win or lose the game based on those comps. They’re trying to balance things out because Jenn gets to be a Have even though she was on the losing team.

      • Wendy

        Stick a fork in her–she’s done! Get her the hell outta there if she can’t compete in the have not comp. People were actually having to carry her to the bathroom this morning. Ridiculous! I don’t feel sorry for her one bit! She doesn’t have anyone to trash talk now, so she’s gonna play the sympathy card. I’ve got a bad back, too, but my ass isn’t in BB playing a game that I know I’m not physically capable of playing.

        • Corndogger

          She’s not playing the sympathy card and if the other HGs think she has an unfair advantage they could put her up and vote her out. This also isn’t the first time they’ve bent the rules concerning being a Have Not.

        • Corndogger

          She’s not playing the sympathy card and if the other HGs think she has an unfair advantage they could put her up and vote her out. This also isn’t the first time they’ve bent the rules concerning being a Have Not.

      • Adviljunkie

        Muscle relaxers, cortisone shots, and Advil – the drugs Ashley has been taking for her condition – are NOT NARCOTICS, JENNERIFIC!!! So tired of people accusing her of being high when they don’t even know what the hell they are talking about. She is GROGGY from the muscle relaxers, she is NOT floating through the game in a narcotic-induced haze. I wish more people would educate themselves before making stupid comments.

  • shplh8tr

    If Ashley cannot compete then she needs to leave, it’s not survivor where you get to sit someone out. As for the comments about Janelle’s game? She got to play for 5 days and if you think she played a bad game then ur clueless as to how the game is played. Janelle haters SUCK!

  • Guest

    Ashley’s one of those people you can put and no one is going care if she leaves.

  • Zappor Mann

    Ashley appears to have Spinal Stenosis, She gets spasms more from being non active and it can occur for no reason at all. So with that said, She is not a drug addict, Jani & Brittany went to the DR for their xanax daily. Muscle relaxers only make you drowsy, no buzz, no opiates. She is not faking. Janelle may have gotten away with faking, lol, oh Jani fans ahhhhh Jani is with Jodi, hahahahahaha.

    • Whattaloser

      You can’t even post a reply about Ashley without talking about Janelle. And HER fans are obsessed? LOL

    • Perpetua777555

      Im a Jani fan…..I don’t know if Ashley is faking or not….it is BB. But either way, she should go. Part of the game is to compete in comps….if she can’t she shouldn’t be there. It’s an unfair advantage.

  • Elizabeth Spinnato

    I believe due to the risk of severe injury Ashley should be removed. I believe her sitting out of comps gives her an unfair advantage and should be ruled as an auto nomination or removal. I do not know if she is using or has a pain med issue, but I have seen her take large amounts of Advil.

    • Thorn105

      Taking large amounts of Advil (ibuprofen) does NOT a “user” make. That’s one of the stupidest comments I’ve heard about the situation so far. Any real “drug user” would NOT put themselves in jeopardy of being unable to get high by being Big Brother houseguests. I take prescription Ibuprofen 800 mg, which is FOUR Advil, and I assure you I do not get high from it, nor am I a “user”. Ibuprofen is extremely irritating to the stomach, and NO ONE takes that much ibuprofen unless they have to do so. As for your opinion on why she should leave, I can assure you that the show is taking care of things from their end, so don’t worry your little head about it. No one in the audience even knows what her issues are, so for you to form such a negative opinion at this point is ridiculous, since you have no real information with which to come to the conclusion that she is at risk of severe injury. Until we are told more, any notions about whether or not Ashley should stay are premature. (and tedious to keep having to read on every blog!)

      • ladipuff

        well said

    • Debi

      “..I have seen her take large amounts of Advil…” I normally don’t comment but when I see a ridiculous statement like this, it needs to be addressed. This is how people get labeled unfairly as drug addicts. #1 Unless you where there, actually counted the amount of pills anyone takes you have no right to slander them. You where there? #2. Do you have any idea what your even talking about? I can’t take painkillers with narcotics in them. So I have to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen at a time. That would be equal to 4~200 mg Motrin (Advil, Motrin & ibuprofen are interchangeable) Relatively the same type of anti-inflammatory drug. It helps keep swelling, inflammation down before it becomes too painful. Since I’m prescribed 3 a day (2400 mg a day) that would be the same as 12 Advil’s a day. I’ve done the surgeries, pills, pain clinics etc. I’d rather the Ibuprofen. This is the only way I can still have a life without excruciating pain. Many of us do to avoid the narcotics & opiates. She is a young girl & I really hope she gets through this OK. She’s in a no-win situation & she certainly doesn’t need strangers talking crap about her. No one does. Lets hope you are never in that type of situation.

  • Ladystarlite4

    I feel sorry for her, however, she needs to be removed from the show. Just skip the double evection and game on. Let her recover at home.

  • Lynda Perky

    I think it is a real back problem. She has had 2 cortazone shots in the past 4 days. Those do NOT give any high. 2 or 3 days ago she was in the round bed with Jen on the left and Wil on the right and at one point Jen pulled out a prescription bottle from under Ashley’s pillow and they all laughed.I th Today she said this is a problem she had before BB and maybe she brought the presciption with her……She should be out of the game but I do NOT think Jani should get a free pass back in. Jani played poorly this year and it did not work. I do think Ashley is naturally spacey and using it to her advantage…… Having ruptured 2 discs and been unable to walk because of it pinching a nerve I can relate and there is NO way I could have played…..BB needs to think about the damage this could be doing to Ashley. If she is injured she should be treated to get the swelling down and prevent perm damage.

  • Grace Raker

    She needs to go and bring back janelle….BUT, if she really is in pain, she would NOT be able to lie on stomach with back arched as she does a lot, she would have to curl into ball to round out her spine and open up spaces between discs to take pressure off nerves. NOW…they need to throw out that most annoying DANIELLE, the “know-it-all” nurse….she is just obnoxious! She certainly has a high opinion of herself at times and a very low self-esteem….her “charge nurse” statement about “saving a couple of lives” is very offensive to all the nurses out there….first of all, any CODE is run as a team, no one individually saves a life! She says she is so smart they gave her position and she is “over & tells old nurses what to do”…………girllllll!!! You are lucky that those “old nurses” showed you the ropes, mentored you and welcomed you into the fold of nursing. Open your eyes……Shane is NOT at all interested into you….fat, conceited, annoying and not pretty at all without all that makeup!

    • Lynda Perky

      I thought this was about Ashley?

      • Corndogger

        Janelle’s fans need to be as classy as she was when she left the game last night. Bashing the hell out of Dani 24/7 is not going to bring her back and they are directing their anger at the wrong person anyway. Janelle’s out of the game because she played horribly this season.

        • Lynda Perky

          I so agree…..The bashing gets old, her fans are star struck and not looking at how her game changed this year and did not work. Jani did show this year how she is NOT emotional about the game. She would lie and fake crying and as she said do or say what she needed but she always likes her fellow contestants outside the game. No hating no bashing. Jani fans need to learn from her.

      • Corndogger

        Janelle’s fans need to be as classy as she was when she left the game last night. Bashing the hell out of Dani 24/7 is not going to bring her back and they are directing their anger at the wrong person anyway. Janelle’s out of the game because she played horribly this season.

  • Sheryl Savell Smith

    as long as she is able to take place in the comps, she should stay…but, for instance, if she was unable to compete in todays have not comp, she should be a have not or she should go.

  • Perpetua777555

    It’s unfair for the other houseguests for Ashley to get a free ride through have/have not comps. It does seem a little convenient that it happens before this comp. if she stays in, she should automatically become a have not. If she can’t participate in other comps, she should go. BB is a game where you compete in games, not get a free ride, it’s just not fair to the others.

    • Thorn105

      It’s also unfair that the coaches got a free ride for a MONTH without ever having the option of being nominated for eviction. You’re looking for fairness in a game where that isn’t even in existence. So sick of BB audience screaming “play fair”. Have you even SEEN a Big Brother season before this one? Like it or not, Ms. Grodner decides what is or is not good for ratings, and fair hasn’t factored into any of her decisions FYI.

  • Lynda Perky

    3:13 pm Feeds came back on. I feel Ashley is injured and truely in great pain, but she appearantly could not play in the comp. She should go home for medical reasons……3:23 pm cam 3 boogie and jen are talking about the comp and everyones’ play. Also talking about Ashley and that she could not play with her back and that she could NOT have been a Have Not…..It seems as if BB must have a big plan for evictions this week not to have sent Ashley home and that Ashley’s health is NOT a priority.

  • Darcy

    I think it’s very nasty and wrong for people to say she is faking to get drugs. She said the doctor is giving her cortisone injections and that is not a recreational drug. I had a severe back injury and had to take major pain medicine for about 7 months before it healed. Nobody would ever want to go through that kind of pain. To have to face people thinking you are “pretending” I was in pain would have been too much for me to handle. Doctors already undermedicate people in pain because of those kinds of attitudes.

    So to the people who say she is acting to get drugs, I hope you experience that kind of pain just once. You would NEVER accuse anyone of that again.

  • robinbishop34

    How did she get hurt in the first place?

    • Corndogger

      From sleeping on the Have Not beds at the beginning of the game.

  • Llevans2

    Ashleys needs to go home and they need to let her come back next time. She cant walk and does not have to play in the have/have not comp. and now she is walking around and climbing the stairs it just not seem fair to me. She needs to leave and they can skip the ff or double evict. It will not be fair for her to go to jury and never have to play in comps. Just does not seem fair.

    • Corndogger

      She didn’t climb the stairs. She crawled up them. That’s why they went to fish but she told Frank that’s how she got up to the HOH room. She is getting help so if she can move around some that doesn’t mean she’s faking. If she regresses tomorrow morning that also doesn’t mean she is faking. Those beds suck and are not helping her to get better at all. It’s too she can’t sleep up in the HOH room for awhile.

    • Corndogger

      She didn’t climb the stairs. She crawled up them. That’s why they went to fish but she told Frank that’s how she got up to the HOH room. She is getting help so if she can move around some that doesn’t mean she’s faking. If she regresses tomorrow morning that also doesn’t mean she is faking. Those beds suck and are not helping her to get better at all. It’s too she can’t sleep up in the HOH room for awhile.

    • Lynda Perky

      Agree she should not go to jury. I hope the next HOH thinks of that. I had only thought of her health and how she should go home but this is a great point. They are targeting Wil and/or Joe this week. At least Wil has been playing the game whether it is good or bad play.

  • Herp McDerpington

    She always looks high.

  • Corndogger

    She’s seen a doctor numerous times and has been getting cortisone shots. This also didn’t just start this morning. She was in horrible pain last night. As someone who’s had a lot of back problems I can tell she’s not faking. Instead of bitching at her people should be complaining about BB forcing them to sleep on such a stupid surface. I feel sorry for Ash because now she’ll probably have back problems for the rest of her life.

    • NikkiKissezz

      Those have not beds probably GAVE her the back problems!!

      • Debi

        There is no way to prove that, it’s possible though. I do know if they keep her in the game they’re foolish. BB is looking at a lawsuit for aggravating a medical condition. I’m not positive but it looks like those have not beds curve downwards. Anybody with a bad back would want to elevate their legs & at least not be forced to sleep on a curve. This girl is already involved in one lawsuit, she doesn’t need more problems…Peace!

    • Browneyedgirl959

      I agree about those stupid have not beds..those are ridiculous, that seems to be when her back problems started. BB should at least give the HG’s something a little comfortable to sleep on when you are a have not, last year’s was at least something to lay flat on, even if the lights were on all the time.


    If a player is injured or is in pain so that they can’t compete in competitions or play the game in general then I think BB should suggest that they leave the game. It’s not fair to the injured player or to the other people in the house. Just my two cents.

    • Thorn105

      Oh, so I suppose it was “fair” that the coaches got a free pass from being evicted for 4 weeks before entering the game? And was it “fair” that Frank did NOT go home because nominations were cancelled by production? If you are looking for “fair”, Big Brother is NOT the reality game show for you, my friend.

      • NYC FAN

        The word “fair” perhaps is not correct – of course BB is not fair – no arguments there. That’s what makes it so entertaining. The point here is that if someone is injured to the point where they can’t play the BB game – because this is a gameshow after all and she’s getting paid to play – then she should be removed. It will be interesting to see if she competes in the HOH competition and for how long she will be incapacitated.

  • smac

    If she can not compete, like in food comp today, she should be gone, End of it.

  • Trisha

    The pain has gone for far too long without a proper diagnosis with at the least her having a CT or MRI scan. Irresponsible of BB to not take this a little more seriously. Unless of course she is telling them she’s faking it

    • Corndogger

      If she was faking this would be too good of a storyline to pass up.

    • Adviljunkie

      Ashley does not have medical insurance, so Big Brother has told her they cannot treat her, according to the live feeds. I have no idea why they don’t feel somewhat responsible, but until we get all the facts, it is premature to even speculate – we have nothing concrete to go on.

  • justme

    I dont know what everyone is making a big deal about. Faking, not faking…does it really matter? If the other HG arent smart enough to evict her, then why should CBS put her out? If she gets favoritism on comps, etc. then they should go ahead and boot her. But no, they arent even going to nominate her this week! If she can lay around for a few weeks and do nothing, and STILL not get evicted….she deserves to win.

  • Benjamin Shorofsky

    About 3 or 4 times a year, I uses to have severe lower back pain where just rolling over in bed was a real chore. Oh, it was so painful. But then I noticed that my back was going out every time I would lean to the left while sitting on the sofa using my computer for a long time. Now I make a conscience effort to sit up straight or lean to the right, and now I haven’t had any problems for a couple years.

    Also, if I laid in bed, it would take a week or 2 before I got better, but if I fought through the pain to ran around and get active (basketball), then most of the pain was gone that day. Every time I lifted my legs to run, I could feel the stretching in my lower back.

    Hopefully Ashley will get better SOON.

  • NessaTex

    If she has a true medical issue…take her out and when she is better, invite her to BB15 or BB16. I am not ready to accuse her of anything. She is goofy, but that could just be her personality. If the Houseguests get tired of her, they could nominate her for eviction…but they nominated Joe and Wil instead.



  • shaunte bradley

    ASh does need to leave bb to get better. As far as Janelle , I really love her as a player and i just think that its unfair the way she left because she didnt get to save her self thats all. But I am glad she gets to be at home with her husband and beautiful baby girl she missed them very much and she talked about them all the time in the house!!!! AND JUST REMEMBER GUYS THIS IS JUST A GAME!!



    • Lynda Perky

      Really, shouldent try shouldn’t or should not. Is she udly or ugly? At least now I have some insight as to why contractions are pronounced wrong these days, they have changed the spelling in school. Shoud dent, could dent, would dent, and so on.

  • Nellie Eppig Deblois

    I think she should go if she is not competing in comps because of the pain, she did that for the have not comp. And it is not fair to the other players she skips the comp and then gets to eat. If she can’t play she should not be there. And I like the girl but enough is enough. I don’t think she needs to get replaces, just don’ t do the fast forward, simple, or have later in the game. Better yet, tell Frank his nominations a nill and void like you did to shane and just have Ashely gone. Then do the fast forward.

  • Dbarnett2460

    I like Ashley, but she should go home and get well. And HELL NO DONT BRING JANELLE BACK..DROP A NEW PLAYER IN THE GAME , Mix it up , this has been a BORING BB14 so far!

  • Sbkratzer

    they should replace Ashley with Kara or Jody…

  • Sbkratzer

    Ashley don’t can compete in comps so she gets a free pass and it’s not fair for the other player, she needs to get removed from the game and should be replaced by Kara or Jody.

  • Webcookie98

    I think it is unfair to the other rodents that she is allowed all the benefits without having to compete. She should leave the game. They need to get rid of an extra anyway.

  • Webcookie98

    I think it is unfair to the other rodents that she is allowed all the benefits without having to compete. She should leave the game. They need to get rid of an extra anyway.

  • Pipers

    she needs to go either way a waste of space

  • Browneyedgirl959

    If she can’t compete in the comps, she needs to go, it is not fair to the other HG’s who are busting their butts to stay in the game, she did not compete in the have/have not comp yesterday and they still did not penalize her for not playing by putting her on slop..not fair to the ones who were. I truly believe Ashley has an RX problem, she seems high all the time…BB should give her an ultimatum, if you are not able to walk any better within 24 hours, you must leave the house. That is the only fair thing to do..if she is acting..she should be daughter has been in traction because of severe back problems, nothing to joke around use it for game purposes, not right.

  • La_cajun72310

    My opionion is that is that it is totally unfair that she does not have to compete and she is not a have not or anything. She reaps all the benefits and everyone else is doing what they are supposed to be doing. I understand that she may be in pain and I understand that she cannot compete, but it’s time to turn her loose and let get someone in there that would get BB some good ratings.As of right now… This season is boring and I paid for super pass to watch a lot of ppl just sitting around doing nothing but eating. Thats all they do. Some just do absolutley nothing. Please do something. If next season is a mock of this one. You can believe a lot of ppl will not buy into superpass. I am not really a of fan of Jenelle but at least she did more than some of these other morons in the house. Kinda kept things exciting. Get a plan BB.. You are loosing ratings by the day. By far this is the worst season of BB. Send Ashley home. She needs to be at home and lay around all day. BB fans are complaining. Mike Boogie won’t .. He knows she is a muffin and can’t harm his game. Put some spunk in this game. Get the ball rolling.. What are you waiting for ?

  • Bryanthelenita

    i think she is playing on them but she probably does have a back problem, i mean do you really
    think with her mind she could come up with this? please good acting and stupid asses that are
    helping her walk to the end and win.

  • DiamondPOV

    Yes she is incapable of being in the house without being drugged up boot her from the house and let back last one evicted.

  • Lynda Perky

    BB must have a big plans for evictions this week to be willing to sacrifice Ashley’s health. Appearantly her health is NOT a priority.

  • Tinkertoy

    I agree she should go, if this is for real. Back problems, just don’t go away, this much pain and trouble does not go away in a few hours. She could be faking for sympathy, or faking and wanting drugs. I hope not the latter. Everyone always says she is a little spacey, in the house and BB fans. I questioned the fakery right off the bat, but didn’t want to “offend anyone”.

  • Cbarlow253

    This is f***ing redicuilious why shouldnt she be able to stay … she is up and movingbout as much as hayden did. She isnt all spacy because of the pills … the chick is plain and simple a ditzy spacy woman she has been since day one….

  • Cbarlow253

    I would also like to throw it if all the other house guests complained in the DR that she was being givin a free pass im sure someething would happen. Also I love this show and try out have yet ot make it and im not mad she is allowed to be inthe game. Hell if she is faking the injury its a genious move.

  • spankie

    Ashley looks like Karla Homolka. It’s very creepy

  • ShiversNChills

    Reguardless if Ashley is faking it for game or if she is seriously hurting which i believe she is hurting.. the main point is that Ashley is getting out of playing in comps. Which is not fair to the other players.. So this alone should be enough reason for BB to seperate Ashley from the game.. I agree that she should get a offer to come back into the BB house another season when her back is not an issue.

  • Superpasser

    Get the f off the show floater and faker. bring a real game player back and up the anti for the “sleeping six” when they’re not bragging about their greatness….they’re sleeping or boring.

  • Truamarnurse

    I think she’s remaining in the house because the some how believe they may have caused her back problems from the sleeping arrangements in the hn room. But I believe she should be removed from the house with her full stipen.

  • Jennifer Sakowski

    I thought they had to pass physicals and med exams and all kinds of things to participate. If she can’t compete, she shouldnt be there.

  • Colioli

    She’s obviously a druggie!

  • Peaceandlove9522

    It’s the show’s fault that she is in that pain. It’s those damn HN beds! She should not be removed, those beds were ridiculous, if she can compete in the other comps, and feels better soon (a week’s time), then there is no need to remove her.

    “REMOVE ASH AND PUT JANIGODDESS BACK IN”. Typical Janitards, I’m a fan but that’s a stupid idea, she wasn’t even sequestered. Ashley still deserves her spot and shouldn’t leave because production made shitty beds.

  • Debi

    Anybody want to bet that when they do this weeks eviction Ashley leaves as well? I can just see CBS needs another one of their “America has spoken & the results of their poll is one house guest previously voted out will be returning to the game!” America has spoken & guess whose coming back? Tune in next week for America’s choice Janelle” Whenever this show wants to do things unfairly they always say that “America wants it, the fans have spoken” Hey they brought back the wench that was despised, whats her name the hoe from Vegas with the fake…everything. Myself I can take or leave Janelle. But I’d want her to come back just to see the look on Mike boogers ugly face!

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  • Elaine Wilson

    Again, if production wanted her out, they would take her out. If she was in too much pain to be in, she’d ask to leave. Not a single house guest has complained about it so stop your whining. Janelle is not coming back…give it up people…it’s a show.

  • tdstover27

    I think its riduculous she’s still there, if her back pain is that bad she has to crawl around then she needs to go!! I cant stand to watch her…she’s ALWAYS so loopy and half the time doesnt even know whats goin on. I saw her having a convo with daniele a while back and danielle was goin on and on about somethin then at the end of the convo danielle asked ashley a question and she was like “whaaat?” like she didnt hear anything danielle just talked about. Maybe im being insensitive but its just coincidental she starts hurting worse before noms and the have/have not comp! Get her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alichix3

    Bring jani back

  • Patworx

    Janelle’s fans are almost as bitter a JeJo’s fans.

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