BB Canada Auditions a Success

Big Brother Casting Makes the Front Page of the Vancouver Sun!

BB Canada Auditions a Success

Big Brother fans across Canada are excited for Big Brother to begin in their country for the first time in February 2013. Casting began this week for the Canadian version of the show and hundreds of fans lined up for the auditions in Vancouver hoping to be the cast in it’s first season.

The news apparently made the front page of the Vancouver Sun, as shown by Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss on his Twitter account.

Big Brother Canada is searching for the “quintessential Canadians” and if you want advice, casting director Gord Peterson says to bring your BIG personality along to the auditions. “Characters, game players are integral to the casting process. It’s a social game, a competitive game.” Interview questions for BB Canada hopefuls include, “What is your strategy?” and “Would you be in a showmance?”

Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass was also at the BB Canada casting call, and she posted casting advice to fans on Twitter. ”1) get a good night of sleep tonight. 2) be urself 3) HAVE FUN!” She adds that she won’t be at all the casting calls in Canada, but she does plan on attending the Toronto event.

Will YOU be trying out for Big Brother Canada? 

Big Brother Canada Casting


  • Deedle_pie

    When can we find out if American’s can buy live feeds?

  • Pat Reynolds

    I wish we could watch the brodcast on superpass somehow… even if it was delayed.

  • Julie Talbot Foote

    Will we be able to watch the show no cable, what channel is it on?

    • Ksteeves19

      It will be on Slice in Canada…

  • DavieP

    Will US viewers have anywhere to watch? Canadian websites block video for USA viewers

  • Iamkellie

    if their not going to have it on the live feeds, who gives a sheet to watch… not me…..

  • Mark ‘TheGG’ -Programmer

    that’s awesome you guys are doing canadian bb

  • Michelle

    I did ask about there being live feeds and was told they didn’t know if they would have them yet.

  • Akfed

    So she’s attending the Vancouver and Toronto events. Hmmm. What does that say to you? But why would I be surprised, I only live in good-for-nothing-but-money Alberta

    • realitytvlover

      It says that she is a very busy lady. There will be several other casting directors with tons of experience.