Big Brother Houses From Around The World

Take a virtual tour of BB homes worldwide

Big Brother Houses From Around The World

With Big Brother Canada set to premiere next week and Big Brother USA only about five months away, Big Brother mania is slowly creeping in! And since BBCA promises to have an amazing Big Brother house and they’re not going to let us inside anytime soon, we thought we’d take a look at other Big Brother houses from around the world!

And wow! Some of these houses are absolutely phenomenal! From indoor pools and atriums to colorful diary rooms, these Big Brother houses are anything but plain and boring. Let’s have a look!


Big Brother 14 house tour

Big Brother USA Season 14 bedroom. This should look familiar to BB fans as it was one of the bedrooms from last season. I think a complete remodel of the BB house would be nice soon! Am I alone?


Big Brother Israel Season 3′s Dining Room. This is pretty nice interior design. Nothing outrageous or anything, but solid decor.


Big Brother Bulgaria’s Indoor Swimming Pool from Season 4. How awesome is this! If you’re not going to have a real backyard, then this is the kind of pool and workout area to have!


The Big Brother Germany Season 4 Have Not Room. I think this Have-Not room is awesome! A mat on a floor of hay is fantastic. Hey, AG, keep this in mind for Season 15′s Have-Not room!


A Big Brother Poland bedroom from Season 4. This one is pretty meh. It actually reminds me of a bedroom from an early season of Big Brother USA.


Big Brother Serbia’s Season 4 Living Room. This room really takes advantage of the twoa-way mirrors for filming by working it into the design perfectly. It would be hard to relax in a room this busy, but the HGs aren’t there to relax anyway!


Big Brother Croatia Season 5 Backyard. Now THIS is a backyard. I mean look at it! It’s complete paradise.


Big Brother Sweden’s Season 5 Diary Room. Is this the DR or the PR (prayer room)?


Big Brother Belgium’s Season 6 Living Room. This is my favorite living room out of all of them! Love love love the atrium. Gorgeous.


One of the Big Brother India’s Season 6 bedrooms. This is a fun bedroom. It’s very BB with the odd shapes and the lack of privacy.


Big Brother France’s Season 7 Backyard. Another backyard to be jealous of!


Big Brother Finland’s Season 8 Living Room. This works as a living room. It’s nothing special, but I wouldn’t complain if I had to live there for a few months.


Big Brother Australia’s Season 9 kitchen. This is a pretty cool kitchen. It’s clearly a throw-back to a 1950s diner. Fun.


Big Brother Brazil’s Season 11 outdoor gym. This is a pretty cool addition to the backyard. I’m not sure why it needs to be in glass unless it’s air conditioned?


Big Brother Spain’s Season 13 swimming pool. How cool is the little lounge area in the middle of the pool? There’s definitely a space-ship/futuristic vibe going here.

Big Brother Spain’s 12th season hot tub area. Now if this hot tub area wouldn’t encourage some sexy time fun, I don’t know what would.


Big Brother Portugal’s Diary Room. DR. Nothing much to say.


Big Brother Slovenia Season 1: One of the bedrooms. Not a bad bedroom. I think they’d probably call this the poker room.


Big Brother Indonesia’s Season 1 living room. Eh, just another living room.

Which of these Big Brother houses do you love the most?



  • Jackie Wade

    Branden! i gotta say i love the poker room

    • Branden B

      Yeah, me too!

  • Jun Song

    I wish Belgium would do a seventh season!

    • Branden B

      Have they just decided not to do it or does it just happen every few years or when they feel like it?

  • gaborrr

    Boy you could do so many pranks with that HOH bed in Spain :D Brazil doesn’t have any mirrors in the gym to admire your guns :( Slovenia makes me miss BB 9 :( How do you roll around the Nom wheel on Israel’s dining table? How cool would it be if those Swedish hands opened up and Julie popped out in a viking princess attire..

    • me

      Isreal probably uses what the rest of the world uses (Season 1 format) where there are no “nominations” at least not from the inside.

  • kcsmum

    I like Australia’s kitschy kitchen. Does Belgium house have glass walls? I can see beds in the background & trying to decide if I see chairs inside the atrium??? That would be pretty cool but I would hate glass walls!

  • Brian Morath

    Can we watch any of the big brother season from these countries. I watch USA,UK, and Australia but never watched any of the other ones

  • Matheus

    Im from Brazil and yes, it’s air conditioned, we are in season 13 right now, i wish you could see, its a incredible season, its like an veterans vs. nowbies (our first season like this) and its AMAZING

  • Marie

    Julie needs to have the Nauty room for when they decide they want to continue singing when told not to Big Brother will send them to the NR. so cutting feeds will stop. Also, Julie make the key holder smaller as the table gets smaller.

  • Joan Milano

    Hands down, Croatia! Just for that beachy outdoor area alone!

  • Lynda Perky

    I love the cut out wall panel in the Serbia house. Too much orange for me but great for making people crazy like you said.

    Great article feeds my desire to see how things are done elsewhere. Thanks

  • Rdouvillier

    Big Brother US House is much more claustrophobic . It’s also not as fancy .

  • Augusto C. Dominguez

    All the Houses from recent European season definitely show lots of style and comfort as well as they’re pretty big. The US House needs a major retouch or a change in the layout.

  • HoH8

    Wow, simply Amazing….i had No idea so many other countries did BB, lol……

    and Yes as for our BB house…it needs to be Replaced….its been there since BB6 and its about time for something new for sure…..come on AG, take out the money, lol….☺….

  • Awiski313


  • Oh4foksake

    Spain for an indoor backyard. Croatia for an outdoor backyard. That’s where you’d find me!

  • Mitch9109

    CBS needs to a sponsor like Lowes or Homedepot and put up a new house the USA BB house is terrible. I wish we had a 3 floor house i know it never happen but do new a house is a must.

  • Yourj Benig

    there’s no Philippines. :3 btw, it’s currently on its 5th regular season, where teens, adults and celebrities will stay inside the house.