BB Showmances: Where Are They Now?

BB Showmances: Where Are They Now?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it got us thinking about love. And showmances. So whatever happened to some of our favorite lovebirds from Big Brother seasons past?

Brendon & Rachel: No one has come between Rachel and her man. The couple are engaged, living in the Los Angeles area and are currently waiting on the premiere of their run on this season’s The Amazing Race.

Ollie & April: Known for their cringe-worthy sexcapades in the house, the couple didn’t last outside the BB walls.

Jeff & Jordan: As almost everybody reading this knows, Jeff and Jordan are still together and are actually planning on moving to the Los Angeles area together.

James & Sarah: The couple went into the Big Brother 6 house as a couple and were still together when James returned for All Stars the following season. But the couple split in 2007, according to multiple reports.

Daniele & Dominic: Are they or aren’t they? That is the question. We thought we had the scoop a couple times, but it turned out to be a good old-fashioned case of Twitter hacking.

Nick & Dani: After Season 8 ended, these two realized right away that their “showmance” wasn’t what it seemed while in the house.


Jessica & Eric: A somewhat odd couple to begin with, the Season 8 pair stayed together for a bit afterr meeting on Big Brother then split. It’s a good thing he got all that alone-time “practice” while he was in the house. Zing.

Jen & Nick:  Shortly after he realized Dani wasn’t going to work out, Nick moved on to fellow Season 8 house guest Jen. They apparently dated for about a year before splitting. I imagine when Nick isn’t taking phone photos of his penis, he’s continuing his quest to date every contestant in Big Brother history.

 Erika & Mike Boogie: Probably the one showmance that had the worst outcome. Mike toyed with Erika to get to the end of season 7, won the game and that was that. It was over. But the anger against Boogie would live on.

Kristen & Hayden: It was a showmance that ended in Kristen’s early elimination. It didn’t go much further than that. Hayden went on to win the game and has since remained pretty low key. Kristen moved to Los Angeles  and is pursuing modeling and acting gigs.

These are just some of the showmances. Who are you still wondering about? And who has updates on any we didn’t mention here?


  • Jen Hall

    seriously, you’re going to talk about showmances without mentioning winelle? how lame! are you scared?

    • Baron

      LOL, Winelle was, whatever it was, was the most fascinating, exciting, talked about showmance in BB history!!!! Will and Janelle have both moved on and have started families separately, but during BB7, they keep many, MANY people awake nights, sometimes just watching them sleep but certainly not wanting to miss a second of what those two were up to. :) It was BIG FUN!!!!

      • HoH8

        Ahhhh…Will & Jani….those were great nites in the HOH bed….i remember Will was very smart in hiding their actions under the covers…..he would put on the music on the CD player and put thier mics on the player so we wont hear their kissing under the covers… … u said…it was BIG FUN !!!!…….☺……

  • Joanie

    Stupid Question! lol

    • West Rome

      i thought dom dum dum and lawonda was in a relationship

  • domanddanifan

    thats an easy question… its dom and dani!!!!! (: they need to go back on BB together!!! love them!

  • Jillmich

    Where’s James & Chelsia?

    • Jake Taylor

      I believe that Chelsea said on an episode of Happy Hour that her and James didn’t work out. She even got a new phone number because James keep on calling her.

  • Tiffany Briggs

    Lots of memorable couples, easy choice though for me, Jeff/Jordan (:

  • Towelgirl78

    hey you can mention nicks penis, but left out brendons!!! really!! really!! he had cyber sex with a dude!! come on , if your going to slam one, slam them all……..IDIOTS!!

  • Corndogger

    I thought April and Ollie lasted for awhile outside of the BB house and when they split it was on good terms.

  • Tekmom4

    Missing James and Chelsea!

  • Josie

    Does anyone know about dominelle????!!! I LOVE THEM!

    • domanddanifan

      I love them too!!!!!!! there’s always pics of them together on twitter, but they still haven’t said they were dating, but i don’t know, i think they are (:

  • Castingcall77

    BB8 Jessica & Eric only last 9-10 months, not 3 years. They dated through the middle of the Spring when BB9 was airing.

    • Baron

      That’s what I thought! I knew it wasn’t three years because Jessica was posting photos of herself with another guy less than a year after the show ended.

  • pinkprepxoxo

    Brenchel just confirmed on the live chat that Domiele are gonna be cute on Valentine’s. They said they don’t wanna spill their “business” but Rachel called them cute friends.

    • domanddanifan

      awwwww, really?!!! yayyyyy i love dom and dani!!!!!! (:

    • dominele

      Wait…whattttt, on what chat

  • Happybunny

    Well golly! I wonder who’s going to win this poll? Why even have a poll when you know exactly what’s going to go down? SMH

  • Pfft

    Jeff & Jordan aren’t building a city, they are on a vacation paid for by the crazy JJ fans, me thinking the JJs taking advantage of their fans by parading around like they are working for charity, when it is nothing more than a glorified vacation paid by others. Hey JJs your fans are starving for tweets and all you two can do is ask for money over and over, get a life! All they tweet is for money for this and that and like sheep JJ fans dish it out to these two parasites…

    • Lynn Flowers

      I truly feel sorry for you. Especially the part where you tell others to get a life. If you are going to libel people, at least do it with proper grammar.

    • Bebymcq

      Pfft–You don’t know what going on with JJ Fans. They have thousands of fans who support and love them. Jeff and Jordan do many wonderful things and are not involved with your type of people. We are not crazy fans and they are not taking advantage of us. So check your facts before speaking. JEALOUS IS WHATS WRONG WITH YOU.

  • Domanddanifan

    dominic just tweeted, “Time To Swoop My Valentine…” I hope he’s talking about dani, they are sooooo cute together (:

  • Haley

    come on enough jeff and jordan! go dani and dom<3

    • Megan

      yesssss!!!!! dom and dani!!! (:

  • Beth

    I would love to see a Big Brother Marriage

  • dominele

    Haha dominele is almost beating brenchel…yesss

  • Tuniciaa

    This article was posted before the airing of Big Brother 14…I want to see whether Frashely (Frank and ashley will work out)…and whether the no-mance of Shanelle (Shane and Danielle ) will become real…

  • Nicole Mungar

    I thought I read awhile back that Dominic and Daniele got married. lol

  • Fry

    I realized james zinkand and chelsia hart (bb9) were a showmance

  • RTM

    What happened to Gina Marie and Nick

  • Lynn

    Luv Brendan and Rachel my fave pair for sure, live always wins!!!

  • Kimberly Campbell

    major update on this…. Brendon and Rachel are MARRIED, so are Dani & Dominic, Jeff just proposed on this season 16 of BB to Jordan…. my biggest showmance question goes back to season 2 Will and Shannon….