BB12′s Britney Haynes Marries Her High School Sweetheart

BB12′s Britney Haynes Marries Her High School Sweetheart

Big Brother 12′s “Favorite Houseguest” winner Britney Haynes married Nathan “Ryan” Godwin Sunday in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The former houseguest has remained low key since her time on the show and had kept her wedding plans under wraps until after the fact when she tweeted the photo below of the newlyweds.

And in case anyone is wondering, this is obviously not Nick, the same guy she was engaged to during her time in the Big Brother house.  According to several reports, she moved to New York City after Big Brother and ended her relationship with Nick. According to Britney’s Twitter, Ryan was her high school sweetheart.

The newlyweds are headed to Paris for their honeymoon.


See more photos of Britney’s wedding here.


  • Patt

    So happy for her congraulation to them both!!!

  • Stephanie

    LOVE her dress. Gorgeous.

  • Desiree Sanpere-Padro

    Congrats Britt hope we get to see more of you when you get back!!.

  • Diane

    God bless you two I pray you will be very happy forever..and best of luck too..
    Whooo hooo you look amazing and your man is very handsome too..;)

  • Renee

    Congrats Britney good luck hope to see more photos

  • Gfd

    I’ll give it six months.When the fun is over, Britts gone.

    • Sarah

      is that because you can only to six, so dumb!

      • Chrissy

        Says the person who can’t even type a proper grammatical sentence.

  • Rtrg

    i guess Nathan had more money than Nick

    • Sarah

      Or Ryan aka Nathan is JUST MORE AWESOME

  • Shirl “` tg ☺

    Congrats Brit!!! Many years of happiness! ☺

  • Sugarfoot

    Congrats to Britney & her hubby

  • boo bag

    couldn’t stand britney on big brother, this is a marriage that wont last..

    • Sarah

      too bad ur an idiot and no one cares what u say

      • Gayle Cartwright

        11 PPL Liked what he said..LOL BOL

  • Tani Kaimi

    We did find out that she was getting married a few weeks ago when Rachel was being interviewed and someone asked her about keeping in contact with people she was not so friendly with when BB12 ended and Rachel did say in passing that Britney called her to ask her about Hair extensions for her wedding& thats when i first heard she was getting married. Not a big fan of hers but congrats to her for finding true love its obvious she knows now that Rachel and Brendon were the real thing so i am happy she found the real thing too.

  • Maria L.

    Oh those high school sweetheart, first loves are the best, aren’t they? Janelle BB6/7 married hers and they have a gorgeous baby girl now. I was never a fan of Brit’s in BB, didn’t like the nasty “late night” show she and Ragan had about the other hgs, but I wish her nothing but the best.

  • Zach

    Congrats Britney! I’m so happy for them. She is stunning. Nathan is a lucky man. :)

  • West Rome

    someome actually married bitcney? wow what a surprise.

    • Sarah


      • Xrs1970x

        I’m surprised she has friends to defend her, they must all be as catty, stuck up and back stabbing as she is.

  • Guest

    He goes by Ryan, he’s a great guy, and he and Britney have obviously fixed whatever problems they have had in the past and are happy now. I wish them all the best!

  • Quirkydude

    Congratulations to Britney!

  • Miles Witt Boyer

    SNEAK PEEK of their photos from the big day is online now at

  • Brynn

    I thought his name was Ryan….

    • Gayle Cartwright

      She changes Men

  • Miles Witt Boyer
  • Paula Board

    I didn’t care much for her on her season. But she’s not as bad this time around. I don’t always agree with the things she has done or not done this time around either. But she is much better than before. Her wedding was beautiful though. You can’t deny that. That dress is so awesome. and she looked beautiful also.

  • Henry

    Britney is so annoying. Her mouth never stops moving.

  • Dylan Goodyear

    Brit is my favorite girl house guest ever……she is so funny.

  • Bitchyhasntchanged

    Woo Hoo Congrats to Nick for dodging a huge bullet!!!

  • Cfol44

    Britt the skeezer!!!! Cant wait until she gats voted off forth or fifth place AGAIN!!!!

  • Gayle Cartwright

    Just clicked on the link above to see the pics.. The Horses were Pretty :-)

  • Scott

    Congratulations to the groom. Britney is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and has a funny and great personality. Love her in B.B. I hope they have a fantastic life together!

  • Steve Mattick

    Brit is a star !!! Hollywood, take note !! This girl has what it takes to be a star she has it all in a package. She is a quick wit, absolutely beautiful and she is intelligent. After Big Brother, she won’t have to look for a job, the offers will flood in to her. She says she has the perfect life, I can see why with all she has to offer the world, she makes the world a better place in which to live ! Thanks, Brittany, your fan, Steve

  • jenn

    so sad she is probably leaving next week

  • Angie Stone- Edwards

    Brittney, You are my number one in my book. I love the wedding pics. I wish you and your husband the best in life.

  • Phyllis

    Britney, So sad that you are in Jury. You played well this time. It is difficult to watch Showtime After Dark now. I have to tape it, and fast-forward through it now.I fast-forward through those horrible
    commercials, too.,until I see Julie.
    I like your pictures.
    I hope they bring you back again.