BB13 Live Feeds on SuperPass

Chelsia and Missy's insight on SuperPass for BB13

BB13 Live Feeds on SuperPass

Chelsia and Missy chat about what you can expect to see on SuperPass for Big Brother 13! We’re making some exciting changes to the product, and getting some great feedback from our beta group. We’re also adding three NEW HOSTS! Watch the video to find out how you can become the next SuperPass host!

The early bird special will be starting mid-June, so keep your eyes peeled! The early bird special is a great deal – 3 months for $29.99!

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  • Terrance Prescott Barnes

    Crowbar Barnes reporting for viewing duty again; I feel sorry for my guild on Mabinogi cause once this season starts, they may not see me for three months. :| I cannot wait to get it on & popping again! Thanks Chelsia & Missy; but I can’t get an android. Cell phones aren’t that important; but thank goodness I’m not working right now cause we are going to discuss the heaven out of BB13…

  • Richard

    If you already have Superpass, does it cost extra to add the app to your droid?
    Also it seems that the early bird price is cheaper than the price I am now paying. What up wit dat? LOL

  • Chelsia Hart

    Yes, there will be an extra cost for the mobile app.

    Richard, email me at chelsiahart (@) realitynation . com and I can look up your account.

  • Alexander!

    Omg!!! When can I send in my tape to be one if the host!?!? I know I’ll freaking kill it!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

    • Chelsia Hart

      I’ll get you some more info over the next couple weeks. :)

  • Alexander!

    Thanks! I can’t wait!

  • Jaym

    OMG i totally wanna send in a video! that’s soo cool. excited to see some superfans on there, awesome.. :)

  • Holly B

    If I am currently subscribed to the feeds, How can I get the “early bird special”?

    • Chelsia Hart

      Hey Holly, shoot me an email and I can look into your account. chelsiahart @ realitynation . com

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  • tracey

    what is the app for android users??? and how much is it?

    • Chelsia Hart

      We’ll get you that info soon.

  • Joycie

    Where do I go to get the 29.95 special for superpass?

  • carmen

    if i have been paying monthly to superpass…does that give me the live feeds for bb13???

    • Chelsia Hart

      Yes, you will have the live feeds for BB13. Do you know if you’re paying $14.99/month?

      • carmen

        thanks for your response…i think i am paying $10 something per month…

        • Chelsia Hart

          Good, I wanted to make sure you were getting the early bird discounted price.

  • regena

    there is no where to click on for live feeds on new superpass where is it

    • Chelsia Hart

      The Live Feeds tab will go live at 9pm PT. There is nothing there until then.

  • NiceTaTas

    Where do i send the clicps of my bb set up that you asked me to send i have 3 shots of laptop sho2
    and comp all on at the same time also my dry board where i keep my records of what is going on.Please send me your email so i can send these.
    Corinda FReeman