BB13 Live Feeds T-Shirts!

SuperPass is gearing up for BB13

BB13 Live Feeds T-Shirts!

Here at SuperPass, we’re getting ready for a new season of Big Brother! We’re making some sweet changes to the product, and getting great feedback from our beta group. We’re also coming up with an amazing programming schedule for our live shows! Our early bird special will be starting SOON, so stay tuned!

One thing left on my “to do” list, is order more BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS T-SHIRTS!!  We’ll be giving out t-shirts on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and during our live call-in shows!

These shirts were a hott commodity last year, so we want your input! Comment below, and tell us which colors to order! Once we get the shirts in, I’ll randomly pick 5 winners from the comment section! Good luck! 



  • Heather M.

    Heather Navy is my pick, I do love that color! Saphire would be pretty too though…lol. Cannot wait for the season to start. :)

  • Justin Crowe

    I like the royal color use that one and Can I win because big brother is my passion and I need a t shirt for it I’ve seen every episode and season and I watch big brother after dark 24/7!

  • MizJones

    I like Stone Grey and Heather Indigo

  • David MacInnis

    Please order the Navy color shirts, their awesome :)

  • Tracy

    Light Blue T-shirts! I would love to win a mug this year :)

  • BamaDenise

    I like the purple and heather cardinal and sapphire any pink to purple/bluish colors!!!

    • BamaDenise

      Ohh I like the lime too!! Just make sure you order larger sizes for women!! :-)

  • Rose

    - Violet
    - Iris
    - Cedar
    - Gold
    - Purple

  • Kristan

    Jade Dome :)

  • ChristyH

    My favorite would either be pink or purple! I can’t wait for the new season, my husband on the other hand is not because I stay up watching the live feeds for hours!!!

  • Jaym

    Carolina Blue, Heather Indigo, Pistachio looks really cool as well! :)
    Can’t wait to see the new shirts and for BB13 to start!!

  • Marilyn

    I love Big Brother! I love the color Heliconia for a shirt.

  • Steve Reddington

    Ya just gotta order black and blue! (sapphire) !

  • jen froggy

    Cedar, purple, kelly green and Jade Dome are my picks :)

  • Georgectv

    I like:ash grey, charcoal, dark heather, heather indigo and heather navy, ice grey, olive, prarie dust, and maybe yellow haze

  • simon

    I like “Orange” and “Prairie Dust” ;)

  • Jenn Froggy

    Cedar, Kelly green, and Jade Dome are my picks :)

  • Charlotte

    Ash grey, Ice Grey, Sand or Tan. Those colors will go with anything.

  • Angela wiltz

    Azalela plz and thank you!!!! <3 #bb13

  • Steve Chaney

    Navy, Black, or Charcoal would be my picks for those tee shirts. BB Live Feeds rock!

  • Ash

    Cardinal red and cherry red! =) Ice grey is nice too though.

  • Brian Smith

    “Ash Gray,” “Black,” and “Uniform Navy” would be my preferences.

  • Britzz

    Daisy and Salmon – For the Women
    Blue Dusk and Olive – For the Men
    Maroon and Sand- Unisex

    happy purchasing = )

  • jennifer

    Purple and jade dome :)

  • MaMoosie

    Going Green with Military Green or fun colors like Iris or Heliconia or Violet works. Love the options. Thanks!!

  • Adro

    Red all the way!

  • Kaleb Shorey

    I want a mans medium shirt of the color red!

  • http://facebook Rex Green

    Olive. Can’t wait for BB 13.

  • Michele from da Bronx

    I love the navy and daisy this way i can be a stalker BBLF fan with the navy on or a standout BBLF fan with the daisy! And thanks for letting us interact with you on these T-shirts!

  • Richard

    I like Camel, Forest Green Or Sapphire! 2X please! I was supposed to get one last year, but never got it. got a cup instead!:(

  • Kellie Weaver

    Purple, Jade Dome. Sapphire, Cedar

  • Jamie

    Azalea or Heliconia

  • joyce

    kelly green

  • Sarah Yurga

    Jade dome is my favorite color up there and Big Brother is my favorite show.

  • Sandy Wadsworth

    I would do the colors of your website above, either Navy with gold lettering or heather navy!!! I also can’t wait for the show to start go on real player and pbp in a room and have done for 8 years or more!!!

  • Stephanie

    purple or heliconia

  • Sandra

    AZALEA or Black!! I <3 those colors! I'll be happy with either one!

    :o )

  • Joe

    BLACK!! :) :) :)

  • Elizabeth

    Hi! I’m sooo thrilled BB is coming back! YAY! I missed the live feeds sooo much! I like the cherry red, indigo blue, azalea, and daisy for the shirts because they’re all summery colors! But you can never go wrong with the basic colors either.

  • Becca aka G~Boooo

    Heliconia or Heather Cardinal!!!!! They are they closest to Hot Pink I see!!!! Thanks for all of your hard work!!!

  • Sheldon

    I’ve got to go with Heather Navy and Metro Blue. Great color choices!!!

  • http://facebook patricia matyja

    Background color navy and lettering color daisy. I bought a laptop, so I can watch my Big brother anywhere.

  • Countrygrl

    Hey there, I am so ready for season 13 of BB. Looking forward to new twists they will have this year!!

  • Jennifer G.

    I love azalea and heliconia! I collect everything pink that I can. I love BBLF!!!! B-)

  • QueenBeeYatch


  • cupcakebb

    Purple and Ash Grey!! Thank you for asking for our opinions!! :)

  • Juanita Nnanna

    Oceana, kiwi, and dark chocolate would be my picks, but I would love to get any color! especially if it was a really big one. Thinking about a getting a driod phone so I can watch the feed anytime.

  • jeff

    hello, i like the CAROLINA BLUE. im a HUGE fan of Big Brother. Cant wait for BB13. i look forward to the live feeds!

  • Janna


  • Todd

    KIWI Please! I look fabulous in Kiwi!

  • Justin

    Charcoal looks way sexy, especially imagining Big Brother being on it!

  • Dustin


    cant wait for BB13!

  • Laurie R.

    I really like the paprika and sky …

  • Jonathan

    Carolina blue or indigo blue! I look good in blue haha

  • Jeremiah

    Cardinal Red, Royal, Navy, Charcoal

  • lola

    Violet or stone blue are great colors for t-shirts !

  • Dan

    Safety orange & Jade Dome

  • Barb

    Carolina Blue, Purple, Heather Indigo

  • DiNAH


  • Scarlettflame

    I like the blue dusk personally, but anything in a darker shade works well for me:-)

  • Loretta

    I think Serene Green would look pretty cool. At least its my favoritre!

  • Emil

    My pick is for Charcoal and Black! :)

  • Brenley Devlin

    Kelly Green or Stone Blue!

  • Johnny

    I second a charcoal colour… I think that would be awesome!

  • Tami Peters

    I like the Navy!

  • http://facebook Connie Centers

    love the heather cinnamon one and the royal blue one. :)

  • Connie Centers

    I also love the cherry red and the violet. :)

  • Sandra S

    *~ BLACK & AZALEA ~*


  • http://aol?facebook?unsurewhatyouareasking. Mary Sigal

    Carolina Blue and Jade Dome are both attractive.


    ★★BLACK for the guy and AZALEA for the women! ★★

  • http://www.realitynation/big-brother/bb13-live-feeds-t-shirts Mary Sigal

    Carolina Blue and Jade Dome are both attractive.

  • http://FaceBook Kim Kamensky

    Blue Dusk, Heather Navy and Oceana. Understated elegance; like all Big Brother Fans!

  • Gayle Edwards

    I like the black, but the color really isn’t the issue what calls it out is the advertisment on the front, Bright colors are nice and cheery, I would take any one of them just as long as I have the BB Logo.

    Avid superpass and BB fan.

  • Lauren

    Love the violet, pistachio, and azalea. (:

  • Lauren

    I also really like the carolina blue!

  • John G.

    I like good old fashioned navy myself!

  • kacie

    azalea and lime :D

  • Tricia Bostrom

    I would love a t-shirt! :)
    Please order some in Violet. Thanks

  • chris o’connor

    Forest Green is what I mean.

  • Anastasia Garrison

    I love the Jade Dome color! I wonder which ones will match the house decor!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Christie


  • Beth Catrone

    I would like any of the bright pinks! Only color I wear is pink, no lol’ing

    • Beth Catrone

      Are we going to be able to purchase them also?

      • Chelsia Hart

        Yes, you can make the checks out to: Chelsia Hart :) jk

        We don’t sell them, but we’re ordering a bunch!

  • amanda

    light blue is my favorite color

  • Nanaspaces

    RED – cause you can bet will be seeing RED this season BB13

  • Ryan

    Uniform Navy!

  • Carrie Szeles

    Red or Royal in memory of Ron Rad!

  • Marc Sepulveda

    Cant wait for the 13th season.

  • Cindy Somerville

    I love BB feeds!! The cherry red and the jade dome are beautiful colors. :)

  • mr. t. smitty

    Carolina Blue – For Jordan
    Texas Orange – For Cowboy
    Vegas Gold – For Rachel

  • TheDudeInSF (Dean)

    Blue Dusk :)

  • Danielle


  • Windsong

    I’d like one in ash gray please and thank you!

  • Alexander!

    Being from Texas, I clearly love the Texas Orange!

  • Nicole Caux

    jade-dom since it would go good with the BB colors:)

  • Kathy Palmer

    Daisy or White with the colored logo at the top of this page, please!

  • Heather B1


  • Katrina Pritchard

    Lavender or violet please

  • http://bblivefeeds leesa beittel

    I would like the prepared for tye dye one, 3x if possible. PLEASE !!

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  • Lori

    I think the ash grey or charcoal would be great, it would look awesome with my BBLF mug or the heliconia is really pretty also.

  • Chelsia Hart

    Our new SuperPass host, Spicy, will randomly pick 5 winners and announce them here on Monday! :)

  • Alicia D

    Ice grey is my pick goes great with any color lettering. Now send me a T-shirt, Please!

  • Mark

    Carolina Blue

  • Spicy

    I love the Azalea and Light Pink and of course, Black!

  • Rebe


    Heather Navy
    Heather Indigo

  • luvmykitties

    I vote for:
    Stone Blue
    Heather Indigo
    Heather Navy

    (can you tell blue I’m partial to blue? lol)

  • TammyW

    Heather Cardinal or Sapphire. :)

  • Tanya Walshin

    Love indigo blur, iris, and jade dome !!!!!!

  • Tanya Walshin

    That would be blue, not blur!

  • Wait

    Caroline Blue, Prairie Dust or Navy. CBS, Live Feeds, Sho2, iphone, ringtone, twitter, unlimited data plan . . . Must get tee!

  • Nicole Robinson

    Olive and Honey

    I would love an olive one!!

  • Marcella Cook

    I’m likeing the HEATHER INDIGO or CHARCOAL They’re nice neutral colors that can be worn by male or female!!

  • Liz DeR

    Heather Forest and Heather Navy. :)

  • Becca aka G~Boooo

    I would Love A HOT PINK BBLF shirt!!!!

  • Ginger Shelley

    daisy is a nice color…very nice for summer. I will be 52 in july and i always get the live feeds for my b-day….lol

  • Val

    Black , BB13 so we gotta have some black ones!

  • Spicy

    Thanks everyone for entering! I wish I could pick you all to win! :)
    It’s such an exciting time of year, especially right before we know all the details! Only DAYS to go! I am am SO looking forward to getting to know you all this season and sharing the Big Brother 13 excitement & gossip every week.
    Here are the big winners, wear these shirts proudly!

    1. Becca

    2. Todd

    3. Kelly W.

    4. Kacie

    5. Richard

  • Dana

    Jade dome , would be my pick!!

  • Deena Jakes

    Orchid, Purple, Violet. See a theme here??? lol And please have bigger sizes for bigger people. Thank you!!!

  • Chelsia Hart

    Congrats guys! Can you email me your mailing address? liveshows (at)

  • Kelly N.

    I would have picked the “Spicy” Hot t-shirt,but it’d too bad the contest is over.

  • Nicole G

    I like the cherry red and charcoal. Pick me! Pick me! \_0_/

  • Danielle W

    PINK!!! Any shade will do :) You guys are the BEST!!!! <3

  • Grant T

    PISTACHIO! I think that it’s a nice, light shirt color!

    or SKY :) I like the lighter, softer colors!

  • Jeannette

    OMG I love the T-shirts!! Light pink plsssss :)

  • Rae

    Chestnut please!

  • Eichorm

    would love a shirt

  • Puff Girl

    Azalea would be a pretty color and i want one please.

  • Emily Novinger

    what do the shirts look like?

  • CarlyJSW

    Sky Blue is sweet!

  • Rozz

    I vote for paprika or red because the live feeds are red HOT! Didn’t miss a minute and used flashback as often as I could to relive the most delicious moments! Keep up the great work and bring us more great houseguests.

  • january

    Blue dusk, please. BB is my fav tv show. Thanks!

  • Mason3181

    Royal, Red, Irish Green, light blue

  • KristaSKcanada

    A Live Feeds shirt in any color would be so sweet!!
    My favorites are: Azalea, Tangerine, Daisy, Blue Dusk, Heliconia and Carolina Blue :) )

  • Linbrown1962

    Irish green is my choice, because I am green with envy to all those who made it into the house. Way to go BB for the live feeds and merchandise.

  • GG

    Azalea! Would love to show my obsession in a great color. =D

  • Tammy

    purple or a blue one