BB13 Power Rankings: Week Eight

BB13 Power Rankings: Week Eight

Jeff and Dani sitting in a jeep

L – E – A – V – I – N – G

Then comes Rachel with a baby carriage!

Everything’s rigged! Rachel’s period is rigged! This Power Rankings blog is rigged!

I confess.  Friends, family and fans of HGs have been sending me money through PayPal (rigged too) so I would award points accordingly this week.  Needless to say I’m $3.48 richer.

Seriously.  What’s with all this “rigged” bullshit? Have people just stopped taking accountability for their actions?! It’s bad enough HGs blame everything on “production” but now fans believe it too?  Stop watching then.

And we wonder why the world is in a state of economic crisis…blame game is lame game. Coolio.

Both Jeff and Dani are gone now to join Brendon (who, according to his Feyoncé Rachel, is “gonna be deciding who wins…um, one sole vote folks) in the jury house.

We’ve reached Day 55 in BB13 house and so I am awarding all remaining HGs 55 points.  Adam won’t have much of that 55 by the time I’m done though.

But first…starting in our usual order …

















RACHEL – You brought up your teeth early in the game as something Brendon said, “you paid enough money for”. You still look like a toothless baglady. Really.  Even my momz would tell you “Oh my gah, go getting the your money back ok, get leefund!”








-       Growth: Your drunken harassment of Dani was fun to watch although your “One time…when I turned 25, like last year” did nothing to help validate your college degree (-5 points).  You still believe everything both inside and outside the house revolves around winning competitions (-5 points) hence your lame live vote speech that people in the studio audience actually laughed at.  Calling Shelly an “old lady” in the diary room was funny shit though (+5 points). And I don’t know if you get your period twice a month, but I really don’t see how you could be two weeks late on your period like you told Jordan on the feeds tonight.  Was it yet another ploy to get attention like when you told Brendon Jeff sexually harassed you in his absence? You’re an embarrassment (-5 points). And I’m not talking about just when you’re picking out your sequined wedgie. Overall Growth: -5 points









-       Game: I know you don’t believe me, but had you told Dani in her goodbye message that you considered keeping her but didn’t want to ultimately risk it, you might have actually had a chance at getting her vote should you make it to final two. But you didn’t and instead called her “a horrible bitch” (-5 points). And despite your belief that you can win any competition you want, coincidentally your “molder” Jeff always thought the same thing, you have not won shit in a while (-5 points).  But it’s not even about winning competitions and you still don’t get that (see Shelly).  Overall Game: -10 points













JORDAN Don’t ever let Shelly teach you how to strip again. Ask Porsche next time.  Jeff might have found it sexy, but then again Jeff finds Adam sexy at this point in the game. I couldn’t tell whether you were trying to be sensual or practicing for a discus throw in The Olympics.












-       Growth: Your mimicking Porsche and Dani while in bed with Jeff was entertaining (+5 points) and refreshing to see compared to your usual “uh/duh/huh” faces.  You also gave Shelly a fierce verbal lashing tonight after the liveshow (+5 points), and although we’ll never see it on television, we all saw on the feeds how you dropped dirty dirty f-bombs at her. I have never seen you that angry and now, hey, THAT was some sexy shit.  Overall Growth: +10 points











-       Game: We all know you won your season of BB but you still don’t get the fact that people do what they have to get to the end (-5 points) even if it means turning on you. Can’t you just stick to your simple life and leave the game to others? Go practice saying “yes” when Jeff proposes to you.  Zingbot knows best even if it is made in China. Oh, and I gave you props last week for giving that phone call home to Shelly as a good game move but unfortunately you threw that in her face tonight with “I gave you that fucking phone call!” and well, it turns out you’re not selfless after all (-5 points).  Overall Game: -10 points



KALIA – You’re lucky the Zingbot didn’t comment about your over-eating. By this time my season I got a whole montage of my over-eating but you got lucky.

-       Growth: Your burp tonight on the liveshow was disgusting (-5 points) and actually worse than Rachel’s live peeing weeks ago. Worse than something Rachel did (-10 points)?!?! And although it was not televised, you melted into a blubbering vat of butter this week being up on the block with Dani (-5 points) talking about going home so she could stay.  WTF?! Have your cholesterol levels gone straight to your brain? Do you have no friends that you are so desperate to cling on to Dani as your “best friend” after knowing her just long enough to eat all her HOH food?  And your attempt at “zing” with ““I’m actually here to bust my butt, not host things in a bikini” about Porsche did not work (-5 points). Why? Because we all thank our respective gods that you have not been hosting anything in a bikini.  Overall Growth: -25 points


-       Game: You blew whale blubber at the “Zingbot Laboratory” POV (-5 points) but you pulled off a HUGE HOH win (+10 points) after Dani got evicted.  And you didn’t put up anyone in your alliance (+5 points) and you even broke the tie to send Jeff home (+5 home).  You made more progress in 15 minutes than you did the first 55 days! And I see you now high-fiving and aligning with Adam on the feeds after the liveshow.  Moralyl it’s despicable, but as far as gameplay he’s probably the only person you could beat in a final two (+5 points). Overall Game: +15 points




SHELLY – Remind me never to let you get in my face when you’re yelling at me.  Or ever for that matter.  You is scary. Oh, and you got the BEST zing with “What do you call someone who likes to smoke, hunt and fish?! A DUDE.”








-       Growth: Watching you give Jeff the “Uh-huh, I’m listening, but I’m really thinking about mounting your head on my trophy wall at home” was a highlight for me tonight (+5 points).  Rachel should have taken a page from your book instead of laughing at Dani the way she did last night, although the other day Rachel butchered this saying when she said you had taken a book from Kathy from her season. Sigh. The whole book.  Overall Growth: +5 points





-       Game: You had the right idea telling Rachel that Jeff had thrown the cornhole POV competition (+5 points) but then you went and charged after her a short time later in all your gonadic glory.  Do we have to go over this again? You can’t get all Aileen Wournos on people (-5 points). It scares them. It didn’t work week 5 when you went thug on Dani in the HOH and it didn’t work this time with Rachel. You did however take a huge risk this week turning on JeJo last minute (+5 points) leading ultimately to Jeff’s eviction.  And now Porsche is HOH so how sweet for you (+5 points). Overall Game: +10 points








ADAM You were probably the luckiest of them all with the zings this week. Uncle Fester is actually preferable to you…at least he was loaded. What do you have? This. Ew.






-       Growth: To add to last week’s “You’re getting creepier” I will add to it “You’re getting creepier and have fallen deeper into love with Big Jeff’s musty balls” (-5 points). When it came down to voting either Kalia or Dani out, you gave a slimy “Sorry Dick I’m evicting your daughter Daniele” live vote in the diary room (-5 points).  Are you also into older musty balls? Do you have daddy issues? Please don’t go Malin on us and get outed in a few years for taboo fetish shit.  We already know about you dressing up like furry animals and having sex.  Thanks. Overall Growth: -10 points

-       Game: You threw last night’s HOH (-5 points) and you sucked in POV (-5 points) and you gave your vote for Jeff to stay knowing Rachel would be left in the house with you once the tie was broken by Kalia (-5 points). Even if you tell us you did it to “secure” Jeff’s jury vote should you go to final two, I’m telling you that you didn’t have to.  You have no chance in bacon hell of winning this season.  Overall Game: -15 points

PORSCHE – Does this mean your goodwill trip to Cambodia with Jeff is off?

-       Growth: Be sure to either burn your tracksuits or hand them over to Brendon for his cancer research as I am SURE by now there are some microscopic bacterial monsters living in them. Ew (-5 points). But I loved what a good sport you were (+5 points) about your zing, “Shouldn’t you be named after a car with a roomier trunk?”  For a split second I saw what Janelle might actually see in you to like you. And seeing you give Dani your vote, and all the other votes you have stuck to, shows your consistency (+5 points).  It also provides you potential points to bring up in your final two speech should you get there. But if you’re wearing that horrendous outfit you wore during nominations, you may get zero votes. Overall Growth:  +5 points









-       Game: Your attempt at gametalk with Jeff was so painful to watch (+5 points) I actually wished for a second that it was the Brenchel trashbag wedding instead. And your “How many times can a girl get second place before she finally wins something around here?”…well I would have answered “You shouldn’t have jinxed your big ass by throwing that first POV competition” but I held off and saw you kill the POV (+5 points) competition after Kalia won HOH. Well done.  And then you went and took HOH after the liveshow ended (+10 points).  Quite a week for you. Overall Game: +20 points


Let’s get on to revealing the leader board, BUT FIRST, some notable mention:

Most Improved: Rachel








I can’t believe I am awarding this to you.  But I have to give you credit for being some sort of pillar of strength for little Jordan right now.  And also for doing more than Adam did in actually separating Jordan and Shelly who were fighting.  Okay that’s all. I have to stop now because I’m getting dizzy from awarding you points. Bonus: + 10 points

Most Expect the Unexpected Moment: Shelly









For me, the most unexpected moment, was when you went straight up to the HOH room when Big Jeff was King Jeff and told Rachel straight-up she’d best stop giving you evil eyes like the one above.  Good for you.  You did it in a civilized manner and not like Jeffrey Dahmer. See? It is possible. Bonus: +5 points

Unsung Hero: Mischievous

Like your brothers and sisters “Emasculated” and “Parmesan” and countless others butchered this summer, you too fell victim at the hands of Jeff and Jordan.  They made you a dirty 4-syllable word when all you’ve wanted all your life was to remain 3 syllables. My apologies.

AND NOW…Final Tally For The Week: The departure of Dani and Jeff has opened up the #1 and # 2 spots. Porsche is #1 and remains of Shelly at #2!























  • Gay Kleven

    Very good analysis :-)

    • Pppsnoop

      Shelly walks, talks, and acts like a man. Listening to her claim to be able to win anything is a joke. Her and baby Oprah make me ill.

      • Shannon Eads Stockard

        They make me sick too! Oh and That Dude Shelly actually said “I’m DUE for a win”…Well, you have to EARN a win!! Winning is not ‘DUE’ to anyone! Even that ugly Dude Shelly!!

        • Pppsnoop

          Karma is a bitch; as bad as it looks, I could see Racheal winning veto and replace with Adam then hopefully Adam goes. Never say never, Jordan has Angels on her side.

  • Jeffbrasher75

    i wont to see when jeff confronts shelly about flipping..Where can I find this.I heard it was a great argument and I cant find it any where.

  • ams3

    lol Adam is a dumb player I’m not surprised he didn’t win anything except winning the veto to save his ass which Jeff thru >.<

    • Pppsnoop

      Worst BB ever; I dislike all these lazy asses remaining. Never saw so many lazy people in one house. They all think they’re great players, can’t wait until they backdoor Shelly. Lucky is the only word I can find to explain this.

      • Anonymous

        We must be thinking the same way. This is the worst season EVER! The most BORING newbies. They better get some more twists in here and find a way to keep Jordan and Rachel or I am turning it off for the rest of the season. Can’t stand to watch what is left of the newbies. Guess they can start stealing from each other now for excitement after Rachel is gone. I hope this is not a glimpse of what BB is going to. Thumbs down if it is. These newbies don’t deserve to win.

  • Anonymous

    I will say that Shelly is clueless. She thinks that she has played a “classy” game. She just doesn’t get what is going on and what Jordan is even hurt about. She just said, “I will not be at the other end of the phone when Jordan calls to apologize.” Shelly is going to start playing “ruthless” now. That is a quote. Wow…I thought she already was????

    • Anonymous

      I have got to quit watching these feeds now! I am now screaming to the TV at Shelly. Shelly thinks that Jordan is crying because Jeff left…but she is crying because one of her best friends broke her trust….Shelly remains clueless….
      Everytime I watch the feeds…P. K. and S. are always throwing people under the bus. That gets old really fast.

    • Pppsnoop

      Shelly showed what a real floater is; claiming to want to set an example for her kid who will now get teased out of school for having a con artist for a mother. I never saw so many floaters make it to the final 6. Calia thinks she’s a playa, I couldn’t give anyone a dime, they all suck. I hope Jordan sneaks into the finals.

  • Ami

    Great job!

  • Ramdkk_3

    Shelly thinks Jordan’s family will be upset. Duh Shelly needs to realize that her business will suffer because she is heartless. Jordan trusted her and she like Judas betrayed that trust! Please BB send Shelly packing! This is the first season I have the live feeds, and if some floater wins I will never watch BB again! And what about showing some of Rachels goodness. I know the Rachels haters wont agree, but she is actually human. Lets all pray J/R get veto and HOH and send everyone packing.

    • ZionBayB

      Like Dani said, how can you edit such a disgusting human being?… You cant

      • Anonymous

        I have seen that she does have a heart…when she took Jordan away from Shelly’s screaming, out of control argument, while getting down in Jordan’s face (yet Jeff is the only one who yells). I witnessed Rachel in her protective mode toward Jordan and I, for one, was impressed with her behavior.

        • Lizpayne33

          I agree! I think Rachel is so much better this year! the way she protected Jordan made me very proud of her. I think she and Jordan are good for each other. In my book she has TOTALLY redeemed herself! Go Rachel!

        • Mychael Zappalort

          So was I she was a real friend to Jordan at that moment & wanted to truly comfort her . Rachel can’t do any thing right with these ppl… Rachel does some thing wrong hate her ,she does some thing right hate her more …It’s sicking all ready Rachel don’t,and didn’t cause any where near the shit that Dani did .The only reason why the newbies, i.e Porsche and the Sow Cowlia & Mr. Shelby liked Danielle so much is bcuz she was already untrusted by all the vets already. They were so desprate they took a TRADER & we all no it !!! BIG GAME move MY ASS !!! “JUST SAY’IN” M~out

          • Kati

            I like Rachel as well and think that she has played a really good game this year. Rachel also said that last year, the very first day in the house the other girls in the house called her a tramp and were really nasty to her. So being Rachel she came out fighting.

            Rachel has been really supportive of Jordon this week and deserves credit for it.

      • Mychael Zappalort

        what ever,,
        Don’t hate ,don’t hate, it feels good , it feels good !!!
        LOVE ,LIFE, & PAIN………………………………………..

    • Irish_Princess

      You know I really like Jordan she is one of my favorites but I think a lot of ya’ll are being overly harsh on Shelly. She has actually played a pretty good game thus far. Maybe it’s not as competition based as some of the other contestants but there can only be one winner at a time and when you factor in that she’s the oldest competitor it makes sense for her to look for a different strategy to win the game. Sometimes using your head and thinking on your feet will get you farther hence the fact she’s still in the game. However what ya’ll fail to recognize is that Shelly was in fact fully on Jeff and Jordan’s side from the very begining until she knew she had to make a big move or else she wouldn’t stand a chance at winning herself. There is no way Jeff would have ever taken her to final two over Jordan, she had to split them up it was only a matter of time. If she had waited to long then she would never have the power on her side to do it. I keep hearing she “was playing both sides of the house.” However what all of the people screaming about this are NOT saying is that she was going back to Jeff and Jordan with EVERYTHING but only gave small bits of information to the other side that would NOT hurt Jeff and Jordan in anyway until she flipped on them when she told Rachel that Big Jeff threw the competition that sent her fiance home.

      Everything she has done in this game I would say has been done with as much class as any other contestant in the game. She has played as honestly as any of the other players and if I had to name the most honest players in the game they would be Jordan and Shelly. The two of them are a lot alike in many ways when it comes to values if you actually pay attention. I think a lot of you are only seeing what you want to see. Plus you have to remember we are not there, we do not see all of the cameras all of the time, we get 4 cameras (and usually we really only get two scenes so to speak) at a time and not every person is accounted for on camera for us to see at all times. So if you want to talk about how sorry you feel for her daughter I would say screw you all because I am pretty sure that little girl is pretty proud of her Mom for having the guts to do this at all, and especailly for putting up with a bunch of people who think they can trash talk her when they really don’t have a freakin clue. I can say this I would bet Shelly walks out of the BB House with her head held high and probably won’t give two shits what all of you “haters” have said because the people who actually know the woman are going to know all of us watching don’t really have a clue who this woman is.

      I can’t stand Rachel on the show, she makes me want to tear my hair out but I have a feeling she’s probably not as bad in real life. Instead of tearing her down I would only wish her and Brendan a happy marriage (and hope like hell they don’t come back on the show for a 3peat!). Get a clue people it may be “reality” TV but it’s still just TV! If you think your so much better than Shelly or any other contestant on the show then why don’t you go put your money where your mouth is and let’s see you on the show next season!!!!!

      • Lizpayne33

        Hey Irish, I agree with a lot of what you are saying. Firstly I do think it is wrong for people to bring ANY contestants family into the talk of the show. It is just a show and shouldn’t in any way effect their personal lives unless they win money. I think it’s wrong for people to talk about her as a mother and about her job.

        I do however disagree with you about the way she has played. I was a Shelly fan all the way. I really hoped that she would make it to at least final three. But there is were we differ. If Shelly couldn’t get past Jeff and Jordan, how did she think to get past Dani who was a way more devious player? What makes you think that helped her in any way? Jeff and Jordan plainly told her that they didn’t think he would make it past the double elimination in tact. They told her she would then move up to the missing members spot. It made no sense for her to split from them and still settle for final three with Dani and Kalia. They are both better in the comps that Jordan, so she was really going to have to battle two people on her own. It just made no sense!

        As for her game play, you are right. She was very smart to kinda hedge her bets while playing “Trojan Horse”. She never did anything wrong by trying to make sure she was covered in case something happened in her alliance.

        Now we come to the part where i disagree the most. Shelly did lie about MANY things. When she first started playing she said if she won the money would go to St. Jude Hospital. She said numerous times that she didn’t need the money. Then when she decided to turn against Jeff and Jordan, suddenly Jeff was standing between what she needed to do for her family. On top of that she went on and on to Jordan about how much she truly cared for her and would “never turn against her”, and pushed a personal relationship with Jordan. Then tried to say, “Oh! It’s not personal”. Well you can’t have it both was! Either it is personal like you kept saying in the beginning, or you have lied and played on a young girls heart strings just to hurt her later on.

        Shelly made a BIG mistake turning on her alliance. I would have voted her America Favorite had she not done so. Now I don’t want her to win anything at all.

        • Mychael Zappalort

          now your talking getting to the meat of it I total agree with you I feel the same on many of your points …

      • Mychael Zappalort

        Your little story there was well thought out but here is the problem when you play every one it always blows up in your face ,she was not giving them any info . as a matter of fact she was lying and plotting his & her demise she even asked Calia to put up Jordan in the Fortune teller room when they were doing the Double, and Shelly is a Back Stabbing Bitch who has only been out for herself and uses compliments, others charity, and innocents against some one who every one no’s has a heart of gold and does not lie to most at all, let alone is even good at it !!! Shelly is a calculating desprate person who is even willing to ,what give away a ring her dead mom’s gave her to Rachel for her vote when she was just saying she hates her guts ,,COME on people is there any thing this woman will not do for the money at lest Jordan and Rachel have a line they will not cross …I will not be surprised if Mr. Shelby sleeps in that Fortune teller room on Thursday begging it once again for a power cuz she can’t ever even expect her to win a Comp. Cuz say what you will about Jordan but she is good at comps she has been in second place most of the time this season and that is a lot better then first out evry one just expects her to win every comp cuz she won the game well look what happens to people who win every comp they don’t even get near the end stop judging how a winner already won cuz uuum HELLO she has almost won this game again so far …O By the way I am no cray. cray cat lady either i think it’s wrong to bother these HG in there houses or at work it’s not a part of the game and people should be ashamed of them selves for ever getting a kid involved with any part of this game ever!!!

    • Gk

      Ding Dong the with has gone and Racheal wins HOH. Perfect. Now send Calia packin then Porshe.

  • Kathy (@kcsmum)

    Ahh…as always an enjoyable read. Love how you follow up with pictures. The sequined wedgie says it all. :)

  • ZionBayb

    In Rachel’s goodbye message to DANI she actually said “your an horrible bitch”

  • Ramdkk_3

    If you have the live feed, you can go at top to “flashback” and it should be 6-7 PM. You can also choose quad so you get all feeds.

  • Ramdkk_3

    Do you think maybe it might be on YouTube? It was live so it might be on CBS all I know is it didnt show alot of it on TV and the feeds show nothing. Go to YouTube in the browser type in Big Brother Episode 22 Part -2.

  • Ramdkk_3

    It is actually Part 3

  • Ramdkk_3

    Go ahead and look at them I started at 2 and kept going. Hope this is what you want. Anything to show how “classy” Shellly really isnt.

    • Susanwall931

      I agree with you about Shelly even her 8 yr old has more class then she does. I feel sorry for the kid to have to go to school with everyone knowing what kind of cheat and back stabber her mother really is. As for her job I hope her customers see what a lair she is. What has hurt Jordan so much was not that Jeff is gone it’s the way she trusted Shelly even when most everyone warned her. That’s what happens when you have the kind of heart that Jordan has don’t let a person like Shelly change you Jordan hold your head high

      • Anonymous

        I agree….Can hardly wait for Shelly to find out that her statement about America sees how she has played a good game and America will see she has class…is so far from the truth. Shelly has NO integrity. She is just NOT nice and she IS mean. She has a lot of nerve saying that Jordan’s mom would be ashamed of her actions after SHELLY is the one that went to Jordan and went off at Jordan and GOT IN HER FACE SCREAMING!!!! Right before that she said at least there will be “no more yelling” (referring to Jeff). Psycho? I have always said that Shelly has mental issues ever since her breakdown (about HER lie with making a final 3 deal with Brenchal). I feel the most sorry for Josie, the daughter, with Shelly as her role model.

  • Desrtmama

    Shelly just doesn’t get it. She thinks she is some power player but really BB makes her look like the biggest loser. She says Jordan is classless wait until she watches the show. She’s worried about her daughter and what people are saying about her mother…it’s funny cuz I’m pretty sure her daughter called her out. Zing

    • Shannon Eads Stockard

      Have you noticed when That Dude Shelly gets mad, she starts slinging words like: ‘classless’, ‘disgusting’, ‘immature’….She’s used those words to describe EVERY FEMALE in the house with maybe the exception of Cassie (she could have with her too, but I don’t remember).
      Then That Dude Shelly will follow up with “I just don’t get it”…. Well, I just don’t get YOU, Shelly, you DUDE!!!

      • tonya

        that is so true i cant wait for “that dude shelly ” to walk out of the house!!! and i hope kalia and porche follow!

    • Anonymous

      Shelly’s daughter said on the interview…My mom (Shelly) needs to stick with Jeff and Jordan. Her daughter, thank goodness, much have inherited the husband’s brains (I hope she didn’t inherit her mom’s heart).

      • Lizpayne33

        shalerdee that’s just not right! You should be ashamed to bring someones family into this! I don’t like Shelly at all but this is a tv show and shouldn’t effect her real life although I’m afraid it will. Please think about what you are saying about an innocent little girl. She has done nothing wrong that she should be brought into all of this ugliness. Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          Lizpayne, I didn’t intend to say anything bad about her daughter…I was just making the point that her daugter stated on TV that her mom should stop lieing and should stick with Jeff and Jordan. I know she has done nothing wrong..Why would you think I was putting the daughter down? She is very innocent and I would never say anything bad about her.???? That was NOT my intent. I just said shelly should take her daughters advice. I don’t think that is bringing her into anything. You are being too sensitive and reading too much into my comment. Thanks.

          • Mychael Zappalort

            TRUE !!! ^^^ reads into things to much …

        • Mychael Zappalort


      • Mychael Zappalort

        what heart? Shelby don’t have a heart !!!

    • Lizpayne33

      Come on! Don’t bring peoples kids into this mess!


    I just can’t wait for Adam and Kalia to be out then maybe I can turn the sound off mute for the rest of the season The mute button has been on more often than off Adam’s voice makes my skin crawl no wait everything about him creeps me out & for Kalia I hope she chokes on a chip or hangs herself with that polka-dotted bikini she whales around in eww enough already cut my eyes out now…

    • Shyann63

      OMG DITTO Tahoe!! I mute Adam for the same reason and Kalia NEVER shuts up!!!

    • Shyann63

      OMG DITTO Tahoe!! I mute Adam for the same reason and Kalia NEVER shuts up!!!

    • Lizpayne33

      I agree Tahoe!! Although I do kinda like Adam. At least he is as honest as possible. But OMG someone please shut Cow up! I can’t stand her!!!

    • Zach

      Wow, how rude and ignorant of you to make fun of Kalia, who is hardly even overweight! You have serious problems – at least she’s a decent human being who has won two HoHs. I agree, I can’t stand Adam because he is completely USELESS, but Kalia has been fighting to stay in this game.

  • Anonymous

    Shelly doesn’t get it; she ws so upset when she was up onthe block and she doesn’t understand why Jordan is upset. Shelly is a dude!!! She is disgusting and a big fat lier. Tell her to shut her mouth; she sits there with it open staring off into space. Go have another smoke dude. Such a piece of work. The f word comes out of her mouth every other second. Her poor kid!!!! I hate her!!!

    • Abbylanesb

      Learn how to spell…no spell check

  • Rddevil1

    Jordan has more class in her little finger than Shelly will ever have which was visable when she gave the phone call to Shelly so she could talk to her family….Sure hope J/R can will and get Shelly out.

    • Mychael Zappalort

      How is this week for Justice huh shelly begging them to stay after Bashing them endlessly for a week it’s sweet !!!
      & why i love this game !!!

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of hearing Kalia and Porsche saying that Jordan’s HOH was “given” to her. The way I remember it was that Jordan DID beat all of them with that HOH and the only two left to compete was Jeff and Brendon, so those two didn’t try to win it. They dont remember it that way. But we keep hearing that Adam fought hard for his Veto when Jeff gave that to him. I wish they would stop bad mouthing…so I would stop…..

    • Lizpayne33

      I agree shalerdee!!! People saying that is just as ridiculous as the ones who say Jordan shouldn’t win because she has already won before. Are they nuts?? Jordan has been stuck in that house playing the same as everyone else! Why shouldn’t she win? And as for her HOH, she got a very good score and there is no guarantee that Jeff or Brendon either one could have beaten her. They just wanted to be sure not to. Doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have won anyway.

  • Ramdkk_3

    Shelly is now thinking Jordan wants to kiss and make-up so she can win the game??? Is Shelly really this stupid? Y E S

  • Ramdkk_3

    I thought it was Shelly that got in Jordan’s face and started yelling. Has anyone else noticed Adam and Shelly keep saying they worked so hard to get there and now they are going to start winning. Okk


    Is it possible for you to comment without being so vulgar?

  • Shyann63

    Kalia…… step away from the food! Does this girl EVER stop shoving crap in her mouth?!

  • mimi11

    OMG! People it is a game. Shelly did hurt baby Jordans feelings but everyone does that every day to each other on this show!!! Everyone is playing to win and if Jordan does not grow up and grow some and stop acting like a baby. Then she should not be there. I was a Jordon fan until Thursday night. No one is going to take her to the final two, they will lose. She should toughen up because Rachel is not ready to go home!!!!! Rachel will do anything to win!!!!

    • mickey

      jordan is no baby..she is a sweet caring person who got used and stabbed in the back. i will always be a jordan fan. shelly is a bitch and a liar.

    • Anonymous

      She did “toughen” up. Is Jordan not allowed to have a moment of insanity too? After she had been backstabbed and lied to for weeks by her supposed best friend? How would you react? It is easy to sit back and watch it on TV and judge others. But if you have a heart, that is hard to take. She has more “class” than anyone else in there. At least she went back and apologized and truly meant it….More than you can say for the rest of them in there. Go Jordan!

  • Bw12345

    I love Shelley.We are not in that house 24/7 like these guys are.we want it our way or no way. well let me tell you in the end it is all about who played the best game.You say Shelley and Adam are not playing???? well why are they still in and Jeff and Brendon are out.Shelley and Adam are newbies.Jeff and Brendon are vets.Get smart people it is a game. Go Shelley and Adam!!!!

  • Doe

    Jun, I get that you don’t like Kalia (I don’t either) but I don’t understand all the incredibly nasty commentary by you regarding her being overweight and her eating habits. Didn’t people make fun of you for eating so much and gaining weight during your season on Big Brother? Why would you want to take that kind of nastiness and ugliness and turn it around onto someone else?

  • Lizpayne33

    Are you on crack?? Of course this show is rigged? It’s a game show and the DR is telling Jeff he shouldn’t put Dani up! I heard hi say it with my own ears! That is production interference and shouldn’t be allowed!! And don’t try to act like that was the one and only time, if they did it to him they do it to everybody!
    And then what about the incident where Porka put Benefiber in the Muscle Milk. Production never did anything about that until Jordan had already drank it! That is a crime!
    And let’s not forget about Shelly stealing Rachel’s stuffed animal and production not making her give it back! Oh but don’t let anybody touch Dani’s stuff because all of a sudden production decides to wake up then and make her put it back!
    Who are you anyway? Another of Dani’s entourage?
    If you really believed in accountability then you would be telling on production not taking up for them!

  • sillymagic

    First I know I will get alot of heat for this but I have to say Rachel has earned my respect. I feel she protected Jordan when Jeff left. I feel she did it with out complaining like Jordan did. I feel Rachel did hear that Jeff and Jordan were taking Adam and Shelly to final 4 over her. I think she went back to Jeff and Jordan and told about Shelly so they knew. I think she has some game play going on. I have to point out she did not gloat over her veto win. I have to say she seems to have not engaged in any yelling even though they have baited her(the mean girls). Shelly has been openly saying horrible things about her. Rachel has not gone for the bait. Rachel has not stolen Shelly’s dog in return(I would have). For all the things done to her she seems to be a trooper at this point. Shelly has talked about back dooring Jeff to Adam more than once. So saying she just woke up this week is silly. She has been a snake all along. Rachel has been more loyal till she found out Jeff and Jordan liked Shelly more than her. So for me I have to say this year I hate myself for saying it I LIKE RACHEL. oh my that kind of hurt a little. I dont even hear that horrible laugh so much. What is going on? So you know there is no Kool-Aide in my house I checked.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that Rachel has straightened up…But don’t paint her out to be all sugar and spice…she did at one time go to Brendon with “Jeff sexually harassed me…and he is supposed to be your friend….(crap)”. But I see a change in her now, so I do give her the benefit of the doubt for now for changing into one of the “good guys”.

    • GK

      Agree, Racheal has taken over and has matured over the past year. Calia and Porsche slept the entire season while Adam slid under the radar. I will bet Calia goes next; she sux at everything and got lucky on her guesses. She farts, sleeps and eats all day; disgusting. Karma is a bitch, it will be Racheal and Jordan in the finals.

      • mimi11

        That means Jordan will win!! Rachel could never get the votes to win she is hated by most of them!!!

    • Gk

      Ha Ha Shelly, you deserve to get the ax you flip flopping liar. She would have never made final 3 with anyone. She taught her daughter how to lie well. I will give you my grandmas ring, then goes to dr and says ha ha it’s fake. This is what happens to frauds. Or in this case women who look and act like dudes, she is a droopy, eyed bag who’s on her way to see Jeff. Zing!!!

  • Ramdkk_3

    sillymagic, I like Rachel too. And last night Shelly still warns Jordan not to trust Rachel. I am sick and tired of everyone but Jordan bashing her. This season of BB reminds me of mean girls.Only difference is, there is also a 41 year old woman bashing and being mean as well.

    • Lizpayne33

      I agree with you about Rachel. But I disagree with you calling Kalia, Porscha, and Dani, and now Shelly the mean girls. “Mean Girls” are the pretty girls that are mean to the others because they think they are so much better that the others.

      This bunch is ANYTHING but pretty! I call them the Barn Herd Alliance, or Old McDonald’s Alliance, because we have a Pork, a Cow, a Donkey, and an Old Hen that thinks she’s a rooster!

      • Ramdkk_3

        I didnt mean it like that. Mean girls to me are those girls that are mean to other girls, I had girls I went to school with who were like that. They werent prettier, just meaner to other girls.

      • Careyspencer

        love it

  • mickey

    sillymagic i like rachel too. she has grown up alot ……..

  • Candy_Kane7275

    rachel and jordan i’m glad both there men r gone them 2 bitches r full of chit

  • Juniper from Jupiter

    Your posts aren’t entertaining. They’re volitile and immature. All you’re doing here is focusing on the negative and spreading the hate. This is the first and last time I’ve ever/will ever read this blog.

  • Dolphinlover123

    Personally I think that Rachel told Dani and Shelly she would keep Dani just to out shelly for being a backstabbing sneaky bitch… good move but bad move at the same time cause had she not done that, shelly may have stayed with them and they could have all gotten further, but good move because if her a jordan make it through this, they may just be the two sittin in the final 2 chairs…. we shall see

  • Anonymous

    Shelly was filled with guilt, deeply guilty – hence her emotional crying and being alone by herself after she voted for Jeff to leave. Then, her guilt made her feel “sick,” re: her backache after the POV. Her wanting to be alone, sobbing emotionally, physical pain..all because , at that time, her guilt. You reap what you sow, Ms. Shelly and I hope you and Jeff/Jordan heal your relationship.

    Another point – I hear that Evel Dick is not a Jordan fan and does not want her to win BB13. I think the only (and I mean only) reason for this is because Mr. Evel wants to be the FIRST and ONLY two-time winner of BB. He wants this title so bad and at this time, Jordan, is in his way. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Evel in the game and I would have liked to see his way vs. Jordan’s way. I hope all is well with him and we can get to see him again on BB to see if he can be the 2nd, two-time BB winner! ; > )

    And, last – June, I don’t know who you are but you sure have the gift of writing. You write beautifully and should (if you haven’t already) think of writing a novel. You certainly have the talent to do so.

  • Silktop38

    im not going to lie i was so routing 4 danni to win this season, but that didnt happen. i still will vote 4 her as A/P she most deserves it!! now down to who’s left in BB house i wud like to c porscha or kalia win this game. i can’t stand Adam or rachel i dont care 4 shelly much and jordan still is the same old jordan sit around do nothing and let ppl carrie u to the end, it was ok the first time but not good enough to win this time. and i still dont like RACHEL she’s a nasty Bicth.

  • Shyann63

    It cracks me up how people in the BB house talk about not wanting people to win who have “done nothing” and those same people have “done nothing”…… Adam and Jordan won what they have because it was thrown to them and all of them have floated from one side to another…. this season is a joke!!!!!

  • Ramdkk_3

    I know to some this means nothing, but I want someone to win who actually needs the money. Is anyone else aware that Shelly is the VP of a company? I feel that the rest of these ppl are playing for their loved ones or themselves and with someone that has everything I dont understand why BB would allow this. I just had this feeling that their was something more to shelly’s story especially after saying she also had a personal trainer. I know that’s her personal life but the rest of the houseguest need this money and Jordan is playing for Jeff. Just wanted to let everyone know. Not wanting to start trouble but i feel like we were decieved.

  • Malikamoe

    I’m sorry but what show has everyone been watching? Rachel hasn’t improved at all!! The nicest thing she did all summer was breaking up the Jordan vs. Shelley almost-fight. She has been just as manipulative, mean, arogant, selfish, bitchy, wicked, and horny as she was last summer. The bad part about that is Jordan is turning into her with the meaness, and bitchy part. I did not care for Jordan this season. I know that ppl were mad at Dani for switching, but I’m so pissed that BB keeps letting all these veteran players come back and not give new ppl a chance to win. And could you imagine if ED was still there? All that shit that they tried (Brendon, Jeff, Rachel, and even Jordan) with Dani, would have ended him up in jail for kicking one of their asses (the guys). He would have ripped Rachel a new one… How funny would that have been? I’m just glad it’s almost over, because the remaining HG make me sick. Kalia is an over eating, lazy cow- Porche is listening to her so she’s a braintrust- Rachel is still a toothless looking, witchy, whore-Jordan is complete dumbass (bless her heart)- Shelley is a lying sack of fake horseshit- and Adam (even though he is a some-timey, side-switching, don’t who to side with floater) is the only one that’s not playing with his heart. Give him some bacon and he’s a happy Sasquatch!! All in all I just hope Rachel doesn’t infect anyone with herpes while she’s in there, cause I’m almost sure she has something to that effect! Now I must go shower, because I think I said Gonarheachel’s name too many times, and I feel dirty…..

  • Silktop38

    i dont want Rachel to win this Game!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dholdmeier

      and I don’t want Jordon to win. Rachel deserves it much more than Jordon. Rachel plays the game, Jordon is a follower.

      • Gk

        I hope they split the funds, Racheal 500k and Jordan 50k plus America’s player for 25k to go with Jeff’s 15k.

  • Peterson916

    I would like to comment on Porsche and Kalia using the Bible for a calendar (using what I think are day of the week stickers from possible birth control container ???) and defacing the bible to study really bad (saw this on the live feed’s) then they sit around and read Porshe bible she defaced in front of all while studing dates events and know one else knows. She got this bible in her hoh basket she requested it when she took all to her hoh room that night Shelly said oh you got a bible, but wow she asked for one to use for calendar

  • Babee_blueyez

    I think everyone is giving Shelly a bad rap! Shelly knew going into that house that she was injured and that she would have to play an ultimate social, back stab, whatever it took game to get to the end! Give credit where credit is due, she has not won or been thrown(Adam) one competition in this game and is in the final 6! One thing about Shelly she has NOT been carried through this game by anybody she has fought in a different way to be there! Now lets talk about the two people that have played absolutely no game in this house at all physical or social or manipulative or anything but sit around and pick my nose kind of game! Love Jordan to death but she has road Jeffs coat tail and now is riding Rachels, contributing to NOTHING! I’m watching her today on live feeds and all she is wishing for, is that the competition for HOH is endurance? Why? I will tell you why, so she can sit on the side lines and (one again) pick her nose while Rachel does the work! Adam has done Nothing in this game he is even worse then Jordan! He hasn’t won, lied, made a move, or even finished a complete sentence since he has been in the house! I was thinking if Adam and Jordan were married NOTHING would ever get accomplished not even a conversation! I would like to see Shelly win against any Veteran and I would like to see Porshe win this game! My true person that I think should still be there and should Win is Dani! What an individual! Love her! Just think how boring that house is going to be if Shelly goes it will be a lot of sit around and pick you nose days because there will be know one to keep them all on their toes and paranoid for sure!

  • Missy

    Have to agree with sillymagic re the new & improved Rachel. She is actually become humanized! She was outside with the girls a couple of nights ago..laughing and giggling with them about her dog, Benz! She has a Rotti pup that is with Brendon’s folks the last few months. Chatter about Christmas in the California mtns. etc. good stuff…she left and the viper talk started immediately.
    Kaliah is so greasy from rubbing up against people to get their vote.
    Sleeping in the HOH BED with Porsche..EWE!!!

    Leave Shelly…don’t even stop and say good-bye. Be funny if they can’t smoke in the jury house!!! She’d be called her hubby in LA..we need to go out back and smoke one!
    Get the small beers cold…I’m comin’ home honey!!! She’s overplayed her game.

    Adam…tried..good friend to all! Uncle Fester, yes!

  • Gk

    Bye bye dude; you’re corporate buddies and family are going to love your constant chimney burning, your ability to lie straight to anyone’s face, and now everyone will know your a dude. For only being 41 you look worn. I am 55 and look years younger than you. I could never build an alliance on trust and the phone call given to you by Jordan only to have you stab her in the back. You deserve everything you got and you suck at comps and would have never of won a thing, idiot. Didn’t you know the other alliance was going to dump you before final 3?

  • Gk

    Your buddy Calia the fart who sleeps and eats all day will be right behind you. Meantime you can listen to Jeff chew off your ear until sleepy head arrives in jury. Thank greedy Porsche for getting you evicted, although you seemed elated to get a free 5,000. Plenty of twinkies for you. PS: You have no game, you only got lucky by your own admission.

  • Vetmilitary081689

    Your full of shit, BB13 is the best ever, Ranking or not, Thats all bull shit as well. Hey, bring on bb14 folks.

  • Gk

    I was correct last week when I claimed before Pandora’s box that Racael would win veto, karma appearead and made Porsche greedy enough to grab 5000. Now Shelly is gone and Calia is next. I couldn’t have written a better outcome once Racheal then won HOH. Angels seem to watch over Jordan for sure primarily because she is not corrupt. You make a deal with Calia and when the door closes they talk about how they would never keep their word. Payback is a bitch.

  • KJE .

    To all you people going off on Shelly, do you honestly think that that Jeff would have kept her, no. She did what no one else would do, make a move. Why is it when Jeff/Jordan/Rachel lose something or one of their alliance get voted out they cry like little babies. It’s a fricken game. They do a move on someone else, that’s ok, but it happens to them and it’s the end of the world. R&J and their non stop crying is worse than a fricken baby. Jeff showed his true ignorance when he found out that Harry Potter character Dumbledore was gay and how he went off on how that was wrong, he shouldn’t be gay because its about kids and its a bad example. Jeff you are nothing but a idiot and you deserve to be exactally where you are, Jordan should follow you too.

  • Alan

    jun the author was a previous bb winner..bb4..on last show of that season jun and the girl who got 2nd place, allison, were so hated that security had to follow them after the final show to secure their safety from the other hg’s and the studio audience..remember that you talk about others and you’ve never been considered for all are not in the same class as rachel a good person who is now ragan fox’s bff..but you did seem to be a nice person

  • Lynn Ruley

    I am so doing “The Big Booty Happy Dance” right now, I am so Happy Rachel won..I have been waiting 2 seasons for Rachel to win !!