BB14 Cast Full-Body Photos Revealed!

It's time to go Fashion Police on the new House Guests.

BB14 Cast Full-Body Photos Revealed!

CBS has released the full-body portraits of the Big Brother 14 cast, and you know what that means. It’s time to go all Fashion Police — with apologies to Joan Rivers — on the new House Guests!

Remember that style is subjective,  so feel free to agree or disagree with our commentary in the comments! But let’s be honest, we have pretty good taste.

Let’s kick things off with a strong candidate for Worst Offender:

Oh, hello Wil.

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Wil Heuser,

A see-through mesh top is never OK for 99 percent of situations, much less for a publicity still that will live on the Internet in perpetuity. Not to mention, the Internet will use said photograph to be all judgey about you as a person. Assuming Wil thought this decision through instead of getting dressed in the dark that morning, WHAT message could he be trying to send with this outfit? I’m truly stumped. In the meantime, don’t even get me started on that cuff.

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Jodi Rollins

Conversely, this is what a normal person wears — or at least a person who wants to APPEAR normal and accessible. It’s hard to project on or judge respectable dark-wash jeans with a bright, seasonal pop of color on top. I also like the headband — it’s a nice, youthful touch. Well done Jodi. You are a blank slate.

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Joe Arvin

Chef Joe is wearing the male version of Jodi’s outfit. We find him generally well-groomed and agreeable in this photo. An apron might have been a nice touch. Too much?

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Shane Meaney

Here’s how NOT to do jeans. Overly distressed denim is dated and a little too Jon Gosselin (read: douchebag) for my taste. Also, why are Shane‘s long sleeves shoved all the way up his arm? Why wouldn’t he just wear a short-sleeved shirt? Finally, white shoes are very hard to pull off if you’re not, say, Kanye West. My husband tried this once with questionable results. Based on this photograph, I think I hate Shane.

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Jojo Spatafora

This outfit is exactly what I expected JoJo to wear, only hoped that she wouldn’t. It screams: “I’m from Staten Island, and I buy outerwear at Frederick’s of Hollywood.” Also, adding a couple of necklaces to lingerie doesn’t make it an acceptable outfit to wear in public.

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Kara Monaco

I’m OK with this. The color-blocking is on trend, she accessorized well and for someone who’s not used to wearing clothes (Playmate of the Year, get it?), this is a win. Kara is giving off a little Stacy Keibler in this photo, no?

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Ian Terry

This is what Mark Zuckerberg wears every day, minus the hoodie. We wouldn’t expect sweet Ian to dress any other way. He’s perfectly unassuming just the way he is, and we have a feeling he has a lot more depth than what he’s wearing.

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Danielle Murphree

So, Danielle: Why do you want to become Miss America? If you could give the Big Brother prize money to one charity, which one would it be, and why?

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Jenn Arroyo,

And on the  opposite spectrum of red dresses we have:  Jenn‘s a rocker chick from Staten Island, can you tell? Do you think she and fellow Staten Islander JoJo will become besties? Or … dare we hope … more?

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Frank Eudy

Frank could do worse than this non-descript outfit.

For instance:

BIG BROTHER Houseguest Willie Hantz

Willie is making a classic guy mistake here. Guys: Wear clothes that fit. It’s called tailoring. Don’t buy clothes that are too big for you. It makes you look like a little kid playing dress-up. Also: You couldn’t have picked a pair of jeans without a hole in them today?


BIG BROTHER Houseguest Ashley Iocco

I was hoping she would turn up in a Snow White costume. Ashley, you disappoint me.

So, what do you think of the new BB14 glamour shots? Can you judge a House Guest by their cover? Make yourself heard below!


  • Rick

    Well done!

  • Scott Kamlah

    totally agree

  • Roseyqueen1

    Only Jun Song can wear mesh on BB,Ha!

    • Michelle Walker

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing! LOLOL

    • Trevwoh


      • Jun Song

        Stop being so cross with me Trev. Let’s be BFFs.

    • Jun Song

      That’s right! HAHAHAHA!. Sigh. This is fun :)

  • Heidijo123

    I love my Willie H………… Handsome devil, that he is…..:)

  • Tammy

    willie h is a hantz, big brother plyes on survivor!! so bb this year is going to be good

  • Linda Kral

    My comments is that the person who made the comments did a great job! Not too mean, not too complimentary, funny, clever and right. Hantz dressed just like he spoke in his interview…like a guy ready to be a jerk. Will was quirky in his interview and he dresses to match. Same with Jenn. But since we usually see the players in very little clothing…we need another review once the show starts and we see what they brought to wear on national TV!

    • cmahone

      Willie did NOT talk like a jerk in his interview. Wil on the other hand is NOT QUIRKY he’s a freak,

    • Pboyd

      Thank you!

  • John

    All I can say is you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…

  • donnadowner

    based on the way they are dressed, it’s going to be an all guy jury. Those girls are all going to be jealous of each other and backstabe each other while all those horribly dressed guys sit back and watch. summers over. When does survivor start?

    • Billbear07

      Downer ? ? ?

  • Navydewd

    Sean Meanie looks like he is packin’…let’s hope he is the nude one this season! LOL-damn I am a pervert,,,,sorry

  • VIcandNic

    On Target!

  • lisakn

    Frank will be there a while. He seems really smart and I don’t think anyone will dislike him. I’m picking him to win!!

  • lisakn

    Shane is weird..he looks weird, he dresses weird, he acts weird.

  • lisakn

    I actually pick Ian to be the little trouble maker of the house. I think he will be another Shelly to be honest.

  • BBFan4Ever

    I may be crazy but i really like Ashley, if she’s anything like her preseason interview, she be gold on the feeds. So i hope she sticks around. there’s just something hot about a little crazy.

    I wonder who will be her 7 dwarves?

  • Handymike

    so funny….great way to start the Beginning of BB14!!!!

    made my spit my coffee!!! ty ty ty

  • dvdlagr

    Pamela, I believe your observations and assessments were fair and reasonable. I am 72 and do not presume to have ANY fashion sense at all. So, I can not remark on the appropriateness of their “dress” for 2012. Of course, my generation was raised to be much more conservative than what I see today. However, I am also aware – and will sometimes allow myself the luxury, that “old men” can often wear sometime completely outlandish and observers will ignore or discount them. Ah, yes, old age has its bene’s.

    I like Jenn! And I like Lydia (from BB11). My belief is that they are just being who they are. Of course, that is prob’bly true for Jesse, too. And Rachel and Jordan and others.

    I hope that Jenn’s ‘differences’ will be discounted … and Willie H.’s differences will NOT.

    I am VERY GLAD to see that the veterans will be playing a separate game and not directly competing with the ‘newbies’. It will be interesting to see IF the veterans are “mentors” is their advise worth considering.

  • Lprice1953

    When Dan Dies I’m going to his funeral so piss on the SOBs grave