BB14 Fan Recap, Episode Two

Missy and Austin weigh in on the big fight between Willie and Frank.

BB14 Fan Recap, Episode Two

Willie Willie Willieeee!!!

It was a wild night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, and our host Missy was up waaayyy too late. But she's here for you, because some crazy stuff went down last night, and we need to talk about it!

But first, let's meet our new Wednesday Fan Recapper Austin! He's 20 years old but has been watching Big Brother since season 1 (hmmm, remind you of a certain BB14 player we know?). He is having fun watching Willie play the game, but not so much Danielle — disappointing because Austin had a little crush when he first saw her video.

Now, let's get to the Flashbacks:

BB Flashback 7-17-12

Flashback #1

Britney, Shane and Willie are talking about the pros and cons of  the coaches possibly entering the game. If you've been wondering whether the coaches are really there to coach,  or are out for themselves, then Austin says this one is worth your time!

Flashback #2

BB Flashback 7-17-12

Willie calls a house meeting. He advises his housemates to play their own game, and don't play the coaches game. He wants everybody to play as individuals. “I think he was doing it to say, 'this is our season, let's make it our own,'” Austin says. “The coaches had their chance.” Missy 100 percent agrees!

Flashback #3

BB14 Flashback No. 3

See the start of Joe's Final 6 Alliance. It's worth checking out because there's tons of strategic talk going on!

BB14 Flashback #4

And LAST but not LEAST: Flashback #4 = NSFW!! Willie has a potty mouth! Watch him get into it with Frank and then go off on Boogie! Get your Froot Loops ready!

Austin's One Bold Prediction This Week: Austin thinks one HG will walk out of the BB14 house this week. Which one? Go to SuperPass now to check out the Fan Recap video! If you're not a member of SuperPass yet, what are you waiting for?!

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  • Gwrey62

    around the 10:11 mark is when willie said they better not say anything to me i’ll knock a ni**er out. i was shocked and outraged at this,

    • Juliecohn

      Oh please, listen to any hip hop music, I would bet money that is exactly where that saying came from! Plus, it wasn’t even calling out anyone specific and there are only white guys in the house, LOL! Aren’t we as Americans past this yet? Come on!

      • Gwrey62

        true so he should have said i’ll knock a honkey out. with only white guys the house or not at all.

        • Juliecohn

          When has there ever been a song about knocking a honkey out? And you are saying that if there were African Americans in the house it would of been ok? You can’t listen to that music and it not get in your head and in your vocabulary. I have to get on my teenagers all the time when all they are doing is singing a darn hip/hop song!

  • Bigjake55555

    1. Willie is no Saint but he did have Stupid Franks back! Why qid Joe feel it was needed to run and lie amd tell part truths to Frank. Yes, the GROUP went back and forthconcerning the complete team members best interest.
    2. Jannelle became angry with Willieand severed her complete ties with Brit !!! She moves out stops speaking to Brit !What a great player. Especially since Boogie is behind much of Willies behaviors and pointing out him ugly behavuors. now Chef is a saint and Boogie is pulling in the group. Once again DUMB Jannelle cant see ole Boogie is reeling her diryy drawers in laughing all the way. Hes threating the group to keep Frank and making them believe Frank is saying thing he hasnt said !!!
    3NowWil has a crushon Frank so hes willing to sell out ole Kara ! Because he’s *only been friends with her for 12 day’s” ! Whereas, he’s only been friends with Frank/Boogie for 12 days! So, maybe as Frank shows Wil out THE DOOR, maybe then he can roll his tongue back into his mouth as he goes out with realization his psudo boyfriend is only or has only been using him !
    4.Chef non excellence thinks he has pulled off the major coup d’etat
    It is fine for the rest of the house to make the little t-hee Will things just being cute. but they are cute. everyone laughs including Wil! But Boogie,Frank, and ole Chef contine to tell lies stiring these embelisehed lies. yet NO ONE seems to question are these 3 possibly gaming ??? This is such bull that they are so afraid of Boogie that Dan is now willie to Switch ?? to save what ??Frank is threating Dans tean now ! she’s next anyway as is Brit! All Because of Wil. Unless Shane or Danille wins HOH ! Then the worm would trn lol