BB14 Finale Party: The Arrivals

BB14 HouseGuests walk the red carpet for the big finale bash in Hollywood

BB14 Finale Party: The Arrivals

Big Brother 14 might have ended Wednesday night, but the party has just started! Literally.

The Big Brother 14 Finale Party at Tru Hollywood is under way and we’ve got a look at some of the arrivals!

Kevin Campbell caught up with the HGs as they arrived on the red carpet. First in the door was Jodi. And no, they’re not arriving int he order in which they were evicted.

Kevin then caught up with JoJo, who was looking stunning in her spiky bustier.

Janelle and Beau (BB6) showed up and it seems like their party started at dinner!

The winner has arrived. Ian stops by the red carpet and if you’re wondering who he’s wearing, his jacket is by Mom and his puka shells are courtesy of Jeff Schroeder.

Ashley stopped by the red carpet but Howie (BB6, BB7) stole the show and a kiss! Uh-oh, Frank. Watch out!

Here’s a pair I never really thought we’d see: Frank and Cowboy (BB5). Frank is still bummed for not winning Big Brother 14, but he’s psyched after winning America’s Choice.

If you missed the Big Brother 14 After Party, check it out on SuperPass now! Grab a drink and join the party!


  • Sdnjk

    Will the interviews be archived to watch?

  • Steven Eden

    Same question. I came in late, so I hope the interviews will be archived.

  • Canadian BB Fan

    Shane is such a whiner. Complaining how he needs the money so badly to get his parents out of bankruptcy. Shhhh… he shouldn’t of come to play for that only purpose. Besides it is rather stupid of him to only watch bits and pieces of each season and think he can play. Dumb ,Stupid and definitely not BB material. Shane should never be invited back! Shane and danielle did whinny negative interviews at the superPass arty, speaks volumes for their character!

    • The SuZieQ

      He wasn’t playing dumb…………he IS dumb…

    • Rick Blaine

      Imagine if you were a receiver in the Super Bowl and your team was losing 14-10 with less than a minute left to go in the game, and, since a field goal won’t do, your team has to absolutely score a touchdown. Then you go out for a pass and you’re wide open in the endzone, but you drop the ball. And, while you’re heading back to the sideline, you can see Jerry Jones waiting there to chew your ass out (personally, I’m not into all this kinky ass chewing, but whatever floats Jones’ boat). So, when you get there, are you going tell him to chill out, man, it’s only just a game? I don’t think so. So the morel to my little lame ass story is that—NO, it’s not because Jones is a douche, IMO (for legal reasons)—it’s because, whenever money is involved, a game is not only just a game.

      It’s been only a week since Shane was completely blindsided, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be getting over this soon. Plus, IMO (not for legal reasons), Dan might have won the half million if he could have still made it to the Final 2 without backstabbing Shane. So maybe Shane could seek comfort in that.

      • Linda Vincent

        He maybe could have madeit but it was not a sure thing. He did what he had to do

    • Rick Blaine

      Also, I accidentally clicked on that “Like” doohickey when I meant to hit “Reply.” So, if you don’t mind, would you please subtract one every time you read your “Likes.” Thx.

    • anonymous

      I disagree… we need more people who are VIRGINS to the show and it’s play, that’s what BIG BROTHER is all about… I’m sorry but they should not know a thing… blindsided, etc… LOVE IT

  • Denise_ohio03

    Does anyone know if Friday’s Vegas Bash will be on live stream by anyone?

  • Lauren

    Can someone please tell if the interviews are going to be archived? I’m desperately hoping they will be!!

  • TerryLea4

    Go to SuperPass to see the interviews

  • TerryLea4

    Nevermind…. wrong interviews.

  • joyusangel

    Shane needs to get over it!! Even if Ian had been sent packing, there was no guarantee he was gonna win or even be in final 2. After all…Dani had final 2 with him and with Dan. How dare she be so disgruntled finding out about Dan’s final 2 with Ian…she did the same thing, and Dan was smart enough to know it and played to make sure she didn’t get rid of him and keep Shane. Just 1 more reason why Dan played the better game, in my opinion!

    • Jennifer Savoie

      oooohhhhhh….I soooo agree! Well said!

    • Hendricks Hr

      Also, she had final two deals with almost everyone in the jury!

      Those of you who missed the party last night..don’t feel bad, I thought it was pitiful!!! I don’t understand why CBS doesn’t do an entire show the way they used to do with video’s like they did season’s ago…..darn cheapskates.

      The only interview I found interesting at all was how much whining Shane and Danielle did, especially Shane. I don’t know if he was hoping ‘fans’ might send him some cash, maybe a nice job offer(like Jeff and Jordon got), or maybe Ian would give him some of his winnings(I’m sure Brit will be getting a portion of Ian’s winnings)….Shane said once in the interview he had to get home to his three jobs….then turned right around and said he may not have a job when he gets home…repeated it twice which seemed liked overkill and desperate to me. And, I was actually a Shane fan until then. Also, Shane totally played up to the showmance(again, j/j was in his mind) because he did give Dani a kiss for the camera’s……I’ve given a better kiss to my dog than Shane gave Dani!!! He gave her a peck(and I do mean peck) on the lips just to show us he was into her romantically.

      Shane was my biggest disappointment as a person last night….he acted more bitter and entitled than Frank, and that’s saying a lot. But, no worries, Dani’s going to Vermont to rescue him…and I’m sure Dan(the one Dani is really in love with) has guards watching his house so that she can’t sneak in and pounce on him!

      • Linda Vincent

        He really needs to get over it.They would have done the same thing had it been the other way around.. Get over it Danielle and Shane.. Being bitter is not healthy !!

      • Helen78 Dhw

        If Rachel’s mantra was “Nobody comes between me and my man.” Then Dani’s should be “Nobody comes between me and my Mirror!!!” I got SO sick of her watching herself talk eat, walk, stand, pose etc… AND–I adored JEN, and thought it was disgusting that Daniel used her to talk all about herself yet NEVER “LISTENED” to Jen. All while flirting shamelessly!! If Shane doesn’t work, she’ll always be “in love with” HERSELF …

  • Tania

    Where are all the other Houseguest interviews???

  • Rick Blaine

    I was trying to find some superpass interviews on youtube for you guys, but no luck. I did find Ian on The Talk and BB Live Chat, so, if you haven’t already watched them, here they are:

    I’m glad I found them. They show how cool and wicked smart Ian really is. Quack! Quack!

  • Rick Blaine
  • Rick Blaine
  • Anthonybuzzo

    ppppPainful interviews next time be smart and give Big Jeff the Mic and let Jordoe be Jeff,s Ed McMann and then maybe ShowTime will Air the after party,,or at the very least fans will stay tuned in to the interviews at the Party….Great job with the interviews as expected Big Jeff

  • Porkpiejohnny

    Just watched Dans “Finale interview” and I am convinced that he is both extremely neurotic and shallow!!!

    His bullshit talk doesn’t fool me….period!

    This guy would sell out his mother for a new pair of underwear.

  • DavieP

    I haven’t seen finale video interviews from backyard the night of final show..usually up on several sites; can someone send me a link