BB14′s Jenn Arroyo: Exclusive Exit Interview

Would JennCity play the game differently a second time around?

BB14′s Jenn Arroyo: Exclusive Exit Interview

In the final week of Big Brother 14 the house rocker, Jenn Arroyo, was evicted by a vote of 2-0. She joins Ashley, Britney, Frank, Joe, and yes, Ted, in the jury house and will help decide which houseguest is deserving of the $500,000 this season. We spoke with Jenn City after her eviction, and here is what she had to say:

Can you talk about how difficult it was to be on slop for as long as you were?
I would say that when you hit day 3 and 4, those were the main adjustment days and you could feel that the slop was making you really lethargic. And by the first week, you start getting kind of depressed, but that is when I would just go and work out. So then I figured out that when it was time for dinner, that is when I would go work out which battled feeling bummed out and tired.

Are you happy with how far you made it on Big Brother 14?
I am ecstatic that I made it to the final 5. I was really trying to get to that final 2, but I am really proud of myself.

Who could you see being friends with after the season is over?
I could see being friends with Wil and Danielle after the show. I think I will be friends with Dan, too, I’m not upset with him.

Is there a move you regret or a move you didn’t make that you think would have gotten you further in the game?
I really have no regrets about the moves I made. I went on BIG BROTHER to play a game and to make some big moves.

What was the most difficult moment you had in the house?
When the Pandora’s Box was open and I got a message from my mom. It was hard because it immediately zoomed me out of the Big Brother house and into my mother’s living room and it was hard to deal with how much I missed her.

How hard are you anticipating getting to listen to and play music again?
I can’t wait! That was the hardest thing about being in the house was not being able to play and be creative. That is my therapy and sometimes I felt like a ticking time bomb because I couldn’t express my emotions in that way. I am ecstatic to get back to my music career.

Which competition gave you the hardest time?
Mattress mayhem.

If you went in again, would you use the same strategy?
No, if I knew then what I know now I would use partially the same strategy, but I would make different alliances earlier.


  • Enilda Rivera

    She had a good alliance. She just didn’t win anything to help them get through another week. If she had shown Boogie and Frank that she could win something they would have kept her safe and they would have been a strong alliance along with Ashley’s vote and perhaps Ian would have stayed loyal to team Boogie. One can only sit by the pool for so long that people forget you exist.

  • Miss Vaneesa

    Jenn u dont regret using the veto but ur out the house dumb ass. Why did u not fight to stay u should of told Shane an Ian Dan wanted them out. As soon as Dan used u . Frank was voted out the very next week u made a alliance w/ him and Dani the week before. Thats why ur out the house ur a floater who happen 2 win 1 thing bcuz Frank was disq.. U are a disgrace 2 The Big brother game. I would respect u if u didnt say u dont REGRET using VETO. you and Frank had the chance and didnt use it. You SUCK!!!!!!!! Hopefuly in a month or 2 you will see what a mistake u made by keeping Dan in the game and if he wins I will dilike u even more.

    • Jasonewilson80

      I’m sure it will just devistate her that u don’t like her! Why so angry about a show u were not on and a game u didn’t play. u don’t know what was going on in her head this entire game. It’s easy to judge and say u would have done things different when u get to see all the stuff that goes on behind each houseguest back. She didn’t get to see all that. just sayin.

  • Lynda Perky

    I enjoyed Jenn in the house she and Shane were always the people checking to see if people were ok if hurt or down. She also at the end caught on to Danielle and started challenging her statements. That was fun to watch cause Dani would feign being hurt and Jenn would say she wasn’t going there.

    I don’t think Jenn realizes yet how much Slop affected her at the end. She got so dizzy at a comp and lost so much weight that the BB staff put her on more calories.

    Agree she should have change alliances, she saw and was aware that Boogie & Frank thought she was worthless. It is surprising that they didn’t notice how well she did when working out with them it revieled her strength & potential. They refused to even associate with her unless they needed a vote or campaigning. She might have been a good strategizer if they gave her a chance, we’ll never know.

  • Lakens Revenge!

    really, you weren’t made for the BB game (show).. quite annoying actually… one word: shower! try it now that you are out of the house.. clean up a bit, I think you are confused as to what and who you are trying to be! Jenn City? wtf is that anyway??? ugh!

  • Tuniciaa

    I really liked Jen. She was a very sweet girl. Her greatest downfall in the game was trusting Dan/Danielle, other than my girl could’ve made to to the final 2 and won this. Have great year Jen and on your future endeveors.

  • Lynda Perky

    watched Jeff Schreoder’s exit interview with Jenn and learned that she DID tell Ian several times that Dan was against him but Ian would not listen. Soo glad to hear that she did tell him. Shame on CBS for bad editing on Rocker Girl with odd manerisms.