Live Chat With Three Favorite HGs!

Tells us which BB14 HGs you'd like to see during the Live Chat!

Live Chat With Three Favorite HGs!

On Wednesday, a new Big Brother winner will be crowned and Season 14 will be in the Reality TV history books, but the fun doesn’t stop there!

There’s a whole bunch of post-season activities going down on SuperPass and one of them is our First Live Chat with three of your favorite Big Brother 14 HouseGuests. That’s scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 4 at 5PM PT/8PM ET under the “Live Shows” tab on SuperPass.

So now we’re going to ask you to help us decide which three HGs to bring into our studios! Which of the post-jury HGs would you like to see take part in our Live Chat? Take the poll below and feel free to share your thoughts in our comments section.

There’s still plenty to see so you might want to make sure you don’t miss a second of it! Get the BB14 Live Feeds – start your 3-day trial to SuperPass.


  • Andrew Sloan

    The ones in the picture are Ian, Britney (from BB12) and I think Dan… BUT I WANT JANELLE

  • Deb Della Terza

    I want Janelle as well!

  • Deb Della Terza

    I want Janelle!

  • Heather

    Britney, Ian, Shane

    • lisakn

      I voted for shane!

  • Skizam712

    Britney, Ian & Will!

  • Sunshine Girl

    You have to include Dan, it doesn’t matter who else. Dan made all the huge moves it would be ridiculous not to have him.

  • Rob

    Dan, Britney and Joe

  • Lee

    Britney Ian and Ashley or Britney Ian and Dan

  • Sunshine Girl

    Another way to go would be to have Frank for the ego, bully factor, Shane for the idiot factor and Danielle for the crazy factor and then have Britney host it for the fun factor.

  • Rdouvillier

    Britney, Ian and Shane.

  • Nicole C. Nichols

    Definitely Wil, Jenn, and Ashley

  • sg

    I kinda want to see Danielle because I want her to answer for all her stupid needless lies, but I hate her so Britney instead!

  • Sakura


  • Sakura


  • Sakura

    janelllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come on bring on janelle to have a chat with

  • Sakura

    janelllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come on bring on janelle to have a chat with

  • Lynda Perky

    Ian, Dan, and Wil.

    Wil can cut through the crap.

    Please NOT Danielle or Janelle tired of self-absorbed divas. Not fun.

    • Kpgallacher

      agreed! wouldnt want to make any of them cry

  • Serenity01

    When and where is the casts party in Las Vegas?

    • Brenda Dalton

      Come back on Thursday, September 20 when we go LIVE from the Finale Party in Hollywood!

      Tune in at 8:30pm PT / 11:30pm ET on Thursday, September 20.

  • K Mcmahon


  • Kpgallacher


  • Hank

    Dan, Ian, Britney

  • Phillip Stanford

    NO BOOGIE!!! really?? the ONLY form of entertainment this season and he isnt there, obviously if I was Boogie i wouldnt want to be associated with BB14 either, embarrassment of a season

  • Marlene Porter

    Danielle , JoJo and Jani is who I want to see chat together !

  • April

    1) Janelle, Wil, Joe & Ashley all at the same time!

    2) Ian, Frank & Jenn all at the same time! I would say Boogie with them also, but we all know that Boogie thinks he is to good for this kind of thing, so forget him.

    3) Britney, Jojo & Shane all at the same time.

    4) Dan with Jodi & Kara all at the same time, but no Danielle…we have had more then enough danielle this year so please don’t force more of her baby-talking voice on us..

    5) Dan, Frank, Ian and (maybe) Shane at once and hashing out all of the blind-sides they pulled on each other.

    • Aneta

      Really? Dan, Jodi, and Kara? What would Jodi and Kara have to say that is useful, besides “the number of days we spent in the house can be counted on our fingers”?

  • Jenn

    ian britney dan

  • Diane

    Maybe if CBS would stop plucking people off the internet who have NEVER even seen the show-and making them houseguests- we might enjoy the houseguests more. You want more spice? Put only people who are passionate about Big Brother in that house.

  • Mary

    Ian and Britney

    • Britneyh

      Fuck off Mary, my wife Britney has fucking billion things to do than talk to assholes like you.

    • Britneyh

      Fuck off Mary, my wife Britney has fucking billion things to do than talk to assholes like you.

  • guest


  • Johnnycentral1

    Britney, Jojo, shane and willie!! the ol’ team back together again :p

  • Johnnycentral1


    • Britneyh

      Fuck off Johnnycentral my wife isn’t do fucking chats or interviews she is busy with other shit.

    • Britneyh

      Fuck off Johnnycentral my wife isn’t do fucking chats or interviews she is busy with other shit.

  • Diane

    Ian, Dan, and Britney

  • Ambersonian

    Dan, Ian & Britney

  • Cheeezzeeer


    • Linda Vincent

      Then why even say anything.. bet you are still watching lol

    • LuvMyRottie

      people say that chit every year … but they always watch and always come back …lol

  • jlkapi

    Britney, Ian, Dan. Definitely, the most entertaining houseguests

  • Suzi!

    Obviously if you can only pick one, it has to be Dan, even though I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as some of the others ~

  • JustMe

    No use having Danielle, because you know they will make us be nice to her. They wont ask the questions we really want to know.

  • Ryan

    Umm, queen janelle?!?!?!?!

  • Ryan

    If i can’t have janelle, then it should be dan, ian and britney

  • Debbie

    Frank all the way…not picky about who is with him. I would love to see a different show with Dani and the girl who does the amazing impressions of her on You Tube..think her name is Crissi. Dani’s family could be on phone lines to talk about why they “abused her and tried to sell her to the gypsies”. LOL

  • DebbieNIR

    Unpopular opinion here: Although I LOVE Jani…it is ridiculous for her to win AC or get key interviews when she was not a significant part of BB14. I am tired of vets coming back (no matter how much I love them) with built in biased fans. The vet twists in S13/14 ruined BB because it is next to impossible for newbies to become breakout stars when so much focus is on the vets. This season was completely unfair for more reasons than I can count. 1) The coaches knew from their contracts they were likely going to play for the 500K so were manipulating their players from the outset. 2) The newbies were specifically told the vets would NOT be playing against them. This set the stage for the newbies to put too much trust in the vets. The newbies for the most part never had a chance to play their own game including choosing their own alliances. I could go on and on. IMO Frank & Ian are the only newbies who made an impact this season. Dani did in a VERY negative manner, but CBS lost out on “comedy gold” by refusing to show her true persona. I don’t know why…they did hilarious negative montages of past unpopular HGs like Amber. Please leave the vets out of it – they had their glory days. BB should have played S8-13 with only newbies and then had S14 as AS2 (no HG from S1-6 eligible).

  • Apearlofagirl

    for chef JOE :
    if you won the $25k popularity prize – this foodie gave you many votes for being a sweetie, and having a lovely family – have you considered doing a food truck? you could use an old yellow school bus emblazoned with THE BIG BROTHER BITES BUS .. or JOE’S JOWL JOYS .. (ok, something lots better ;-) .. your wonderful kids and wife could be sous chefs, keeping the $ all in the family and giving y’all more time together .. of course your BB cookbook would be the P.S. at the bottom of the menu chalkboard.

    OR apply to be on one of so many cooking competitions on Food Channel or Cooking Channel .. i’d watch you! .. you’re a cool dude – don’t let those unappreciative HGs make you think otherwise.

    i wish you success after BB so you can provide your family with all things good.  

  • LOCO

    if you have the balls, Bring Willie!!! the best of the best this season.

  • Linda Vincent

    Brittney, Dan and Ian

  • Linda Vincent

    Brit is comical, Dan is the man and Ian is a little strange but very smart !

  • Laurie J

    Dan is definitely a strategic thinker. Ian needs money to pay for college. Go Ian!

  • Sakura


  • Sue

    I would LOVE to see a Shane and Dani chat together! =) Some of us, btw, enjoyed watching their relationship blossom. Sorry haters, I admit to being their fan.

  • Dnchambers

    frank is the best and was what made this season until he left worth watching

  • Nats_c

    Frank frank frank frank and more frank

  • Kathyt63

    Dan / Ian / Brittany made the show this year. Seriously concerned with casting of Danielle….. she will intensive therapy. She obviously has had problems in the past and hope this show does not throw her off the deep end. Please make sure this girl transitions back to outside and there is follow-up for her. Yes it made for interesting watching on the live feeds but casting needs to make sure these people are psychologically stable.

  • ruwatchingme

    I voted for Ian of course! I loved Ian from day 1 and think that he truly appreciated his experience in the BB 14 house and will never forget it. Ian is truly a kind hearted guy that America fell in love with. Who made the decision to cast Danielle? If that is the best you can do then someone else needs to take over the casting job. The only thing that Danielle brought to the BB 14 house was grandiose delusions and pathological lies. It is one thing to lie for the sake of the game but another to lie just to prop yourself up or to pretend your are deathly ill when you are not. The things that were said by Danielle about her parents were appalling. National television is not the place to denigrate family members! The stories about Danielle’s education were laughable, she’s a K teacher, she’s a nurse, she’s a charge nurse, she takes care of 60 patients ALL by Herself(even though that is against the law). She is a Doctor well almost a Doctor, Nursing School and Med School are practically the same thing! She is a Nurse/Doctor(whatever that is?), she is a Nurse Practitioner, she has 3 degrees already at the age of 23, she is in Medical School(again, I guess) well she don’t remember if she is or not but yes she is b/c she had to drop out of Med School to be on BB! All Med Students know their priorities and drop out of Med School for Reality TV. She has been in so many accidents while cheerleading, she has broken her nose several times, crushed her cheek bones completely, and had other facial mishaps as well as back injuries. I don’t recall seeing any scars on her face, anywhere! Great Plastic Surgeon! She has battled Cancer, IBS, Kidney Failure, Anexoria, Alcoholism and the list goes on! Dani can drink alcohol even though she has battled kidney failure and alcoholism as long as she does not drink DARK colored liquor! Dani has battled a Life Threatening disease, Cancer, but she was given a “Special Chemotherapy” so her long hair never fell out! She has a mass on her Breast Implant right now and needs surgery right away b/c it may be Cancer but it was so serious that she put it off for 3 months to be on BB b/c Cancer can wait as we all know! She will have the Breast Implant Cancer non cancer removed and thrown away by her Plastic Surgeon at which time she will have her 3rd Breast Implant surgery completed. I think it is a wonder thing when non cancer Cancer can attach itself to a Breast Implant ONLY and a Plastic Surgeon can remove the Implant with the non cancer Cancer attached to it and toss it in the garbage! All women should look into Breast Implants since Dani’s Implant’s Saved her Life! I could go on but the pathological lies never ended in the BB 14 house on Live Feeds. In my opinion, none of this was necessary or had anything to do with the game. I feel that Dani owes the Cancer patients and Cancer survivor’s a huge apology for making a mockery of a Deadly Disease that Millions are faced with. I also feel that Teacher’s should receive an apology as well. In Dani’s world, Nurses are Rich and Teachers are Not so she chose to pretend to be a poor, starving Teacher, pathetic, in my opinion. I have witnessed the most classless person in BB history. I was shocked when she verbally abused Ian and at the amount of hate displayed toward him. This post is my opinion and is opinion only.

    • Tootsieroller

      ruwatchingme, get yourself some help. Hate will eat you up.

    • Dougnmary2005

      I agree……I really got tired of hearing her talk about herself when most of it was lies…seemed a “little” self centered to me and oh my goodness Dani stop admiring yourself in the mirror all the time.

  • Deborah Gonzales

    This year was off the Quackalisus hook.

  • Jacqueline P. Ray

    Frank, Janelle and Dan OR Frank, Janelle and Ian – well Frank for sure, Janelle for sure, and I love dan and ian too! i can’t decide! but Frank and Janelle for sure! :) they should do the amazing race – two gladiators! they would win for sure!!! :D .. I liked Boogie this season too – I’ve never been one to follow the crowd..

  • Lauren Lane13

    Britney!! Britney and Ian together. Shane and Danielle would be my second choice.

  • anon

    Only Janelle is the appropriate decision but she’s not an option…..super pass has a thing against her

  • Sisu Power


  • Gvstvns

    What amazes me is how all these danielle haters seem to dwell on the fact that she is a pathological liar and a fake. What amazes me even more is how these same people love Janelle and shes the biggest pathological liar and fake in big brother history! And then to top it all janelle has the nerve to call out danielle for all her lies. i rest my case.

    • Mark8881

      I lost alot of respect for Janelle this season i wish more people would call out Janelle on her BLEEP (censored myself here) and not be label a Janelle hater. Janelle has problems with women but men can do and say horrible things to her and she will forgive them instantly (sp?).

  • Mark8881

    I would say if Boogie, Britney are turning down these interviews its because the interviews are not only lame but because not going want to take off time to want to fly, superpass needs to skype, etc.

    • Britneyh

      Look FUCKTARDS Britney my wife is not doing your moron Chats or interviews she has moved from big brother. — Britney’s Husband Ryan.

  • Britneyh

    Look FUCKTARDS Britney my wife is not doing your moron Chats or interviews she has moved on from big brother.

    – Britney’s Husband Ryan.

  • daneillefan

    Britney has done tons of interviews and chats she never talks she just sits there. Britney can’t tell us anything she didn’t even make it jury this time she was one of first hgs to be evicted. Daneille has alot to tell usbecause almost won.

    • Ryan

      Um… Britney made the jury. And for such a big Danielle fan, you misspelled her name every time you tried to write it.