BB14 Power Rankings: Week Four

Janelle is gone, and Jun Song wants to eat your brains!

BB14 Power Rankings: Week Four

Janelle is gone.  I repeat.  Janelle is gone.

If you’re a fan of the show, this is BIG news whether or not you follow the live feeds.

It’s still pretty big news to you if you’re just casually/moderately-committed television-only viewer.  However, you probably then also believe it when CBS tells you that Ian and Ashley are falling in love, or that Danielle is anything but a socio-pathological liar.  I don’t even know if the term “socio-pathological” even exists, and I’m not bothering to Google it because it’s the perfect word to me, to describe Danielle…she’s a sociopath and pathological. Period.

My point being, with diary room sessions more rehearsed than ever and so many blatant misrepresentations of what’s going on in the actual Big Brother house, this is now more show and less game.  The viewing population that has stuck with Big Brother through 14 seasons is now a little older, a little wiser and cynical and everything in between.  We don’t want made-up Big Brother. We just want decent editing and summary of what actually happened since the last time we watched.  It’s no wonder ratings are dropping at an alarming rate.

Big Brother still can’t be beat in summer programming, but the wear and tear is beginning to show in its viewership.  I am here all summer. It makes me wonder where we will all be NEXT summer.

I’m done preaching. Let’s get onto this week’s Power Rankings.  Oh, and I just started watching The Walking Dead and I’m all into the zombie thing now.  And this is my blog so I’m making everyone zombies this week just because I can:


BRITNEY: You lied about pressing the button, and it was actually believable (+5 points) because everyone knows you know they know you suck at this.  Congrats on coming in second in the HOH Endurance Competition (+5 points) and faring pretty will in last night’s HOH Competition. Your main allies are Shane and Danielle.  Shane is a big target and Danielle can turn on you and kick you in your vajayjay at the drop of a hat.  Not too great (-5 points).  What was up with the waffling and crying about voting out Janelle at the 11th hour, when you’ve been trashing and bashing her on the hour every hour? Are you bipolar or just another Danielle?  Either way, we are on to you and so are the other HGs (-5 points).  And Janelle too.  She’ll see everything you said soon enough.  OVERALL POINTS: 0


SHANE: A “close family friend”, ahem—boyfriend, of yours tweeted me this week saying I should stop saying that you are gay.  Fine. I will only imply it from now on.   Whatevs.  Nobody really cares dear, except for Danielle, we all love you for the puka boy you are. Nice work keeping yourself safe until now (+5 points) and then planting a kiss on Danielle after her HOH victory (+5 points) to cement her undying and zombie love for you.  This week with Frank as HOH you may go up as a pawn and/or “okay-if-he-goes”  nomination (-5 points).  Your hair-plugged days in the BB house are numbered my ambiguously gay friend. OVERALL POINTS: +5


BOOGIE: You also denied pressing the Put Me In Coach Julie button, but you were actually the only one of the four coaches telling the truth.  And everyone believed it (+5 points).   Good for you for putting Dan on the spot and convincing him to choose you over Janelle (+5 points).  You turned things around this week and went full-steam-ahead on the Evict Janelle train, to great success (+10 points).   I found your goodbye message to Janelle fitting, as I’m sure she would have left you one similar had the roles been reversed (+5 points).  You are a peculiar creature with a life full of dents and stains, but you do know your Big Brother.  You pushed Frank to the last round of this last HOH, propelling him to a win.  I think that was a good move (+5 points), but there are those who think you can do no good no matter what. Your reputation precedes you like Frank’s deodorant-less body odor precedes him (-5 points).  And it’s too bad more people aren’t happier for your position in the house this week.  Oh well.   OVERALL POINTS: +25


IAN: You and your boy boobs lasted three hours and fifteen minutes in that HOH Endurance Competition (+5 points) before you exited after assurance for your safety.  You continue to take on the “punishments” in the game (+5 points) and thereby leave your legacy as “The HG that was a dog/Have Not, etc…”  This is what you wanted, yes? For your name to be the answer to future BB trivia questions yes? Whatever floats your boat and also gets your further, really.  And considering you came in the game as the very odd man out, you’ve done quite well for yourself thus far.  Even last night after the live show I watched on the feeds as you split your time wisely between all the HGs, making your rounds (+5 points). Not bad kid.  Just take it easy on the Joe bashing (-5 points) because he may be around for a while. OVERALL POINTS: +10


FRANK: I can’t believe you were EATING during the HOH Endurance Competition (+5 points).  I didn’t even know that was allowed, but it was kinda cool.  I don’t think I would have lasted more than 14 minutes on that thing, let alone been able to swallow any protein at the same time.  You teamed up with the right “daddy” and he saved your spiritard-wearing ass last week (+5 points).   People are crying foul about you staying, but Joe stayed too and the coaches got to come into the game and we were all subjected to Danielle’s psychosis and everything has evened out in the BB world again.  Re-reset.  You took HOH (+10 points) and your “Nana” turned out to be a real person and gem in your life unlike other imaginary dying loved ones, ahem—Matt Hoffman, we’ve seen before.  You are playing a great social game and you’ve now won two HOHs.  Between you, Shane and Danielle you’ve won all the competitions save for one.  You three should form some sick Love Triangle Alliance.  OVERALL POINTS: +20


JENN:  Just when I start joking that the BB house is probably the nicest resort you’ve ever checked into, you go and win a vacation to Maui during the POV Competition this week (+5 points) after scoring a grand from Boogie already.  Luck Be a Lady-man.   You sucked at the HOH Competition (-5 points), which we all thought was “rigged” for you considering it was called “Battle of the Bands”.  So I’m deducting another (-5 points) just because.  But it was trivia-linked and so it actually makes sense.  The only questions you’re capable of answering at this point is how many times you’ve burped after eating, and times you’ve farted in–between meals.  Be sure to leave a tip for the cleaning crew when you check out of the BB Resort Asylum. OVERALL POINTS: 0


JANELLE:  Even though you’ve now lost three times, and according to Ian spent the equivalent of six months in that BB house, you will be fine.  Your fans need to realize this too.  I’m sure you will be appalled and also awed by the ferocity your fans went on the attack during the time you’ve been in the house.  According to Julie you are a “Big Brother Great” and she told us this a few times, no doubt because she forgot your name at some teleprompter-less point.  You’ve provided lots of entertainment for a long time but really, you should have said “no thank you” because this season’s HGs certainly did not respect you. And Boogie got to disrespect you again.  You said on the feeds you couldn’t wait to go home to your bed and your pillows.  Hug them tight tonight. OVERALL POINTS: FAIL


JOE: You are officially a man-catlady.  Blind in your devotion to Janelle to the point that you had no idea you were her only vote (-5 points).  Frank’s wrestling ancestry cemented your safety last week, even if you did have the votes.  And this week you avoided nomination because Danielle was on a crazy streak involving Janelle and not you.  But as I write this you are probably preparing yet another HOH Royal Kissass Breakfast chock full of your random bodily fluids.  Interesting how you didn’t make Danielle an HOH breakfast.  Probably better (+5 points), as she will tell everybody that you attacked her in her bed you were so overwhelmed with sexual desire for her.  You’re probably not going this week, but you are that tarnished in the house that you will most likely become the guy everyone wants to take to the final three (+5 points) so you can be cut.  And you didn’t even plan any of this, you are just that unpleasant to live with, apparently.  OVERALL POINTS: +5 


WIL: You told us in the diary room that you know that Dan is just doing the same thing he did in his season (+5 points) but the question is… Are you going to stop him?   You could have given Danielle a harder time about putting you up after promising she wouldn’t, but you didn’t (+5 points) and eventually got the POV used by her.  Exactly.  She is that all over the place.  But it worked to your advantage.  Congrats on winning $5K during the POV Competition this week (+5 points).  I remember back in my season there were no cash incentives, though I did get a ride on the Goodyear Blimp.  But it was with Alison so…  Anyway, you’ve formed some sort of TIT Alliance with Ashley and Jenn and overnight became BFFs.  It’s very transparent and annoying the hell out of me (-5 points), but good luck with that anyway.  OVERALL POINTS: +10


ASHLEY: You seem to need quite a lot of whatever pharmaceutical candy the diary room is giving out these days.  I remember having to beg for Tylenol PM at one point my season.  What is up with you?  And you think we believe you when said in the diary room that you had “everything figured out until the coaches came in”?  Everything figured out?  Like, which nuts to pick out of the canned assortment everyday for a snack (-5 points)? Yeah.  I’ve been watching you.  And you’ve been getting caught up in the all the webs of lies and seeds planted over the last few weeks. You said in your pre-season interview that you wanted to be seen as a “ditzy blonde” but you would be anything but.  That’s fine and it’s working (+5 points). So please give us some diary room sessions indicating you’re not just some ditzy blonde, please thank you.   OVERALL POINTS: 0


DAN: You’re not as great as you think you are so you need to tone everything down a little (-5 points).  The good news, nobody is actually as good as they think they are in that house.  You totally brainqueefed and spilled to Boogie about the Frank’s botched blindside, indicating he does have some sort of mildly sick hold over you (-5 points) and you had misread his devotion to Frank. Somehow you fell into some Silent6 Alliance, while all you do is SCREAM in the diary room (-5 points), though you originally had a boner for a Coaches Alliance.   At this point you have temporary custody of the certifiably insane Danielle (+5 points) but I’d be careful if I were you.  Both in the game and thereafter when she comes to find you in Dearborn.   OVERALL: -10


DANIELLE: By some random piece of luck only BB could ever fabricate, you also won POV in addition to being HOH (+10 points) and you used your power to take Wil off the block and put Janelle in his place (+5 points).  However, your SWF-type hate and obsession with Janelle, and yourself, went beyond game (-10 points) and now you will surely have a breakdown upon learning how viewers dislike you.  You seem to have picked up a thing or two in the last week as far as gameplay and despite your bouts of delusion and horny tantrums, you HAVE made some big moves (+5 points).  I do believe your extensive experience in stalking and staking out ex-boyfriends’ homes will come in handy again for future competitions.  And I fear it may already be too late for the little lambs in the BB house because you WILL go all Hannibal Lecter on them one night and eat their kidneys.     OVERALL POINTS: +20

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ASS FIRST, and on a more serious note…

Let’s all take a breath and inhale…whatever you want really be it air, nicotine, weed and/or other whatevers…and remember this is TELEVISION.  It’s not a place where death threats and vile anger should be so prevalent.  This goes for fans and BB alum alike.  Draw a line somewhere.  If you’re not sure where, see a therapist.  But not the one Danielle’s been seeing.  Clearly, that’s not been working out too well.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And at the end of this fourth week of BB, and amendments made to a clerical error in Ian’s score last week:

OMG Boogie is #1?!   Janelle will be thrilled I’m sure.

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See what CBS can’t show you on TV – get the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds on SuperPass!




  • Lynn

    And again Jun breaks it down perfectly…. not to mention articulates my feelings toward BB the past few years. It’s quite sad what has become of this game… oh, wait….it’s no longer classified as a game, is it? It’s called ‘entertainment’. And therein lies the reason BB is losing ground with those of us who’ve stuck by for so long.
    I only got maybe 10 minutes into the show last night and had to turn it off. First time I’ve ever done that. I get the live feeds, the way they were portraying Danielle is no where near how she behaved during her HOH week. The editing made me sick & BB should be ashamed of themselves…oops…. my mistake… that’ll never happen because some of those behind the scenes are just as big of egomaniacs as those on the show this season…. and that is BIG!

    • Jun Song

      Yes. I wish they would trust that the majority of us ARE intellects :)

  • egar50

    Great blog as usual, Jun! Just one thing… shouldn’t Danielle’s score be +10 instead of +20?

    • Jun Song

      Yes! I will make sure to amend in my next blog :)

  • Santabarbarapalmer

    On Dick at Nite, you said your pick to win was Ian. Would love to hear your reasoning on that one.

  • Herp McDerpington

    I’m scared Danielle is gonna commit a murder in the house. After she does it, the houseguests will play “Clue”, where the winner will become the new HOH.

    • Jun Song

      OMG we just laughed out loud reading this.

    • Namnancy

      And then we’ll have a good season that’s enjoyable to watch! (relax everyone, that was a joke)

    • Zak Austin

      Thanks for the likes, everyone! Hopefully someone sends this to CBS…

  • Ditdotdee

    The only Thing i disagree with is Janie’s point. Add 100 for her loyal fans that luv her. ;-)

    • Jun Song

      Hahahaha. Awwwww…all evicted HGs get a “FAIL” upon eviction. But we can give Janelle make-believe points, why not?! :)

  • nmont

    danielle’s points are added wrong

    • Jun Song

      I could have sworn I double checked! HA!

  • jhv

    You are fucking hilarious!

    • Jun Song

      Thank you for getting my humor :)

  • Mappy

    Hope AG sees this…and CBS!

    • Jun Song

      They do… :) But they probably won’t do anything…

  • Philstanford70

    Im more worried about a suicide attempt after seeing things said/written about Danielle. Why cry to live feeders to get in touch w/ a “boy from home” rididilous. No doubt about Mike Boogie ran this week and he has many more upcoming weeks to run

    • Jun Song

      Hahaha. Danielle is a nightmare! She’s that girl we all know through a friend of a friend or something :)

  • Allie_39

    There were no better words for summing up all the crazy shit this season then what u said… As far as Danielle , I would sleep with one eye opened for sure

    • Jun Song

      Heck yes! She is crrrrrrazy! HA!

  • JCruz0126

    By my calculations Danielle should only have +10 points ….

    • Jun Song

      Gotcha! :)

  • Asjekl

    Can you add or do mental math? Every week there’s some error in the calculation.

    • Jun Song

      Why are you so angry? These blogs are for fun…and the math involved doesn’t affect anyone at the end of the day. I will check my math more diligently next time, but really, you should relax.

      • ~Nancy

        I come here to READ you power rankings. I have never once checked your math because, frankly, the point system takes a second to your writing. I love your snark and your honesty. People new to have a serious reality check and stop getting so personal.

  • Asjekl

    LOL “Janelle will be thrilled I’m sure”, I think she has more relevant forums to look at. And no offense, but you tweeting for 12 hours a day STILL after having a newborn baby is just as bad as Janelle going back to Big Brother. Think of all that bonding time you’re losing with you’re baby. You are practically living in the BB House mentally, and that is just as worse. And those 12 hours a day you spend tweeting, Janelle will be spending bonding with her baby, but I don’t think she’ll be trashing you on her Twitter account (where she as 10x the followers you have for good reason). You’re a has been, someone who coasted, it would not earn any respect in any All-Stars game, just thank god there was an Allison in your season or you would just be another All-Star Erika. There is a reason you didn’t get back to All-Stars, you’re mediocre. Continue to tweet for 12 hours a day, you’re the model mother Janelle should be.

    • Asjekl

      *your baby

    • Andrew Sloan

      Judging Janelle and Jun on being a mother is uncalled for… I think you forget that normal families have jobs and strong support systems at home to make everything possible. Frankly, you just don’t have to right to pass judgements like that

      • Jun Song

        I think once Asjeki becomes a parent, things will look different :)

      • Asjeki

        Okay, I was wrong, but I don’t think Jun has the right to pass judgements like that also about Janelle, but it’s fine. Maybe she wanted to win some money for Violet, and she’s one of the few BB alum who actually get themselves back to real life.

    • Jun Song

      Oh. I see you’ve posted here too. I saw you also posted a comment similar on my YouTube channel. May I ask if you have children? Have you ever been responsible for the life and care of a newborn? They sleep a lot :)

      I’m not the only parent who can multitask. When babies sleep, parents do lots of things…tweet, eat, sleep themselves, heck maybe even write blogs for a living? :) I am lucky enough to be home with Noah 24/7 and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. He knows my voice and my touch and my smell, and he knows I am there the minute he awakes or needs me :)

      You say you mean no offense, and start your comment out as if you care about my bonding with my baby…when you really do mean to offend and take a jab at me for “disapproving” of Janelle leaving her baby? Come on. At least come clean.

      If you know me at all, which clearly you don’t, I don’t care how many followers others have. I care about those who follow me…who get me…and vice versa. If it bothers you so much that I tweet then you don’t need to follow me.

      If you’d like to know why I didn’t go into the BB house for All-Stars, you can find the reason here:

      I am very open and honest when fans have questions for me. But it’s difficult when people like you who have a separate agenda and hide behind anonymity only come here to start a fight. I wish you peace.

      • Asjekl

        Okay, I’m sorry. I just don’t think you can critique Janelle’s mothering with this one action she did, she could be the most loving mother in the world. She hasn’t left Violet with wolves, she left her with a husband who she knew could take care of her well, went to several doctors to see if it would have an effect on Violet. And the money she gets will probably be put towards for Violet. And you’ve given Boogie a break compared to Janelle. But it is your blog, sorry for being disrespectful.

        • James

          I respect Jun. But, she never judges Dick for his parenting, I think she should do the same for Janelle, IMO Dick was way worse especially when you read Dani’s journal.

          • Jun Song

            Dick is not on this season and Dick does not have a newborn he would leave. I did not have Twitter during Dick’s season and I did not write blogs for his season.

            Janelle WAS on this season. She is a current topic. As is Boogie. I have “voiced” my disapproval of him too but you seem focused on Dick and Janelle.

            I knew Janelle before I knew Dick and I’m allowed to be disappointed in her. Lots of people hide but I put stuff out there good and bad and so I expect lots of critique. But your critique is flawed.

          • James

            Please, you rip on anyone even if they are not “on this season” or “a current topic”, Allison was so 8 years ago and you STILL talk about her! You are allowed to be disappointed in her and we’re allowed to be disappointed in you. And you show so much bias, many great parents have had to be separated from their kids and many awful parents spend all their time with their children. But that’s fine, you both unfollowed each other and we can agree to disagree.

          • Jun Song

            That’s if somebody ASKS ME A SPECIFIC QUESTION about pas HGs. Why are you so angry? It’s hard to have a convo with someone who’s already made up their mind because it makes them come up with irrelevant arguments. Like you’re doing. Just go away and believe what you want if you’re not willing to step back and be objective and/or logical. Really. I won’t miss you.

        • Jun Song

          You started out throwing things in my face in a tantrum and then you sound like Janelle’s lawyer. Ask yourself why you are coming here to a blog that says nothing about Janelle’s “mothering”. And also doing it on my YouTube channel. You sound just a little obsessed.

          Please don’t bring that energy here. Take it to a forum. Sucks is great. Or go to Jokers, they love Janelle there. Or Morty’s. Do what you want. But don’t waste my time with weak passive-aggression. Thank you.

        • Jun Song

          I hope you’re breathing in between these rants. I care about you. Deeply.

      • Derek

        True, she followed Britney right after Big Brother 12 in hopes of getting more followers and then unfollowed her when Britney didn’t follow her back LOL

        • Liam

          Because Britney could outwit her if she had to. LOL

      • Amanda

        You are really pathetic. Shouldn’t you be off sifting through Janelle’s garbage somewhere hoping to find a used feminine product to display and pray to?

        I mean really, get a life.

  • majordomo

    LOVE IT JUN! no love for CBS and clearing robbing us of any chance of a decent BB season – worst ever Saw you on Dick@nite and was hoping you wouldn’t fall asleep as i did. The season is boring and predictable and i am not watching Will check you on you. You’re a great writer nd watch Dick to listen to SOMETHING… LOVE you and your gorgeous baby

    • Jun Song

      I really wish CBS would do right by us and give us a decent season. The kind of season reminiscent of what the game used to be…

  • Andrew Sloan

    Haha, I loved this as usual!! Just a quick run-down of what i think this week:

    Britney- made a HUGE mistake in getting rid of Janelle, she lost a loyal ally and it will cost her down the line

    Shane- eh, you just bug me, but Jun said it best: ” Your hair-plugged days in the BB house are numbered my ambiguously gay friend”

    Boogie- Granted you can play BB, you’re still an arrogant ass. You won’t win, but sadly you will probably make it far and I’ll have to put up with ugly mug and perverted ways a bit longer

    Ian- I’m glad you started playing the game, but your weird antics still shine through and make me question who the hell you really are. You are basically aligned with everyone in the house, so enjoy floating on down the BB Road

    Jenn- GTFO

    Joe- STFU in the damn diary room. Shave the damn sole patch… But at the end of the day you are the only one who voted for Janelle so you are no longer my least favorite player

    Wil- You’re catty, don’t know how to play BB and deserve to go. Plus your Funny or Die video was ridiculous and I can’t take you seriously anymore (like i ever did)

    Ashley- You were high during the HOH comp

    Dan- You quickly became a scheming villain and threw everyone in your alliance under the bus already. I have lost a lot of respect for you as player only because I’ve known you as the honest “hero” you were in BB10

    Danielle- Boy do you get a good edit on tv. It sickens me how much different you are in real life

    • Jun Song

      Yes. Britney didn’t need to turn on Janelle yet…Janelle would have taken out newbies before she ever touched Britney…

      And omg Ashley was TOTALLY high! Ha! I wish I was feeling as good as she was while I was watching the HOH competition!

  • Gaborrr

    Socio-pathological is of or pertaining to sociopathology the study of sociopaths or in other words BB14 Hahaha OMGaaah Frank and Shane the Ambiguously Gay Duo!!! Interesting how Zombified everyone looks older and Booger looks younger Haha Why isn’t Ian in with WiL and Ashley in the TIT alliance?? I can’t wait until Danielle creates a Cocoon in which she will merge with Shane and Shanelle will be born in an elegant long pink dress with a few strands of hair, deep abyss of eyes, green peasoupy lipstick and the smoothest skin you’ve ever seen…;)

    • Jun Song

      I LOVE those Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoons! HA! OMG Gabor, I was TOTALLY thinking that as I “zombified” the HGs. How funny how different Boogie and Ian look once zombified!

  • IJustWantedToComment

    Danielle is batshit crazy, that is all.

    • Jun Song

      That is all. :)

  • BBCory

    As always a brilliant read. I’m really digging the zombie vibe this week and it is all too appropriate considering the house is being ran buy a man that obviously died sometime during the mid 90′s but is forced to walk the halls of the Big Brother house for an eternity. At this point I am having a hard time connecting with any of the houseguests, but I watch in awe as Delusionelle spews her batshit crazy rhetoric. I imagine this is as close as we will ever get to seeing Michelle Bachman on a reality show so I thank CBS for that. Thank you Jun for keeping it real. Keep up the snark

    • Jun Song

      Thanks Cory. Thanks for always being funny AND smart…on Twitter too :)

  • Laura Koenigs

    LOVE your blog and look forward to your rankings and video each week! I noticed that you had +10 instead of +15 for Ian. I don’t care about the rest of them to count. Thanks for keeping it snarky!

    • Jun Song

      I think by the time I watch the show at 3am, do Dick at Nite and write my blog my brain is too fuzzy for simple math! HA! I will have to check. Thank you for telling me you enjoyed the blog instead of just saying “your math sucks”! HA! :)

  • noLongerBBFan

    Jenn’s points add up to -5 and Danielle’s add up to +10

    • Jun Song

      Did you enjoy the blog though or do you just stop by to check out my math? :)

    • Zak Austin

      noLongerBBFan? Why the fuck are you here on BIG BROTHER power rankings?

  • ShellyOmoniyi

    I like how you say you will keep bashing Shane not caring that he has battled depression,has ADD and obviously a low self esteem and 30,000 in school debts. I think both Dani and Shane will be on suicide watch.

    • Jun Song

      Shelly, do you think you’re doing Shane a favor by doing this? I didn’t know any of those things about him, and even if I did…it’s not like I would ever bash him about any of those things?! Is this something he’s been sharing on the feeds or do you know Shane personally? Either way, I didn’t know…which means a lot of other people wouldn’t know. And you are just giving the crazy people more ammunition to actually attack Shane with. What I write about are my speculations…on a lot of things depending on the HG I’m writing about. Part of the job (and fun) of a fan is making speculations about the HGs…as we learn about them throughout the summer.

      Perhaps you don’t know me very well. I would never “bash” Shane about any of those things if I knew about them. And as someone who went into that house with different issues, etc…I can tell you all people cast to be on BB have major issues. It’s what makes it that much more interesting.

      Take a step back and breathe.

      • Leslie

        Shane has said it on feeds the stuff on depression,ADD and school debts.Personally I think Shane isn’t gay but may have personal body issues.He weighed 268 pounds 4 years ago and lost his virginity at 22.He is a gorgeous man but will not take compliments.He is just awkward to me.I think they cast Shane and Dani thinking Brenchel would happen. Volatile Dani and blank & aloof Shane.Poor guy.

        • Jun Song

          Well, I missed those stories by Shane. And even if I had caught them, it doesn’t “exempt” him from the same shit other HGs go through this summer. I would never poke fun at someone’s depression or ADD, etc. Those are separate and serious issues that he has to deal with himself.

          Good point on the Brenchel connection, hahahaha, i’m sure CBS DID hope for some sort of showmance :)

  • Vallery Gier Dietrich

    Jun, you rock!!

  • Vallery Gier Dietrich

    I laughed so hard at Jun’s column!!

    • Jun Song

      Thank you! I’m so glad those that get me outnumber those who don’t! :)

  • Kcsmum

    Holy crap. My drug infused brain trying to quell my muscle torn butt is making it nearly impossible to follow the goings-on in the BB house! I’m prob next to be evicted cuz the nurses keep reminding me that it is quiet time. Txs, Jun Song. 1st time I’ve laughed in days.

    • Jun Song

      Awwww feel better! I hope you have a speedy and well-drugged recovery! :)

  • Dean Brown

    OMG you’re so right about Dan!! I can’t believe he & Boogie decided to work as a 3 with Frank and Dan says to him “You’re about to roll with 2 of the greatest players this game’s ever had”!! Cringggge!! haha

    • Jun Song

      Ha! I really want to see where it ends up :)

  • FUJCnt

    Jun, I was hoping Janelle would kick her fat nasty butt when she got out of the house and saw the tweets Jun had been sending out (of course, coward ass Jun would never tag Janelle in any of the tweets, scared bitch) but Janelle has too much class to even go there with this freakshow. I just realized that Janelle stopped following the cunt, though, so woohoo for Janelle!!!! While Janelle is living an AMAZING life with a successful husband and gorgeous baby (have you seen that baby girl? I mean, REALLY!), Jun is living her life on Twitter because that’s all she has…oh that and a guy who’s on the road to being the same alcoholic, non-existant father that his own father has been. I hate this bitch!!!

    • Jun Song

      Wow! It must have been thrilling for you to get all that out here. And on Twitter. And everywhere else you follow me. You’re so dedicated to me, thank you! :)

      • FUJC

        Fuck, piece of shit. You have a fucking lot of nerve to accuse anyone of being “dedicated”. You’re dedicated to trashing Janelle because you’re JEALOUS AS HELL of her. Call her out right now! Go back to Twitter, tag her in a tweet and call her out. Bait her. I double dog dare your ugly butt to do it. Damn near every former BB houseguest hates you and they have good reason to. Bravo for them!! And that ugly ass profile pic you’re using…omg, if all of those psycho twitter followers, those “yes, Jun” fucks, would be honest with you, they’d tell you that that profile pic is WHACK!!! It screams, “Look at me, don’t I look cute” but the problem is–you don’t! Pathetic piece of trash…..

        • Jun Song

          Have a wonderful Sunday. I hope you have the sun shining on you wherever you are. I can appreciate your devotion to returning here many times over. The more hits I have the more I can stay home and write for a living. Bravo. Thank you.

          • Liam

            Just like Janelle can appreciate your devotion to talking about her motherhood. Gosh like it say it once and then leave it, kinda hypocritical of you to be so obsessed with Janelle. But I’m happy to give you the 1249 extra hits you actually have, so I say, you’re welcome.

          • Jun Song

            Have a wonderful Monday. And if you come back tomorrow I will wish you a wonderful Tuesday! :)

        • Funnybeatmeup

          Wow you are sick… Please seek therapy or a psychiatrist. This blog is hysterical, you however have some creepy obsession with Janelle and Jun and take tv way way way to seriously. Also please keep that language to yourself it only confirms your complete lack of class and intelligence. Also FYI you do realize you probably scare the bageesus out of Janelle, she is probably terrified you are going to kill her and wear her as a skin suit

        • Amanda

          Someone is jealous, but I don’t think it’s Jun or Janelle. I really think you need some serious professional help. Do you even personally know Janelle or Jun? If not, then you’re honestly just totally bat shit crazy and really, really need to seek counseling.

          I don’t think Jun really cares what someone like you thinks of her. I mean, none of us know you either but you’ve shown you’re obviously pathetic enough to get THIS upset about people on TV that you don’t even know, and seem to have plenty of time to follow Jun around on the internet and say awful things about her all the time.

          Maybe you should try getting a life that doesn’t involve people from the TV shows you watch. Just an idea. You know, before your brain explodes and you drive across country in a diaper with a shotgun.

      • Derek

        No offense, but I think you’re just as dedicated to FUJCunt since you were raging about it on Twitter LOL!

      • Liam

        And I love how you tried to egg Janelle on about her motherhood before sequester, and she just unfollowed your ass and didn’t give you the attention you deserved. She keeps it so classy.

  • Michelle Jones

    The fact that people comment SOLELY to correct your math boggles my mind!!

    You already know how much I enjoy your blog but this whole zombie thing is hilarious!

    I get you…keep doing your thang mama.

    • Jun Song

      Hahahaha. I mean, as long as they’re returning every week I guess I shouldn’t complain? :)

  • Angela Langster

    Insightful and funny article as always Jun. Here’s what an ex-bff of Danielle had to say about her lying problem

    • Jun Song

      Thank you Angela :)

      And thanks for the link. I actually read it this morning after someone told me about it. What do you think? I don’t like the whole “anonymous” friend stuff. Either come out or stay quiet. It makes it less credible. But that’s just me :)

      • Angela Langster

        Ithink it’s suspect but I can understand why the person wouldn’t want to reveal their identity b/c of insane fans.The interview reminded me of when BB interviewed Brendon’s ex-girlfriend and her family talking about what a jerk he was,which I didn’t think was cool at all.
        The only thing that the article validated was that Danielle was no problem lying which is what people do in the BB game.

        • Angela Langster

          By the way at least some of her sorority sisters are talking about Danielle openly on twitter.

          • Jun Song

            Yes. A couple of them have contacted me directly. It’s harder and harder to hide skeletons in your closet with all this social media. Danielle is F*CKED when she gets out of the house…

  • Liam

    Even though I think that if you really didn’t respect Janelle’s decision to come back in the game and kept talking about it because Janelle never gave you any attention, instead of just once, these haters are taking it too far.

    • Liam

      Just joking LOL these haters are not!

    • Jun Song

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. You’re trying to take a jab at me while also defending me? You should pick one. You’re trying to do too much in one train of thought.

  • Trinwhi

    I just started reading the bb14 chatter and I have no idea who tthis chick is. I think she works at the nail salon at the mall, right?????
    Hey Jun, I broke a nail, can you please get out your file and fix it for me?

    • Andrew Sloan


    • Jun Song

      I remember you! You came in with your cat and wanted Janelle’s face airbrushed on your thumbnails right?! I thought it was so tacky but you seemed pretty happy with the work.

      I actually owned that nail salon, silly. And next time you should tip. My girls work hard for their money!

  • Lisa

    why dont people realize that the HG’s go into that house to be critiqued by the public? Production warns them that its not always a pretty picture when they leave and read whats been said. Brittney has even warned them what to expect, yet some of the people posting here think the HG’s are so freak’n fragile that we arent supposed to say anything? They are getting paid for this gig and they chose to do it. Part of the gig is your being watched on a live feed to the point that your body language is being read and every strange stinking habit you have is being judged. Hell, I’m pretty sure, as a feeder, I even smell it when they fart. Why are people being so petty protective of the adults that are playing a game, being paid for it, and chose to do it? Promise! They will go through there star struck 15 mins of fame for about 10 mos. and then all this is pushed under the carpet for those who actually have a life. For the few HG’s that thrive on BB attention to the point that they fuel it with stupid choices like Penis gate, (because they, of course are now a celebrity in there own mind) well, they get what they deserve.

    • Jun Song

      It’s what separates them from us…and so we should probably be thankful hahaha :) You rock. Thanks for leaving some TRUTH!

  • Dixie

    Jun – I really think you owe Dan 10-points for being Janelle’s pick to win it all because she “LOVES” him, and her admission that everyone loves Dan…. Come on Jun… give him the points!

    and ps… you are awesome and we all know it!

    • Jun Song

      I will think about it :)

  • Ryan

    So I just read jokers updates “exclusive” interview (seems like there are a hundred websites with exclusive interviews) with Janelle… umm wow here is how it went, “Janelle you are so pretty, how are you so pretty?” or “Janelle, you are so pretty, do you think thats why Brit turned against you?”

    What am I missing here? How are her fans more psychotic than the jejo cult? I am seriously really glad you don’t live in the country because your haters are legitametly scary, how are they so defensive over someone they see on tv? My guess? They live in their mom’s basement with 4 cats…

    Also this is easily the funniest big brother blog on the internet but… can we make it funnier?? can you please keep deducting points for Janelle each week, “Janelle you gave a really boring interview with Jokers (-5 pts), and your lips freak me out (-10 pts)”

    • Zak Austin

      Has she had those lips for a while? I think they looked “kinda” the same on All-Stars.

  • Samantha

    I think it’s hilarious that a close family friend of Shane’s tweeted you to stop saying he’s gay when a bunch of us at ontdbb were tweeted by a “coworker” to stop speculating the same! It’s probably his agent, let’s be real. I actually know people he went to high school with and I’m considering asking them what they think just because I’m curious, but I haven’t talked to these guys in years so I might not. But yeah! Shane’s PR crew is making the internet rounds!

  • Helen

    LOL Janelle’s response to your bashing of her parenting
    “Jun should GTFO Twitter with her 20 followers and go breastfeed her baby.”

    LOL DAMN JANIE! That’s a nice zing! Janelle outwitted you.

    • Jun Song

      Wow. Original.