BB14 Power Rankings: Week Nine

Jun gives the final three House Guests their report cards

BB14 Power Rankings: Week Nine

We made it down to the final three HGs!  I had Ian #1 and Danielle #2 in my pre-season blog and both of them are the final three!  Had I known then what I know about Danielle now…


Goodbye to Shane and Jenn.  Shane went out as sweet as he came in the house, and I did feel sorry for the kid that he got done so dirty by Pastor Dan.  Though I felt worse for him when Danielle suffocated him with her mouth. Ew.  What a waste of an Olympic experience on those two. And Jenn, well, Jenn really went out eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that had been sitting behind Julie Chen’s butt. Nice.

Shane and Jenn are, by now, in the jury house not realizing the game isn’t over quite yet as Britney and Frank are still fighting. Though I couldn’t tell if they were fighting just to get some pent-up sexual frustration out, or what.  And I imagine Joe will probably be plastered the whole time in sequester as we saw the first he thing he did when he got there was grab a drink.  Which is only marginally better than Ashley, who’s clearly been self-medicating herself again into a pool of bubbles.

Has this been THE oddest season, to date, or what?!

Let’s give the final three their report cards for their BB semester to-date:

Jun Song's Big Brother 14 Power Rankings Week Nine




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IAN, Here’s a breakdown of your Final Three Report Card:

ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHOICES AND ACTIONS – You have had your dishonest moments but you have ‘fessed up to most of them.  And as the youngest BB HG to make it to final three, unless I’m wrong, you have held up under tremendous pressure. (Grade: 9 out of 10)

CAN WORK INDEPENDENTLY – I believe the first couple of weeks in the house you were a loner, despite being a part of Boogie’s team.  Most of the ladies in the house termed you a “creeper” for no good reason but I am happy to see most everyone has come around.  Your ADHD and behavioral tendencies couldn’t have been easy to grow up with.  But they’ve made it all the more possible for you to thrive when working on your own, and this has benefited you greatly in this game. (Grade: 9/10)

PARTICIPATES IN GROUP ACTIVITIES – I still hate that streaking, with your hairy ass, was your contribution to many of the group activities this summer.  But I know I have to get over that, eventually.  (Grade: 7/10)

DEMONSTRATES CONSISTENT EFFORT – It’s no coincidence that you will go down in Wikipedia as the only two-time Pandora’s Box recipient, as you won some BIG comps along the way.  You’ve consistently let us know what’s going on in that head of yours via the diary room and directly to the cameras via the live feeds.  Although you fell for Dan’s scams, your efforts are what led you to final three.  Congrats. (Grade: 9/10)

HANDLES CONFLICT APPROPRIATELY – Watching you this summer has been fun but awkward at times of conflict.  Your shouting match with Frank will still go down as one of my favorite moments from this summer.  But you do have a “tell” and it’s when you start launching into big bad dirty words.  Perfect that poker face Ian. Then you can start your own Breaking Bad Empire. (Grade: 7/10)

LISTENS AND COMMUNICATES EFFECTIVELY – Watching you nearly beg Dan, “Please, Don’t Dan. Please,” not to put you up when he won the Double Eviction HOH broke my heart.  “Please” does not cut it in the BB house when it’s “No, don’t do it” that should be coming out of your mouth as you put your foot down. (Grade: 8/10/)

SENSE OF COMPETITION – You told us, “Frank was my biggest threat to winning that $500k prize”.  I believe that to be true and commend you for doing something about that.  When you barked, “Not a hard decision, Julie!” in response to her questioning your use of the POV on yourself, it was not only funny to watch, but also showed us that very raw competitive nature hidden underneath all that body hair. (Grade: 8/10)

SELF-AWARE – Saying things like “I can come back and coach Big Brother now,” makes you sound wholly unaware, but I appreciate the fact that you say them when you’re all riled up on Ian juice.  And watching you nearly cry as you whispered to yourself “I did it,” when you won HOH made me a little teary eyed.  You’re a good egg Ian. Stay that way. (Grade: 8/10)

USES TIME EFFECTIVELY – Your “horizontal velocity kicked in” talk, and praises of such things as bismuth, is certainly appreciated this summer.   You have managed to use your time in the BB house to get to final three and teach all of us a thing or two about school subjects far beyond our Google searches.  Kudos.  (Grade: 9/10)

PLAYS COOPERATIVELY WITH OTHERS – You always shared your HOH basket of goodies so willingly with other HGs this summer.  And you coached people like Shane and Boogie during competitions as you sat on the sidelines. You are certainly BB’s favorite new nerd.   (Grade: 8/10)

Final Grade:  82 (B)

Jun Song's Big Brother 14 Power Rankings Week Nine





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DAN, here’s a breakdown of your Final Three Report Card:

ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHOICES AND ACTIONS – You don’t accept responsibility for every single thing, but really, who has the time to do all that in the diary room?  However, you have made it abundantly clear that things such as “stabbing Frank in the back is a byproduct of” that “double crossing game” you play.  (Grade: 8 out of10)

CAN WORK INDEPENDENTLY – Yes, you can. Clearly you can, considering you spent 24 hours in solitary confinement to come up with your funeral speech while battling disco lights and music. (Grade: 9/10)

PARTICIPATES IN GROUP ACTIVITIES – You do, though you kept your distance from group mayhem the first few weeks.  But you did call your own funeral, which is technically, a group activity. (Grade: 7/10)

DEMONSTRATES CONSISTENT EFFORT – Nobody can say you’re not showing effort, what with that “I will rip your face off” threat to Ian before the live vote during last double eviction episode.  But most of your consistence comes by way of your wife Chelsea, whose video message you cried over.  There is no doubt that you two love each other, for real. (Grade: 9/10)

HANDLES CONFLICT APPROPRIATELY – The way you handled Boogie when he flipped out and Jenn when she flared up like a hemorrhoid, are the proper ways to handle conflict in the BB house.  It’s great for us viewers and live feeders to see fighting going on, but ultimately it’s best to avoid that kind of energy if you want to win.  (Grade: 9/10)

LISTENS AND COMMUNICATES EFFECTIVELY – You’ve had to listen, most, to Danielle all summer.  Your “I put Memphis Garrette up twice,” to Danielle pretty much shut her up and again put her in her place, somewhere tucked between your balls.  Besides Danielle, you’ve repeatedly convinced others to keep you safe by way of POV or HOH.  You made it final three.  End of story. (Grade: 8/10)

SENSE OF COMPETITION – Whether or not you will ever admit to which competitions you threw doesn’t matter.   You always need to win the war, thus you care less about winning the battles.  Others win them for you.  There’s an argument to be made here that you didn’t win “enough” competitions. (Grade: 7/10)

SELF-AWARE – You said, “I’m not sure I have the smarts to beat Ian should he get to final three.”  And now Ian is in final three.  The fact that you can credit Ian with his skills speaks to your self-awareness and subsequent strategies. (Grade: 8/10)

USES TIME EFFECTIVELY – You get in all your convos and you spread them out over the course of hours/days to get people to do what you want.  That’s a pretty effective use of time, unlike the very ineffective use of your wardrobe this summer. (Grade: 9/10)

PLAYS COOPERATIVELY WITH OTHERS – You’ve pissed a lot of people off this summer.  People who are in the jury house, because of the way you’ve played this game.  Although you whispered fervently into Shane’s ear, as he left, that he’s been played by Danielle this whole summer and that he should “ask Jenn”, Shane may compare notes once he goes to jury and Jenn will tell him that you referred to him as a “boy toy” last week. (Grade: 6/10)


Jun Song's Big Brother 14 Power Rankings Week Nine





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DANIELLE: Here’s your Final Three Report Card:

ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHOICES AND ACTIONS – Girls like you usually get killed right away in horror films, but in the BB house, it seems they never die.  You take responsibility for everything good that happens, whether or not you are the cause, and you shun facing the music when it comes to times of trouble.  Somehow you made it to final three anyway because you chose the right sets of testicles to hang on to for the ride. (Grade: 6 out of 10)

CAN WORK INDEPENDENTLY – I know that you’ve done things on your own this season, but those occasions are few and far between.  I give you credit for being the last woman standing in a house designed to make you go crazy, but it seems you were already crazy to begin with, so whatevs.  Your dependency on people has both helped you in the game, but will hurt you in jury votes (unless you win the final round and evict Dan). (Grade: 5/10)

PARTICIPATES IN GROUP ACTIVITIES – You will participate in any activity where you can draw attention to yourself, and so you did work yourself into the group of HGs you shared your summer with.  Although you preferred to mount and sexually harass Shane all summer, you managed to tear yourself away from him enough times to be somewhat social. (Grade: 7/10)

DEMONSTRATES CONSISTENT EFFORT – You have demonstrated very consistent behaviors in your diary room sessions as of late. They all start out whiny, per usual, but now end in a pre-fake cry manner. Stop it.  If you spent more effort on your own game and less on Dan’s, you could have a better argument should you get to final two. (Grade: 5/10)

HANDLES CONFLICT APPROPRIATELY – You jump immediately into distressed damsel mode when any conflict arises, which is weak in every way whether in the sense of the game, or in life.  We now know that your mouth is fist-able because we’ve seen your jaw unhinge so often this season as a result of your dramatics. (Grade: 5/10)

LISTENS AND COMMUNICATES EFFECTIVELY – Your threat to Dan that you would castrate him with a butter knife has not gone unnoticed.  Most everyone who’s tried holding a conversation with you has been forced to feed your insecurities with compliments and confirmations, because every conversation eventually revolves around your shallow being. (Grade: 5/10)

SENSE OF COMPETITION – Although your sense of competition is on the unhealthy side, I have to give it to you that you do throw yourself into every competition.  You can’t win everything like you claim you can, but you have now won enough to be able to throw in the jury’s face.  Though the fact that you threw the first round of final three competitions to Dan defeats the purpose of your competitive nature. Sigh.

SELF-AWARE – You are neither self-aware nor close to mature enough to know what to do with the prize money, should you win it.  But that shouldn’t be a factor for the jury.  Most of the jury still think you’re a harmless southern bell-shaped sweetheart, so you did something right I suppose.

USES TIME EFFECTIVELY – You spent most of your time chasing a lady-boy all summer, being strung along by Dan and seducing super horny Joe, among other deplorable uses of time.  But ultimately you are sitting in the final three with little or no blood on your hands. Let’s see where this leads you.

PLAYS COOPERATIVELY WITH OTHERS – You sure made it look like you were playing nice with everyone this summer, even if we, on the outside, know differently.  It scares me that you are a nurse in care of others, but I suppose I should be relieved that you’re not a kindergarten teacher like you (unnecessarily) lied you were.

Final Grade: 53 (D)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And with the points from these report cards accounted for:

Jun Song's Big Brother 14 Power Rankings Week Nine















Ian is still #1 in the Power Rankings, ahead of Dan by 77 points and ahead of Danielle by…who cares…Danielle’s last.


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  • Trixels

    This was fab, however two lines made me fall out…1) Somehow you made it to final three anyway because you chose the right sets of testicles to hang on to for the ride. and 2) Most of the jury still think you’re a harmless southern bell-shaped sweetheart, so you did something right I suppose.

    Bravo Jun !

  • Eileen

    Ian’s score was spot on! Dan’s score should have been higher and he certainly deserved some 10s. Danielle’s was also spot on…but last time I checked 53 is an F!
    Overall, great job. I’ve been rooting for Dan this whole season, however I find myself pulling for Ian to win everything. He actually deserves it. If Ian is in the final two, then neither Dan or Danielle have a chance.
    Nice job Jun

  • Marie Hudson

    I’m glad this season is winding down, and I get no satisfaction in having the double D’s in F3. My only hope is an Ian win. Ian, don’t let these two mist you into throwing anymore HOH’s, or you deserve to lose. Great job on the rankings all season, Jun.

  • Caryn DePasquale

    Once again, I can sum this up by saying, I love you and your incredible insight and sarcastic wit that I have myself, though does not come close to yours! I really think you need to develop a section on Julie’s hair for next season to rate…your comments make me run to the bathroom…LOL…thankfully I have not actually peed myself yet this season. I adore you clever, beautiful lady!

  • Lynda Perky

    My favorite: But you do have a “tell” and it’s when you start launching into big bad dirty words. Perfect that poker face Ian. Then you can start your own Breaking Bad Empire.

    You could help him see this before he goes back into a BB season and I believe he will.

    Great assesment of Final 3.

    Were you as shocked an many of us that Ian and Dani trew the 1st com to Dan?

    Looking forward to your blog on Surviror!

  • Mptalker

    I am so glad to see that there is so many perfect people out there that they can judge someone that they do not know so harshly. They have judged her looks, her emotions, her voice, her weight and most of all her feelings for Shane. When it comes to her looks, when she is made up she looks as good as most of the movie stars that is around today and without make up she looks just as good as most of the stars today without their make up. Her emotions are no more and no less than anyone elses when put under that kind of pressure. Her voice might not be what you like but there are alot of people with worse voices that most people accept without questions or jokes. Her wieght ,, well lets just say I would love to be that fat. She is built like a woman, with curves and not straight like a man. Then her feelings for Shane. Shane made her treat him like she did. Whenever she pulled back he would give her signs that would draw her back in. He gave her mixed signals the whole time and in his dr he made it sound as if he was using her. So the only thing that Dani is guilty of is not being able to separate Dan the coach and Dan the player, and for that Dan should be ashamed of not her. So why not get off her back and let her feel good about herself and her experience in the bbhouse..

    • Mon

      I think Danielle is beautiful and I would probably be friends with her but she let Dan decide everything for her and she believes him for everything he screwed her over for. As someone as bright as a professional family nurse practioner, she should have the confidence to make her OWN decisions and confidence herself. I am very annoyed at her this season. Yes, she got this far but her reputation has decreased in her respected profession….think about it

      • Mon

        in other words – naive as s$$t

      • nycoleb

        I agree. I like her but she seemed to have some obvious confidence issues as she put up with Dan’s manipulation of her and Shane’s mixed signals. I feel sorry for her that she may need serious help when she gets out of the house and sees all the hate. Some people are not taught self worth so I can’t fault her for it. That being said Ian is the most deserving to win although he threw the first part of the final HOH.

        • Nick DeSumma

          Ian threw the first part because he knew he would win the 2nd, and he did.

      • Mptalker

        Having confidence in yourself and in your profession is totally different than having confidence in playing a game in a house where everyone is a stranger, Then having cameras on you 24/7 and knowing that you are being judged by millions of people that dont know you would make anyone feel unsure of themselves. I would hope the people in her profession would realize that and take it into account.

        • jendz

          being unsure of yourself is one thing…..lying on a daily, sometimes hourly basis about things that have nothing to do with the game is not being unsure, it’s not normal…very very not normal.

          I can only guess the Dani defender’s do not watch the feeds, the lies were constant, crazy things that no one would believe in the real world, only the black hole that is BB do these things get missed because everyone is so focused on other things. If the jury got together and really started to discuss dani…..she would be in real trouble if she got to final 2.

          She needs help and people making excused for her does not help……I have a sense people have made excuses for her her whole life and that’s why she thinks people are stupid enought to believe the truely insulting lies she has told. Insulting to teacher’s, all nurses, RN’s, trauma nurses, charge nurses, cancer patients, etc. etc. etc…..she claims to be all these things and more.

          That is not the norm when it comes to lying in BB

      • jendz

        How do you not know this late in the game that dani is NOT a nurse practioner, she is an LPN according the state board of Alabama…..look it up. Or check any of the update sites…they have already verified it awhile ago…….and i think dani is a very pretty girls also but she needs help, and if you have watched the feeds, her reputation began to dwindle from week 1.

        you r right she SHOULD have the confidence…but she doesn’t…not an ounce…..low self esteem is one of her issues, but most feed watchers will tell you there is something very wrong going on there, much more than self esteem issues. Do a little research….and think about it.

    • Spazysuzanne

      what show have you been watching? The reason people make fun of Danielle’s looks are due to the fact that she is consistently looking in the mirror at herself while asking the other houseguests to rate her looks. Remember her asking Ian? “If America were to rank who had the best bikini body would it be Janelle or me? Ian: Janelle. Danielle: If it was Britney and me? Ian: Britney.”
      Danielle sets herself up to be ridiculed.

      Her weight, that I have to agree I never knew why people called her fat. Though her low self esteem made her suck in her cheeks for no good reason and even a few houseguests have said that they cant stand watching her do it. (Frank, Boogie, and then even Dan was seen sucking in his cheeks as a joke). What fueled the fire was her lying about Janelle calling her fat. If you notice anything about her, you will see that whenever she wants someone out of the house she will go into child mode and start whining about how that person has been following her and calling her names and bla bla bla.

      What I do think is deplorable are her lies that involve her outside life. How dare her say she will need chemo for a benign lump in her chest. That simply does not happen, ever. To have a mother pass away from lung cancer and not even of had a chance to use chemo because she was too weak to survive it is all that it takes for me to say a big FUCK YOU to Danielle. There is good reason why Big Brother would never air that footage on their live television, and you know Big Brother loves a good sad story. Hence showing Ian talk about his ADHD since he isn’t faking it.

      Here is the problem with your argument that her emotions are what any of the other people in the house would have acted if they were stuck in the house.NO ONE ELSE DID this season. Every season has the insecure girl. Rachel was the last two seasons. However, there were plenty of women in the house and Danielle’s insecurities by far presented her in a negative light. Dan had to consistently tell her you are playing for 500,000 not a dating show. He had to basically say who the fuck cares if someone calls her fat. You laugh at them when you win the money. The end.

      And I’m not sure about you but when a man tells me he isn’t interested in hooking up in the house, I fucking listen. If the man is playing games and being hot and cold, I fucking tell him to back the fuck off, he made his choice. That’s all she had to do. What made everyone so angry including the houseguests in the house would be her constantly talking about how BAD Shane treated her. Wil left the house not liking Shane very much because of everything Danielle told Wil. And the truth is if someone told me all the things Shane has done to Danielle, I would tell the girl to leave him. If a man truly valued you, he would never treat you the way Shane treated Danielle. Her mistake is to force something to happen. SO yes it is her fault for continuing a downward spiral in a lackluster relationship. Who can forget Trey? huh. I was laughing so hard when she was kissing Shane because if Trey was a real person she sure does look like shit now.

      • JDahl

        So, chemo is actually sometimes used to shrink benign tumors. It didn’t work on mine. The most deadly brain tumors are usually benign. Just wanted to include some accurate medical information.

    • Freeonacloud

      how many naive people watch this show…. such dumb observations when their all just follwing the scripted lines any way.

  • Mon

    I don’t like anyone of these people anymore so I really don’t care who wins.

    If it were my choice it would have been the old Ian, Frank, Ashley and believe it or not….Britney.

    Those were the ones I personally wanted as final four.

    I really really really do not like the quack pack bs – it ranks equivalent to “The Friendship”

    • Jendz

      ROFL….the QP is like “The Friendship”?!?!?! You have to be kidding…..when exactly did the QP sit around whining about a guy that had been gone for weeks, (CAAAAAPPPPPYYYYYY) while at the same time talk so much shit about how awful everyone was and what great christians they were, and what bad christians/people the rest were??? Give me a flashback time …cuz i would love to see that. the only thing close was dani and her constant lying and jealousy but dani is crazy, they were hypocrites of the highest order, so dani get’s a pass. she doesn’t know she’s crazy.

      as for your final 4…”the old ian”…huh? Ian is Ian…his game changed and evolved, and so did he I guess but he is still Ian…his DR’s tell you that. And Frank…whatever. I would not care about Frank making it final 4 except for his extended temper tantrum that he didn’t. Oh yeah, and that whole integrity thing from the guy that joined in with Boogie in the laughter about goingto Mich. to F*** Dan’s wife…..and that jenn was dirty brown trash…and 50 other vile things. Ya lost Frank, and you did not deserve it more or less than anyone else, despite what you think. you might have actually not been on the block most of the season had you removed your head from Boogie’s ass for more then just the time boggie was asleep, time you used to campaign for votes cuz you were on the block for head up boogie’s ass syndrome. he was the biggest target in the game Frank….great move So I guess I do care about frank in final 4, glad he isn’t, thanks for letting me think that through.. And Ashley ROFLMAO…….again you have got to be kidding. Dreamboard got her the cell phone she wanted…just so happened she was in a cell phone store at the mall…but yeah the dreamboard made it happen…nuff said there.

      brit is the only player on your list I liked as a player…she isn’t great but she tried like hell to step it up this time and i give her credit for that.

      And if you don’t like anyone left, and don’t care who wins, why in the orld are you reading blogs and caring?

      If Ian and Dan had not made final 3, and say, oh I dunno, Ashley, Joe and Frank (again thanks for letting me work through the whole Frank issue) were there I would not be watching or reading blogs cuz who cares about players you don’t want there….i’d watch finale but that’s it….seems a bit senseless wasting your time here, no?

  • Sunshine Girl

    Thank you so much Jun. I have loved your commentary all summer. You make me laugh so hard. Fabulous work, thanks so much. I look forward to reading you next summer. My god you are funny!!!

  • Marybarnsfather

    June I think you are the worst bb winner every.. Plus you are a dumb assss….

    • Michelle Walker

      asshole, try using spellcheck, get your mommy to show you how.

    • Tiff

      Maybe I should spice up my cooking skills to win bb

  • chance

    Dani Donato was the youngest to make final 3 she turned 21 in th house.

  • Dean Brown

    CBS should screw Big Brother next year, and just give us a reality show of Ashley giving us her opinion on important World issues!! THAT is something I would watch week after week!!

    Jun I think you’re gonna attempt to adopt Ian as your 2nd son once he comes out of that house?? haha. He really is one of the most (genuinely) nice people that has ever played this game, which makes it even more impressive that he’s done so well, as nice guys usually get taken advantage of very early in the game!!
    And, “Bismuth is probably one of my favourite elements” may be one of my favourite BB quotes EVER!!

    “You spent most of your time chasing a lady-boy all summer”!! Hahahaha!! Omg I’m so glad Survivor is starting real soon because your Power Rankings are my favourite bit of weekly reading!! lol
    Awesome job Jun!! :)

  • Alex

    If Frank and Shane voted Ian over Dan, would that be considered personal? I think Ian played just as good of a game as Dan, different games, but just as good, Ian won big comps, only nominated twice and got saved in both, and has good relationships with the jury members. I kinda feel like Dan was carried by the Quack Pack, but he’s pulled some amazing moves along the way.

  • Amanda

    I know Danielle is hated, but do you think she’s played a good game (other than using the veto on Dan). She’s great at lying, she’s not really made any enemies on the jury, she’s worked all sides of the house, had a hand in Britney & Janelle’s evictions, and won big competitions. And the best part, she was never a target of anyone, she’s always been safe in this game, that’s a pretty amazing feat.

    • Mptalker

      Amanda,, I do think she played a good game. She won when she had to and it is smart to make friends with everyone that you can. She told Jenn that she would never vote her out and worked it so that she didnt, thus keeping her word to her. As for lying, they all do. Her main downfall was doing Dans dirty work and believing he was working for her. thats being naive.

      • DewyRose

        You got it right on!!!

        • Mon

          she is very naive but being naive makes her the less of the the two other VERY evils…

          • jendz

            I always love the word “evil’ when applied to a BB HG.

            There is so much true evil all around us everyday, awful, horrible things that people do to each other, but somebody playing a game for 1/2 a million to bring home to their family lies and manipulates and they are ‘evil”.

            If I could bring that money home to my family by winning BB, i would do everything ian or Dan or Evel Dick or whoever did 10 times over.

            My mother could finally retire at 67, i could give my children the amazing gift of travel, I could do so much for so many people i love……and you wouldn’t? please.

            and dani is not naive, no one naive could tell the lies she has….and these were not lies to further her game, these were lies to fill her obssessive need for attention, her obsessvie need to be a victim, her obssessive need to be the center of the universe. Any sane person that watched her on the feeds could see it.

            Dismissing her issues as naive will not get her the real help she needs when she gets out…… I actually worry for her. Getting out of the house will not go well for her unless people that love her get her the help she needs and keep her away from google…and I mean that.

            Google is not her friend, and from listening to her, that is the first thing she is going to do…….

      • Freeonacloud

        She did all of Shane’s dirty work too, he used her to make him look like mr. nice guy.

    • Mptalker

      Amanda,, I do think she played a good game. She won when she had to and it is smart to make friends with everyone that you can. She told Jenn that she would never vote her out and worked it so that she didnt, thus keeping her word to her. As for lying, they all do. Her main downfall was doing Dans dirty work and believing he was working for her. thats being naive.

    • Lazyfan

      As I pointed out below, she has played a good game. Objectively speaking, she was great at lying, had a good (or at least decent) social game, and there are people on the jury who like her and would vote for her.

      People online hate her because she is so nasty, and they just refuse to give her credit. Again though, Dan is going to screw with her if he sits next to her in the F2, so he might deride her game.

    • Freeonacloudhot

      nothing amazing about Danelle , worse player ever, only reason she’s where she is -is because she was so man hungery she let them use her for their dirty work, hahaha

  • Michelle Walker

    Ian is one of the youngest, Dani Donato was also 21 when she played the first time.

    • Jun Song


  • Lazyfan

    Short version: Jun, please try to be actually objective next time. This list reeks of favoritism.

    Long version:
    Ian is only highly rated because he is your personal favorite. He has played an awful game. His HOHs were all run by Dan. Contrary to popular belief, he did NOT start the QP. Dan and Brit did, and just placated him by letting him believe he did. He has been expendable for weeks, and was always the low man on the totem poll (Brit had multiple F2 options, he was the most controllable). A lot of the jury is either ambivalent, hates him or is creeped out by him. He sunk his original F2 partners game with his efforts to save her. If you need proof of his delusions, read his most recent CBS blog. Also, despite popular belief, there’s a pretty big chance he would lose to Dan in a F2 situation. I think a C+ or B- is more fitting. Probably C on a more realistic day.

    Danielle is psycho, and widely disliked online, but up until Thursday night’s awful move, she’s been making good game moves. Except for Frank, she is well liked by all of the jury and still stands a good chance at winning. She has a few comp wins (she reminds us all the time), and whether you like her or not she has played a good social game (again, she is unlikable, but people on the jury seem to like her). None of these people are aware of her psychoness, so it’s unfair to completely judge her game on it. That said, I agree she doesn’t own her game enough, Dan would probably screw with her leading up to and during the Jury session, and she would probably deliver an awful F2 speech and jury performance regardless. I’m not saying she’s great, but I think a C or C+ is more fitting.

    I agree with what you said about Dan though.

    • AGrodner

      Everything you said was right on the mark. Ian’s a great player, but I also think that Jun has been giving him tons of undeserved points because she loves his personality and likewise for the Dani hate.

      • Jun Song

        No way! AGrodner I will get you! Hahahaha. Just kidding. :)

    • Jun Song

      Hahahha. To each his own :)

    • Marty Mayes

      EVERYONE of her game moves you like she did because Dan told he to. She did win comps but that’s all she did on her own.

    • Marty Mayes

      EVERYONE of her game moves you like she did because Dan told he to. She did win comps but that’s all she did on her own.

  • Rdouvillier

    Jun’s Report Card : insightfulness – 10 , snark factor – 10 , honesty – 10 , writing skills – 10 , math skills – 6.36749390 . Total Grade A. CONGRATULATIONS!

    • Jun Song

      HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Thanks Richard!

  • joyzelle

    Jun, all I can say is – perfection! You hit the nail on the head with each one! You were objective, fair and witty as well. Thank you, thank you for making BB so enjoyable via your tweets, FB, Blog, etc!

    • Jun Song

      Thanks Joy! I wish everyone was as “hey, it’s for fun” as you :)

  • Marty Huggins

    Why do mothers think that Ian is so cute and cuddly, in a perverted-dumbledore/nerdish-harry-potter kind of way?

    Other than riding coattails, Ian and Danielle’s games completely sucks. Judas has brought his 2 most favorite apostles with him into the final 3.

  • Marty Huggins

    Why do mothers think that Ian is so cute and cuddly, in a perverted-dumbledore/nerdish-harry-potter kind of way?

    Other than riding coattails, Ian and Danielle’s games completely sucks. Judas has brought his 2 most favorite apostles with him into the final 3.

    • Tiff

      YES I’ve noticed that too. It’s beyond creepy! People think Ian is so innocent and vulnerable but he’s done his fair share of scumbagging

      • Mon

        can’t BELIEVE I am saying this but…..Danielle for the win!

    • Jun Song

      Awwww! Ian IS adorable! Come on. We have all know nerds and all known people with ADHD and Asp, and all things being equal, Ian is an awesome person and he’s super smart and as a BB super fan, he’s done so incredibly well this summer!

      • Meatball

        Ian has played one of THE best games this summer- definitely the superior of the newbies.

        • Phillip Stanford

          disagree 100% anybody in the world could do what Ian has done, i have no idea WHY Ian gets credit for things he doesnt do, he gets an award for telling Britney something Boogie said?? i dont think so

      • jendz

        could not agree more! ian pulled off what so many have tried and most don’t succeed.

        ian did get caught, but when was the last time someone got caught playing that game and did not get evicted with in a week or 2 tops?

        Condidering ian’s issue’s and how far out of his comfort zone this is….he has done an amazing job.

        But I still want dan to win, i think he deserves it just that much more, but will not be sad if dan doesn’t win and ian does….i will be thrilled for the kid!

    • Themika1952

      Remember what happened to Judas!

    • jendz

      How is Ian perverted? If you heard him explain the shower issue early on it was clear he just didn’t get he was doind anything wrong…..he has watched season after season of people sitting in that bathroom chatting while other’s showered. Like Ian said “what idiot decorator puts a couch IN A BATHROOM FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!……Lol, it was very funny and so cute.

  • Gaborrr

    Bubbles Bubbles Dreamboard Troubles.. I did foresee a headbutt from Dani though Shane being the recipient was a shocker :D I’m sure Jenn liked Julie’s butt :) ..Butt First.. “to mount and sexually harass Shane all summer” or not be that is the question Haha Lady-Boy thats Gold!!!!! Hahahaha Only part I found interesting was the gaping hole in Dani’s mouth and Trixie’s Bubbles..they shouldve been final 2!!!!

    • Jun Song

      Hahahaha. Butt first, here’s a PB&J from my butt! :)

  • Daddysval

    Jun or whatever your name is….you are so great at being judge and jury, you should run for President of the United States of America….WRONG!!!! It’s easy to sit back and judge people you don’t even know! Let’s give you a grade….A BIG FAT F!!!! It’s easy to hide behind a blog where you don’t actually have to interact with people face to face! A lot of us Big Brother fans think you’re jealous and feel sorry for you because its obvious you haven’t found the right set of testicles to hang from. Maybe its because degrading others makes you feel better. I mean hey, there again its easy to judge someone you’ve never met. You can talk about what other people wear or how they look….let’s talk about your hair…..GROSS!!!! Get a hair cut or run a curling iron thru it or something. Didn’t you use to work on Wall Street? Well that explains alot! Just because you won Big Brother doesn’t make you an expert on people! I really do feel sorry for you because of your posts it shows others what kind of person you are. Its sad to think that there are others like you in this world!

    • Robyn44

      WoW….. Who peepeed in your cereal?? That was so mean!!

    • G watches Reality TV

      wow kinda harsh words Daggysval !!! If you don’t like what Jun has to see do not read. No one says you are obligated to read Juns gradings on Hgs. Jun spends many hours on live feeds & viewing the show,She too I am sure is a fan of BB. Jun is entitled to her views & perception of the Hgs just as we are. Now you are judging Jun so Like I said if you don’t like her grading & or thoughts, go find a blog that is all rainbows & sunshine.

    • Jun Song

      I’m not sure what a lot of “you Big Brother fans” think I am jealous of.

      I believe “degrading” is a strong word in comparison to my blog. Where did I “degrade” anyone?

      Why are you so angry? What does my hair and working on wall street have to do with being an expert on people? You really need to take a few weeks off from the world once BB is over. You’re way wrapped up and angry to be stable. Sorry.

  • Robyn44

    LOVE the report cards!!
    I have never been so upset when Dan did Shane so wrong!! I cryied, that was so mean. I really hope Dan does not win he already own! I really hope it’s Danielle and Ian.
    Hopfully it’s Danielle. Ian just gets on my nerves. I thought he had a photographic memorie
    he should of had that puzzle! As far as Danielle, Oh Boy!! She is always checking herself out in the mirror, has anyone note ist that she has the lips like the joker in batman?? and I can’t believe the things she said about her Dad being a drunk and saying she can’t stand him and she wins HoH and says
    “My Daddy would be so proud of me!” I don’t think so, I don’t think he’s to proud of her right now!!
    I wanted Shane to Win So for me the game is over!!

  • DewyRose

    Re: Danielle’s grade
    IMHO…Since she was/is not a floater and made it to the final 3 Danielle deserves a higher grade than that.
    I know there are a lot of Danielle haters but most of the jury likes her, She was very instrumental in
    getting Janell as well as others evicted and won competitions.She was put up as a pawn more than once and survived and we know often pawns get evicted.

    • Jun Song

      But DewyRose, this is the season where the pawn didn’t get evicted, and in general nothing really happened the way things “usually” happen. This was an odd season. Besides, this blog is for fun :) . And hey, I gave her 7s where she did deserve it :)

    • Marty Mayes

      Hello?? This Jun’s blog. It’s her opinion. Not yours or anyone else’s. If you want Danielle to have a higher grade get a job with Reality nation and write your own blog.

  • Dillon Michael Miller

    How is Dan below Ian.. that is a fucking joke..

    • Jun Song

      Because this is Dan’s second go-around. Once you’re in that house once the”shock” value of being in there isn’t as big as it is the first time. As a first-timer, surviving the game with a shark like Dan, Ian deserves a higher report card. To me.

  • Daddysval

    Correction: Its daddysval not daggysval. I picked that name in honor and memory of my dad who died in the line of duty! She is entitled to her opinions my point was that there are other was to do it instead of degrading the players. Pick apart their game but don’t make it about them as people. She’s not the only person that spends hours on live feeds and I didn’t say she wasn’t a fan. I just stated that alot of Big Brother fans disagree with her. They along with myself enjoy looking and reading about others reactions to the GAME not at the actual person(s). I’m sure that everyone playing the game aren’t bad people or are as the appear on tv. That was really what I wanted her to see. The only thing I can say is that it was harsh but it was only to make a point. I love constructive criticism and its not about sunshine and rainbows. I enjoy Big Brother as I am sure that you do. Thank you for being honestin how you feel and your opinions. Its awesome to see and talk to other Big Brother fans even if we don’t all agree!

    • JO

      this is from your other mean post that they won’t let me post on lol. this is what Jun’s job is. To write down what she sees in her eyes and critique the people on there. She is very funny first off. I dont know if she made such a thing about Ian or not because I am for Ian just as much. I liked him right from the start. He was a underdog nerd dude that people thought would do nothing at all in this game and he did. Primarily nicely too. He took have not for people in the house when he didnt have to and did other things for them. I actually think that is him in real life , doing things for people all the time. all though he might of been doing that in the house so they like him I still think that is who he is. So even if he only gets number 3 I am proud of him. I don’t want dan to win and I know they say if he is the best one he still should get the money….um no. he will get money if he is two it would be very boring if he won it all again. I do not like danielle but I think if its her and dan in the house she should get the money just for doing everything the ass told her to do. I have no respect for dan on the swearing on the bible and everything. Ian was so stupid for believing in dan and taking the fall in the hoh comp, what was he thinking? he would of won the HoH comp I think if he didn’t take the fall for dan. You said you and you big brother fans thought Jun is…”you’re jealous and feel sorry for you because its obvious you haven’t found the right set of testicles to hang from” wow. that is the only reason why I wrote thought that was harsh and what you said jun was doing to people she didn’t know you went and did the same thing to Jun and The Big Brother fans I know might disagree sometimes with her but never think something like that. They actually thinks she is funny and like it but whatever your belief is were all big brothers fans and whomever wins I will watch and I hope you have fun watching too. Everyone can have their own opinions and they can be different then ours but we need to respect each others opinions so I respect yours. Have a great big brother time my big brother fan

    • JO

      I apologize that i had to put that one post on your new post and not on your older post but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. Your right she could say other things, first off she should say things about looks. I dont like anyone who say anything about someone looks. Now, my belief is this is a game but some of you is in this game. I am sorry I don’t believe people just act this way because their in the house completely. It mights be a bad part their not really like outside or it might be playing social game and outside the house they don’t care about anyone or the other way around but I do believe some of it is them. you couldn’t be fake that many hours and days. So if I came across harshly I am truly sorry it was only because of the one comment you said, I understand what you were saying and respect your opinion. I am sorry I even wrote the first comment and just should of wrote this one but I can’t see where I can delete it. I am a caring person and I don’t want you to feel bad either. I do apologize

      • DewyRose

        Jo…the words below were first spoken by Jun…

        “Somehow you made it to final three anyway because you chose the right sets of testicles to hang on to for the ride. “(Grade: 6 out of 10)

        So IMO it was quite appropriate when Daddysval responded with… “Let’s give you a grade….A BIG FAT F!!!! It’s easy to hide behind a blog where you don’t actually have to interact with people face to face! A lot of us Big Brother fans think you’re jealous and feel sorry for you because its obvious you haven’t found the right set of testicles to hang from.”

      • Daddysval

        Girl all good! If you can’t voice your opinion this wouldn’t be America! I like Jun’s posts. I think she does an okay job…I just think that for tv ratings they make people look a certain way. I’m sure that if the players go and take a look back they’ll see some of their behavior wasn’t honorable. Nice chatting with Jo….I like your hair and by the way Jun’s too, I was just trying to get my point across. Talking about people’s looks has nothing to do with the game. Take care and look forward to chatting with you some more.

  • JO

    I can’t believe I am saying this because it won’t happen for me…Ian for the win. Stupid dan will take dani when Ian deserves it more. Without Ian this would of been a sucky year since janelle got out early

  • Just a Fan12

    Jun – I just busted someone for posting your Danielle rating basically word for word on another site without giving you any credit for it. I knew instantly those were your words since I love your humor, insight and wit (not sucking up at all). I can see why people would think to spread your words since it’s fun and accurate but at least give you the respect for being the author. Well, I did it for them

  • Just a Fan12

    Jun – I just busted someone for posting your Danielle rating basically word for word on another site without giving you any credit for it. I knew instantly those were your words since I love your humor, insight and wit (not sucking up at all). I can see why people would think to spread your words since it’s fun and accurate but at least give you the respect for being the author. Well, I did it for them

  • DewyRose

    Jo…the words below were first spoken by Jun…
    “Somehow you made it to final three anyway because you chose the right sets of testicles to hang on to for the ride. “(Grade: 6 out of 10)
    So IMO it was quite appropriate when Daddysval responded with…
    “Let’s give you a grade….A BIG FAT F!!!! It’s easy to hide behind a blog where you don’t actually have to interact with people face to face! A lot of us Big Brother fans think you’re jealous and feel sorry for you because its obvious you haven’t found the right set of testicles to hang from.”
    Whether I agree or disagree with his opinion it is his right to have that opinion just as it is juns and everyone else right to have opinions.

  • freeonacloud

    Dan’s report card defiently should have been a A+ sorry but it was wrong to grade Ian higher, he was just a kid trying to act dumb but at the same time feeding HG all the infomation.

    • Jun Song

      I don’t think that’s fair. Dan has done this once before where as Ian is BRAND NEW to the experience. That’s why I scored Ian higher, ultimately. If he can get to where is he with someone like Dan in the house, that speaks volumes. Cut the kid a break :)

      • jendz

        Love your ratings, your blogs, your tweets. You make me laugh. Thanks for that!

        BUT, I disagree about Dan, I think the fact that he was in the house before made it more difficult for him to get this far in the game. Although I will say that I will never ever ever understand why self proclaimed superfans like Frank and Ian believed a word that came out of his mouth. Brit too…..they knew better. Not to metion how many people told them on there way out how dangerous he was…….

        What is that horror movie or show where the evil bad guy/alien opens his mouth and sucks your soul out of YOUR mouth and puts his soul INTO your mouth…two wide open mouths exchanging…..mist?

        That’s how I picture Dan spreading his mist, except the people walk up to him willingly and he says “Open Wide” ….and they do……..

        Hope Noah’s teething calms down soon….I remember those days, hang in there, he’ll get through it, but it’s the worst when your kid is in pain. Good thoughts sent your way!!!

  • Calvinlavigne40

    I feel bad for Dani Ihope she wins,but no one should of lied to her or used her for their own gain,Dani, I wish you all the best and may GOD Bless you and your family forever.

    • Jun Song

      Part of the game is being able to use people to further your game. Without it, it wouldn’t be a game. I do wish Danielle the best post-BB, I am with you there.

  • Samantha42

    I dont believe Ian is the youngest HG to ever make it to the final three, danielle denato turned 21 in the BB house, and she made it to the final 2. Also, i hope you’re going to do power rankings for survivor!

    • Jun Song

      Yes, I’m glad you guys told me. I wasn’t sure, so I figured you guys would know :)

      I will be doing Power Rankings for Survivor!

      • Nick DeSumma

        However, if Ian wins Big Brother, he will be the youngest person to ever win the show. The current youngest is Eddie from BB1 who was 21 when he won. He was born in February while Ian was born in March.

  • Nick DeSumma

    I find it hard to sit here with you people saying Ian played a shitty game. Sure, Dan “ran his HoH’s”, but Dan ran Danielle’s WHOLE GAME. Even then, Ian was the “creepy nerdy kid” of the first week, he was saved, and people started to like him. Contrary to Dan “running” his HoH’s, when he was the biggest threat to be evicted starting from the first Double Eviction, Ian won the competitions to save his ass in the game. He won that first HoH where he was the “untrustworthy member of Team Boogie”, won the Golden Ball of Veto freeing himself of being in Britney’s position, won that HoH while he was the biggest target in the house and he evicted the other target. Dan would the HoH in the double, even though he thought he was a pawn, he fought for that Veto to get himself off the block. Again, he won that HoH to secure his spot in the Final 4 saving his ass. Sit there and say Ian played a shitty game and that Dan ran the HoH’s. Ian was the target week 1 and managed to save his ass up until his current position in the Final 3, WINNING the competitions to save himself.
    Rant over.

  • azlee56

    Your scoring is interesting and pretty close to what I would have done. I would grade Danelle a bit higher because the only time she didn’t do what Dan wanted was getting out Janelle. That was a personal hurt and not a game move IMO.

    People, in the finals the person will take who they think they can beat, not who deserves to be sitting there! They do want the money. Dan has played different, some I can respect some I don’t….some I am still scratching my head on. As far as Ian, I really wanted to see one nerd make it in the game, heck I had rooted for Ronnie. People always take out the nerd, they are different. So attaboys for Ian in staying in.

    To me I can’t decide if I had to vote to award, would it be Ian as a newbie and making it this far or for Dan changing up his game play and no one knew it. Probably Ian, because he did make some strong moves, I just hope he doesn’t quack outside of the house.

    Thanks Jun for your scoring, it was interesting. :-)

    • jendz

      Huh? the only time she didn’t do what dan wanted was getting out janelle?

      Maybe you missed it on the feeds but the ONLY reason Jani went was because Dan finally made the deal with Boogie. Yes, Dani wanted Jani out cuz Jani stared at her, and didn’t work out with her or some such bs, but Dan kept telling her no, so dani was not going to do it….then after dan made Boogie wait for 2-3 days Dan finally agreed to the deal with boogie and THEN basically told dani Jani should go and then dani did it. It would not have happened had dan not made that deal with Boogie. watched all go down on the feeds.

      and as a general reply to everyone regarding dani’s game….don’t forget that both time’s she won HOH she also won that weeks veto and changed her noms, per Dan/Brits instructions. Not much of leader (HOH), more of a follower imo, when she did hold the power, all of it, she gave it away.

  • Dollar Man

    You’ve been hating on Dan all year so it’s nice to see that you can be objective after all. Every season is different and for Dan to make Final Three after having won in his season places him above Dr. Will as the Greatest Of All Time. Ian has played a string game and, if I were a betting man, is the odds-on favorite to win.

  • nerak

    Like your reading your ratings Jun

  • nerak

    I watch BB After Dark…after seeing some disturbing things I researched and this is what I found.
    I’m sorry but if this is true Danielle should be expelled from the game.

    On one site:
    In a long and elaborate rant to Dan in the house on Sunday afternoon, Danielle screamed and threw a giant tantrum about Ian on the basis that she has never liked him, that he is “mean,” and that is why he gets along so well with Britney. She also said that she does not want someone who doesn’t believe in God ultimately winning the game. (And yet someone who is a Christian, but lies, is okay? We don’t really get the logic here.)

    After saying all of this and making a rather series of somewhat threatening comments about how she wants to “slap” him and yell in his face, Danielle was eventually called into the diary room … where we are sure they are going to bring in the psychiatrist to talk with her for a while. Theoretically she could get expelled for making threats against someone in the game, but considering that she also said that she didn’t mean what she was saying, she’s probably just getting a slap on the wrist for production.

    On Tumblr:
    Dani got drugged for threatening to kill Ian


    Dan: Don’t say that, don’t say something you’ll regret. [to Big Brother]: She won’t, she isn’t being serious.


  • Phillip Stanford

    D for Dan really, the only person who deserves to win, i still say Ian gets way too much credit anybody in the world could play Ians role in that house BUT ONLY Dan could do what he was done this season, looks like Dans Mist has sprayed again!

  • jendz

    and btw….how can someone be Dumbledore and Harry Potter at the same time?


  • LexaJayne

    Jun, I always love your witty insight! Participants on the show have to expect to be talked about or trashed a bit and I think most of them appreciate your humor (wish I could remember who was giving you props on the live feeds…Dan or Britney perhaps). Wil’s video parodies are funny as well. It baffles me as to why fans would get so defensive knowing that these people have obviously signed up for this, knowing that people will criticize them for their idiosyncrasies. You’ve done a great job!! Looking forward to reading your Survivor rankings as well.

  • pat

    Ian IS adorable. He picked a side and was loyal to the end…(Remember that his alliance with Frank and Boogie was forced, never something he chose). Anyone watching the live feeds, especially this week saw Ian being genuinely concerned for Danielles feelings. As much as I think Dan played a great game, I am so confused why he is effing with her mind and emotions, it does nothing to improve his odds to win.