BB14 Promo Reveals New Houseguests!

Meet some of the season 14 contestants!

BB14 Promo Reveals New Houseguests!

Itching for the Big Brother 14 premiere to get here already? Yeah, so are we. It's almost time and CBS thought it would be nice to share some quick glimpses of the brand-new cast in the latest promo!

In the video below, we get a look at several of the new HGs, including Shane, Kara, JoJo, Wil, Danielle, Willie, Jodi, Jenn and Mike. From the commercial, it looks like we've got a lot of eye candy and all of the usual personalities that we love and love to hate.

Oh, and if this commercial just doesn't do it for you, then check SuperPass at 9 am PT Thursday for EXCLUSIVE full  interviews with the entire Big Brother 14 cast! If you haven't already, don't forget to signup for the Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird Special.

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  • Eagle

    Looks like you Stole the HG’s from Glass House. Come on BB. You can do better than that. :-(

  • DaBa

    Models, models and more models, looks like yet another season of eye candy… and nothing else

    • Patworx1

      Actually, I checked and so far Kara is the only model.

      • DaBa

        The only person dumb enough to think she can do it for a living more likely, I assure you most of them likely do it part-time (PT Dominick). Where else would they get that nice flattering headshot they submitted to Robyn Kass?

  • Patworx

    They don’t look too bad yet. I need to know more about them first.

    Is it me, or does Jenn seem like the girl Evel Dick?

    • DaBa

      Because she has tattoos and dyed hair? Please stop being so surface level.

      There could never be a female Evel Dick, it wouldn’t work.

  • Official Cody Allen

    They look interesting. Willie Hantz will make people cry more than likely and start drama. Danielle looks like she’ll be a little dumb..but cute, kinda like Jordan. Jenn seems like Lydia a little, annoying. JoJo is definitely my favorite as of now.

    • Nathan Winslett

      You do recognize that name don’t you? If you are also a Survivor fan – that is Russel Hantz’s brother. This oughta be pretty interesting. And… Willie is older? I am sure there will be mature players also… remember – 4 big surprises the first episode. I say that 4 vets are coming back. Please bring back Evel Dick and a few other nasty HG to stir up the house.

      • DaBa

        I don’t want them to bring any more vets back unless it’s for All-Stars 2. Everytime they bring older players back my hopes for a second All-Star season get dimmer and dimmer.

  • DirtyMikeAndTheBoys

    WOW eagle you bitching about the house guests and we haven’t even seen their bio’s or interviews yet, your just one of those people who have a need to bitch all the time…

    • Patworx

      You took the words right out of my mouth. It’s like some people just can’t enjoy the show. They have to scream and moan all the time. That’s what sucks about the internet, I guess.

  • BBFan4Ever

    Well I think it’s a good looking group, I save my judgement of them after the show actually starts.

    Unlike most people i’m hoping this mentor rumor is true, but only if they are there to entertain, not being involved in the evictions. mainly i guess for the social aspect of the game. it’ll make for good feeds from the start.

  • TruthTeller

    They’re all a bunch of kids. That sucks!

  • Helpp!!

    hey realitynation and BB fans!!

    I have a question: how do you get the mobile feeds? do you have to download an app or do u just go to the superpass website from your phone??

    last year I believe i had an app but i got a new phone since then and i have done the searches to re-download the app but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore… can someone help??? thanks!!

  • chellelynn2

    so, according to the cbs website there will be 4 past hgs coming in and getting the chance to win their own prize….. wonder who it will be? One being ..Evil Dick?? July 12 can’t come fast enough!

  • MO

    This my first year with the live feeds cant wait