BB14 Spoiler Commercial!

What happens during the BB14 premiere? Everything!

BB14 Spoiler Commercial!

CBS keeps throwing Big Brother 14 commercials our way and we are loving every minute of it! The latest BB14 promo hints at what is going to happen during the show’s premiere episode – and it does not sound boring.

“Big Brother returns, and it’s Super-Sized!
60 captivating minutes…
4 super-sized surprises…
1 game changing shocker…
and that’s just the first episode!”

Shelly and Libra get the shaft when it comes to this BB14 commercial, omg, could they have picked worse clips? Poor Shelly was a mess in hers! And the Ragan Rachel fight was great. It’s amazing how much Rachel has changed since then! That season seems forever ago now…

But here we are in 2012, heading into Big Brother 14! Squeeee! Two days ago this BB14 commercial was released as well, so it’s been an exciting week for fans to say the least. Check out the new commercial and get psyched!

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Cameronc1996

    Can’t wait for bb!! The house looks awesome from the outside:)

  • cindy

    I attempted to watch the glass house “live feeds” the first show they had a spelling bee and the second an impersonation contest and the 3rd… wait for it… they got to draw pictures with markers!! can you say lame??? BORING

    • Gayle1328

      I did too. Then I found out that they leave the house, so they aren’t even sequestered 24/7.

    • Snake6122

      House hell its not even a house it looks like they built it on a sound stage they doing even get to see the sun in there ….man i feel for the cast…and no live feeds…damn ABC really dropped the ball…

  • DaBa

    You ought to re-host these commercials on a Reality Nation YouTube channel or something, visitors outside the states can’t see them.

  • Chris Kelly

    Please post these so we can view these while stationed over seas!

  • Billyw

    cant watch it because i’m Canadian. well Fu*k me!
    i guess CBS doesnt really care about the Canadian viewers/payers

  • chellelynn2

    I also cannot watch the videos because of where I live, please fix this if you can! Thxs!

  • Guest

    Sad these commercials always HYPE bb up and when the show starts its never as exciting as it should be. BB9 was crap but there was fights, naked, and never was going to happen it was crazy but it turn off alot of people so bb10 and CBS went soft every since. BB has become a pussy.

    • Angie

      then don’t watch it!

  • Naomi

    how come Canadians cant watch any of the new commercials?? how is that fair?