Big Brother Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony

Live Feed Highlight: Did Shane use the Power of Veto?

Big Brother Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony

As Big Brother will say this week, the house flipper flipped the Big Brother 14 house this week.

Shane, the current HOH and Veto winner, decided to use the PoV today and after several seasons of un-ballsy moves, the outcome might surprise you. Shane pulled Ashley off the block and put Frank up in his place. And Big Brother purists will tell you that’s not called a backdoor because Frank played in the veto and this wasn’t the plan all along. But for some reasons the HGs still call it a “backdoor.” But now I’m going off on a tangent.

Anyway, if you want to see the house scrambling, check out the Live Feeds Flashback at today (Monday) 12:27 PM BBT. Frank and Boogie were surprised to say the least. So is Shane’s plan to get Frank out? That’s the plan but that’s not what Boogie and Shane think. But will Frank actually go home or will it be Joe?  It’s only Monday. A lot can happen before Thursday.

Who do you want to go home? Frank or Joe?

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  • Morgan O’Mally

    I think the purists are completely wrong about the backdooring definition. A straight-flush might not be a royal-flush, but it’s still a straight-flush. So I guess you could say this backdooring wasn’t a pure or royal-backdooring. This plot is all about playing the odds. If Frank had been nominated, then he would have definitely been in the POV competition, but since he wasn’t, there was a chance of keeping him out. So I personally think that this is a classic backdooring plot. But then this is just a schmuck with a keyboard’s opinion.

  • Santabarbarapalmer

    The pure backdoor was in season 5, when the rules on how pov players were picked were different. Since the random draw, backdooring has become far less useful.

    • Morgan O’Mally

      Oh yeah, I forgot all about the rules when it was first invented. I would say that the random draw has made it far “less guaranteed” or “certain” than “less useful” though.

  • CarterMorgan

    I really want Joe to go home at this point. I can’t stand seeing him in the Diary Room screaming at the cameras; let alone he has never done anything in the game itself. This is my first season watching Big Brother, after a coworker at Dish recommended it to me, and I can’t stop watching it. I won’t be home to watch this week’s episodes, but my Hopper will record the episodes with PrimeTime Anytime so I can watch them on Friday without commercials with the Auto Hop feature. I can’t wait to see Joe take his first step out of the house; this is the first week I actually care who leaves.

  • Gwrey62

    i want joe to go home, then next week ian needs to win and put up ashley and shane. shane for calling him a little fa**ot and ashley for trying to get him put up. this season i’ve heard willie say the N word and now shane saying fa**ot.

    • Morgan O’Mally

      Since Ian is not gay (or is he??? I thought he was nerdling after Ashley), I’m assuming that Shane was being insensitive and not homophobic. I know neither is acceptable, but there is a big difference. Shane definitely needs to choose his words more wisely when he’s acting all macho and shit.

      And nothing surprises me about Willie.

  • Danielsherriff

    Just for all the BB fans, everyone says the first backdoor was Jase in Season 5 when Nakomis put Diane and Marvin up and Drew used the veto to save Diane and put Jase on the block, but that was the first time the strategy was intended. The first real backdoor was in season 4 when Dana nominated Ali and Jack for eviction. Nathan, who was Ali’s little servant, won the veto. When the possibility of Nathan using the veto to save Ali came up, Dana made it clear she was going to put David up in Ali’s place. Nathan didn’t care, saved Ali, so Dana sent David up on the block. David would later be evicted with a vote of 5-2 that week. David was the first victim of the backdoor method, it just wasn’t a clearly defined strategy at that point.

  • Morgan O’Mally

    If you count the votes, Janelle’s two (Ashley and Wil) will probably nullify Boogie’s (Jenn and Ian), so that leaves Danielle. It’s pretty clear that if she listens to Shane and Britney, then Frank is gone. But what if Dan is still buddies with Boogie and he tells her to go after Joe? I think Frank is going home.

    • Morgan O’Mally

      If Frank is going to stay, Boogie needs to work on Ashley or Wil while Janelle is busy looking in the mirror.