Big Brother Spoilers: Week 4 Results

What has gone down in the BB14 house so far this week?

Big Brother Spoilers: Week 4 Results

A lot has happened in the Big Brother 14 house and on the Live Feeds since the coaches have entered the game. There’s been a surprising HOH win, a surprising Veto win, some not-so-surprising nominations and now there’s been a surprising blind-side renomination. Spoilers ahead.

Week 4 Results:

Head of Household: Danielle

I think a lot of people were surprised newbie Danielle pulled this one off. But if you were watching the Live Feeds, you’ll know Shane promised to give her a kiss if she won  HOH so that’s all it took. She held on for dear life to get that second kiss from her fauxmance partner.

Week 3 Nominations: Frank and Wil

For the third time this season, Frank finds himself on the block. Next to him as the pawn was Wil. The plan was to get Frank out and finish what they’d started last week when the eviction was called off due to the game reset. Boogie decides to get to work and try to save his boy Frank. And it might just work.

Power of Veto Players: Danielle, Frank, Wil, Jenn, Ian and Shane.

Veto Winner: Danielle

Reward/punishment winners: Shane (veto pass), Jenn (trip to Maui), Wil ($5,000), Frank (spirtard), Ian (24 hours as a dog).

We’re not sure what kind of game made it possible for Danielle to win her second competition in a row,  but she did. And again I’m surprised. Not sure where she came from this week. I guess the power of love really is a curious thing.

Veto Ceremony

Danielle decides to pull Wil of the block and replace him with Janelle in a serious blindside. Janelle thinks Danielle put her on the block for personal reasons, but it all comes down to a new alliance called the Silent 6 (Boogie, Frank, Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney). Boogie got to the six of them to hatch a plan to save Frank and get Janelle out of the house. It worked. But the week isn’t over yet.

Live Feed Highlight of the Week

BB14 Shane and Danielle kiss

At the end of the endurance competition this week, Shane planted this kiss on Danielle. And we’re dying to know if you think he’s suddenly interested in Danielle or if it’s all game play?

Will Janelle head home Thursday? Do you want her to go or stay?

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  • Larry Daley

    Yeah, I think Janelle’s going home this week, but then I thought Boogie would have been on the block right now. Britney and Shane have made a big mistake. If they don’t wise up again, it appears that the Boogie-Frank alliance has survived another week.

  • Invest43

    I think Janelle made a big mistake by telling Britney that she wanted Shane out soon

  • jordguitar

    Turns out they forgot to close the back door last week. Looks like we will get our backdooring this week

  • S Mulheron

    frank has been on the block every week except the week he was HOH and he playing with Boogie does this remind anyone of someone????? Dr. Will. What I don’t understand is the newbys are not curious to why Danielle did this you think they what say oh boogie and frank joined alliance with Dan, Danielle, Brit and Shame, were alone, we save Janielle??????????

  • Cherrielandry

    i think its all a game and like shane said the kiss will not happen again and then look what happens danielle wins HOH and then comes a kiss so he would b safe and then dan is just looking out for himself but i think frank needs to go myself

  • Shoreline Frank

    I do not want to see Dan or Boogie win a 2nd Big Brother. That is what would happen if they both end up as the final 2.

    • Frost6

      That’s usually what happens with the final 2. One wins.

  • Jennifer Sakowski

    I think Shane is more into Danielle than he wants to admit. I like them both seperate or together, doesn’t matter to me. This is already a good season. I’m impressed this year. Some things were actually unexpected.

  • Pnutt60

    Brittany is a dumbass, she is not a coach anymore and she should be getting all threats out, including her own player. Janelle knows this. Boogie and Dan already won Big Brother and show both be going home. Maybe there will be a double eviction and that’s when they will go home. Bunch of idiots. I hope Janelle gets out of this backdoor maneuver and they send Frank home like they intended to from the beginning. If not, I hope Dan or Danielle go next just so they will know what (or who) they are playing with, namely, Boogie.

  • Andrew Sloan



    • Cchase5588

      I agree ! If Janelle leaves I could care less for the show ! Boogie is a creeper and the rest of them I agree are idiots! come on BB Janelle needs a diamond veto! She needs to be thrown a life line . Shes the only one with a brain! Keep the show alive and bring her back!

      • Gmabso3

        If Janelle goes I don’t care who wins and I’ve had it with this season! And these Azzes and these Brainless HG’s! She’s the only one that’s not boring! You’re Right Production had better do something or their damn ratings will really hit rock bottom, ’cause this cast sucks! And Frank Has B.O.!

  • JO

    lol I haven’t been keeping up and I have live feeds. I love Janelle. Has she changed so much that everyone doesn’t like her? I think she is awesome and she didn’t even get a chance to save herself by trying for the veto since they back doored her. Now I don’t know who to root for. Don’t like Britney or boogie.

  • Debbie T.

    Janelle needs to go…… I cannot wait to see the look of SHOCK on her face when Julie tells her she is the one that has to leave.
    One Word – PRICELESS !!!!

  • CarterMorgan

    I can’t wait for this week’s eviction ceremony! It’s going to be amazing to see Janelle leave the house! I’m still new to Big Brother, thanks to a coworker at Dish who recommended it to me, so this season is all I know about Janelle and I can’t stand her. I had to catch up with this last week’s episodes last night, but my Hopper recorded it on PrimeTime Anytime, so I was able to watch them all without commercials, thanks to the Auto Hop. It made it much easier to get back to the live feeds without missing much. I can’t wait to see Janelle’s face when she gets evicted!

    • Andrew Sloan

      Check out past BBs and I’m sure you’ll love her

  • Debwater

    Can not wait to see Janelle out of the house. The Lady has issues. Get rid of her. How can she seriously be a fan favorite from the past or presence. Wondering why? Get her out!!! FAST!!! : )

    • Andrew Sloan

      Obviously you haven’t seen BB6 or all stars because you’re asking a ridiculous question

    • Myavondenise

      I still do not understand why she is even there? How could she leave her baby? She really is one cold chick.

      • Andrew Sloan

        Leave her baby out of this. She has a strong support system at home and her leaving her baby has NOTHING to do with the game. Remember Libra… Remember Casey… for a chance to win that big of a cash prize, you can leave your baby in the arms of your loved ones for a little bit. Obviously if you have people you love and trust, this would be completely fine. PLUS, if she were to go to jury, Janelle already stated her baby would be with her.

        In short, don’t you dare judge her motherhood over something like this…

  • Wildinvegas

    whaaat? Frank is going to survive AGAIN? I demand a dna n bloodtest, he might be a god!

  • Racin88dukey

    I cannot wait for Janelle to go the hell home, She is the biggist liar! I have watched every season! The next to go should be Joe!

  • Kaylabolin

    The house is seriously ignorant if they vote Janelle out of the house. Yes, she’s a competitor but Frank is the biggest douche of the century who apparently has special powers considering this will be his 3rd time on the block & hasn’t got evicted. I love Janelle. I’ll hate to see her go. Plus Boogie is a freak & has already won. So has Dan. Vote them out. Give others a chance to win. I’m not watching tonights episode just for the fact that Janelle is most likely leaving. What idiots. Janelle hasn’t told a big lie like Danielle. She has told little white lies which everybody does. Danielle lied about being a teacher when really shes a nurse she just wanted people to feel sorry for her. dumb broad. #teamjanelle