Big Brother Spoilers: Week 5 Results

What has gone down in the BB14 house so far this week?

Big Brother Spoilers: Week 5 Results

Last Thursday on Big Brother 14 we said goodbye to Janelle and hello to Frank and Boogie’s power again. So far this week, the game has played out as expected. With a week off from blindsides, it looks like Frank and Boogie are going to build a little trust with their “Silent Six” alliance and get rid of some HGs they see as troublemakers from the now defunct Team Janelle.  Spoilers ahead.

Week 5 Results:

Head of Household: Frank

Frank took his second HoH win (in a non-physical challenge  might I add) and the rest of the Silent Six alliance (minus Boogie of course) started regretting sending their ally Janelle home last week. Britney is regretting the decision the most as she does not trust Frank and Boogie to stick to their part of the alliance. Boogie is hoping to build some trust though this week, but it’s Frank who seems to be blurring the lines of trust this week.

Week 3 Nominations: Joe and Wil

Joe was the target right from the start. He’s the only person who voted to evict Frank last week and everyone in the house thinks he’s a troublemaker anyway. Can his cooking save him? No, but Wil’s big mouth might. Wil opened his mouth to Boogie and Frank and kind of pissed them off, putting the target on his back and off Joe’s.

Have-Nots: Britney, Danielle, Shane, Joe

Power of Veto Players: Frank, Joe, Wil, Ashley, Boogie, Jenn, Shane

Veto Winner: Frank

For the third week in a row the HoH has held all the power in the house. I think that says more about the other HGs than it does the past three HoH winners. Just my opinion though. This would be the perfect chance for Frank to go behind Boogie’s back and blindside Dan, which is something he’s wanted to do all week.

Veto Ceremony

Frank decided not to use the Power of Veto so nominations stay the same. For once. So either Joe or Wil will be heading home this Thursday. Who do you want to go home this week?

Poll Results

You decided, by a landslide, that Ian wore his dog costume better than Frank wore his unitard. We agree!


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  • Pugsley Addams

    Whatta bummer, no backdooring this week. Borrrrrrrrring!