Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HOH?

Who outlasted all the others in the first endurance comp of BB14?

Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HOH?

The first endurance competition of the season went down Thursday night on Big Brother 14 Live Feeds and the outcome might surprise you. The winner was not one of the former coaches-turned-players, but newbie Danielle.

Danielle outlasted the other 12 houseguests to become the fourth Head of Household and the first female winner of the season. After three hours of hanging on to the side of a pirate ship, it came down to Danielle, Ian and Britney. The two girls promised Ian he’d be 100 percent safe if he dropped, so he did. Britney realizing Danielle was barely shaken after the grueling three hours, decided she’d hand her the HOH key and dropped herself.

So that didn’t play out like anyone expected. Oh, and if you’re curious, the first person out of the competition was Boogie.

Just to back up, the coaches were given the chance to enter the game as contestants during Thursday night’s live show and they chose to do so. Well, most of them chose to do so. Boogie didn’t choose, but since the other three coaches did, he was forced into the game. As if he didn’t want to play again.

Are you shocked with the HOH results? I’m shocked that after admitting on the live show that he wash’t interested in Danielle, Shane still planted a kiss on her after she won. I guess that’s good game play. Lucky for Danielle, Shane will be in her pocket all week.

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BB14 Danielle and Shake kiss


  • Yabba Dabba-Doo

    YAY, I always knew there was a BB god. FRANK LIVES! And now hopefully he won’t be weighed down by Boogie anymore.

    • Lloydailes

      I agree with you Frank s not a bad guy it’s the will won’t to be boogie bring him down

  • Teebuck0

    Franks will be put right back up this week and if he dont win POV..he will go home for sure this time… it has nothing to to do with boogie…. hes the toughest noobie physically and mentally… Thats why he will exit this week…. It always happen when a player is spared from eviction

  • Lisa

    Sooooo happy that Danielle won this week. I hope there is a way to get rid of that evil Janelle. She is one big piece of work isn’t she? That woman has not one emotion, she hasn’t even mentioned her daughter in a real heart felt way. I kind of wonder what kind of woman can leave a three month old for three months considering how much growing they do, like crawling for example….She’s one cold hearted woman who needs to go.

    • NC

      you must have not watched all of the seasons –Janelle is a very good player and if she seems heartless, it’s because she got played by one too many men on this show… Dr. Will, etc. –Janelle carried her other teammates and it cost her. What she told Wil was true, he was going to be put up and she worked some deals for him. Even though he’s whiney, he still is a strong competitor and the houseguests want him gone ….Frank, Shane and Wil are the physical targets.

      You shouldn’t judge her parenting skills. You have no idea what she is thinking based upon the part that is aired. Maybe her family needs the money?

  • Crabbiecrabtree

    frank sucks.hope danielle puts him and boogie up and then one will go!!!!!!!!

  • Yabba Dabba-Doo

    If I were Danielle, I’d put Janelle and Boogie on the block. And, if one of them wins the POV, then maybe Frank.

  • DewyRose

    Janelle will go on the block and it’s undecided as to what other player Danielle will put up but it definitely won’t be Frank!

  • Sg

    I don’t think Danielle even understands what Big Brother is, or how to play.