Ian: Life of A Dog

The house gets a dog after Ian takes a punishment

Ian: Life of A Dog

This week some of the Big Brother 14 house guests ended up with rewards and punishments during the veto competition and Ian chose to spend 24 hours living like a dog. It made for some interesting moments on the Live Feeds, where we got to watch him eat out of a dog bowl, be walked around on a leash and even sleep in a dog house.

And he actually chose this punishment. He passed up $5,000 or a trip to Maui to take the dog punishment. I think it was pretty much a dream come true. Frank ended up in now traditional unitard while Wil and Jenn ended up with the good prizes.

The Wednesday night episode will feature the competition, but you can see the aftermath on SuperPass in the Live Feed Highlights.

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  • Wildinvegas

    I think Ians doing great! his strategies look to be paying off, he’s not on anyones top2 hitlist, and he managed to get in with The Avengers alliance. wich by the way, on paper, looks to be pretty darn good.