BB9 Natalie Cunial is Pregnant!

Pink or blue for this mommy to be? Read on to find out!

BB9 Natalie Cunial is Pregnant!

Big Brother 9‘s feisty bikini barista, Natalie Cunial, is expecting her first child.

Natalie announced her pregnancy on Twitter Wednesday evening:

I’m 5 months pregnant, expecting a baby boy!!! ;o) YAAAY!!! My very first baby ;o)

She posted the photo below, showing her growing baby bump, along with the tweet. Fans congratulated Natalie and she responded with more details. We learned that Natalie is expecting a baby boy whose due date is March 4, 2013. Looks like a Pisces baby for Nat! She says she just learned the baby’s sex and hasn’t begun thinking of names – until now. The baby daddy is Natalie’s boyfriend, Jesse.

Natalie also wrote on Twitter:

“It’s a life changing experience & I’m looking forward to it.”

Congratulations to the parents-to-be!

Natalie BB9 Pregnant


  • etchasketch44

    Has she figured out who’s the father yet? Not buying the boyfriend comment.

    • Guest

      Ya, we live together… Keep your fuckin mouth shut…

  • Michelle Walker

    First “baby”? How about all the abortions she’s had? What were those?

    • Guest

      Your a Bitch!!! You know what she meant… Some people that dont believe in Abortions should have had a 2nd thought… Like your Mother… Children shouldnt be brought in this world if they cant be care for, I dont like my taxs are paying for some little 10yr-17yr old children having a child while not knowing “how the fuck” to even take care of themselves, let alone another human being… You can have your own opinion but think about it. Would you take care of all the children in foster care or would it have been a better choice for that little girl to make a better decision that would benefit there own lives???? Be nice to people you dont know.

  • Sid

    I didn’t know Matt was allowed conjugal visits.
    If the kid is born with “goofy” eyes, we will know who the father is.

    • Guest

      Ya me….

  • Billyworthman2729

    you people commenting are so cruel!, if you dont have anything nice to say shut your fat hurtful mouths!

    • Tmwalkerm

      truth hurts don’t it? If she’d only kept her trap shut about her past, she’d be getting all the congratulations she wants, hypocrites get what they deserve. She needs to take the good with the bad.

      • Artofnatalie

        I get TONS of congratulations so whatever! I live & tell my truth, regardless of your judgements

        • Michelle Walker

          Fine, are you going to squirt more milk out of your nipples at your baby shower? Or just keep flashing your wrinkled old vag for the world to see? Oh wait… did that already, my bad…

      • TruthTeller

        Tmwalkerm no one cares what you think is the truth or not the truth!

        You don’t know this woman and you never will, therefore you are in no position to label anyone!

        Grow up and get over yourself!

        • Michelle Walker

          Oh I’m over myself, thanks for the concern. I just don’t respect people like her, she kills how many babies and claims this one is her first????? So what were the others????

    • Sid

      My mouth is NOT fat!

  • kungfuwomn

    I loved Natalie on her season when everyone hated her i was totally rooting for her to win and hated she gave up that HOH to Sheila! She was a fighter and a true competetor i guess that is why i love Rachel so much she reminded me of Natalie.I am so happy she is having a little boy i would love to see her back on tv again.And shes a great painter

  • Linda

    Congratulations, Natalie!!

  • Dave70005

    She is sweet; Have a happy baby Nat; All these rude and cruel comments are gay.

  • Artofnatalie

    thank you so much everyone for the nice comments! for the rude people you don’t know me at all, You know of me on a show I was on 5 YEARS ago, that is not who I am today! & me choosing to have an abortion over 10 years ago is my choice because I was not ready to have a baby! Now I have the man of my dreams who I will be with forever & am blessed to be a full time MOM and artist! God bless

    • Michelle Walker

      so if the abortion was 10 years ago, why were you still able to squirt “milk” out of your nipples? And why did you tell EVERYONE that there had been at least 3 “mistakes”? Get off your high horse or keep your private life quiet, it’s your own fault dear, live with it.

    • Roxie

      I’m a big fan , u are my fav luv u good luck :)

  • HoH8

    I Love You Nat…..Congrats on ur baby boy…..Loved u on BB9…u was one of my Fav HG ever on BB and u made BB9 one of my Favorite seasons….Praying u have a healthy baby and continue living ur Happy Life….☺….

  • Anzamyu05

    Ok to those of you out there who don’t know the real natty >o fuck off shes happy and having a good life now after big brother don’t be jealous because your not happy right now

  • agr8wrld

    Congrats Natalie! Wishing all the best to you and your new family. :)

  • Ramona_Vagnoni

    Congrats Nat, as a Mom of a 24 year old who also had an abortion before my son was born, blessings to you and your childs families. Bless you and your baby!

  • Janet Casey

    Loved you on BB9. So happy for you and your little family.