Best BB Player Bracket: Alison vs. Jessica

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Alison vs. Jessica

Alison Irwin: Big Brother 4

1. Won the first ever Diamond Power of Veto in Big Brother History
2. She was the runner-up and won $50,000 in Big Brother 4
3. Alison appeared on Big Brother: All Stars

Jessica Hughbanks: Big Brother 8

1. Aligned with her showmance partner “America's Player” Eric Stein
2. Won 2 HOHs during weeks 6 & 8

. Jessica had the chance to return to the Big Brother house if her clique won the first HOH, however, they lost

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  • Melissa Zeigler

    Wish I was wearing blue today! WOW this is a tough one!!

  • Dan

    All your polls are stupid,try putting some thought into them why doncha.

  • coop

    Jessica for sure.

  • Jake Taylor

    Considering that Alison was a first boot, I say Jessica.

    • Luke Anyanka Bright-Pyle

      Alison was also a runner up… and probably the only true competitive player of the game in season 4… just saying. (No offense Jun, you were just more social :P )

  • Asdklfj

    omg i cant believe i missed this poll.. these are my two all time fav girl bb players ever!

  • BB Prncss

    Jessica From Season 8 BooYah!