Best BB Player Bracket: Brendon vs. Adam J.

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Brendon vs. Adam J.

Brendon Villegas: Big Brother 12 & 13

1. Has been a house guest in two seasons of Big Brother where he aligned and partnered with Rachel Reilly, winner of BB13
2. Is currently one of the two people to be evicted three times (along with Kaysar Ridha)
3. Has won a total of 6 POVs (BB12 – weeks 1, 3, 7) (BB13 – weeks 1, 3, 4)

Adam Jasinski: Big Brother 9getting back together


1. Won 2 HOHs during weeks 6 & 8
2. Winner of Big Brother 9 with 6 votes
3. One word, “Baller”

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  • Melissa Zeigler

    Brendon has got this one! Well….maybe ( I voted based on POV wins) lol

    • BB Prncss

      I Agree Missy!

  • Tammy Hachez

    Brendon played the game twice and still couldn’t manage to make it to the final 2. Adam wins my vote.

  • Cari Kay

    are you kidding me? Brendon sucked!

  • mojorisn420

    Did Adam show his peen on skype…? Nope but he is currently showing it off in the peenitentiary.

  • Hannah Abbott

    I don’t see how anyone could vote for Brenda. . errrr Brendon. . .. what was his game?. .telling others how smart he was and screwing the human sperm receptacle? Adam was a tool. . . of that there is no doubt, but Brenda will always be a joke. . . . bad vote IMO

  • BB Prncss

    Brendon All The Way!

  • Wildinvegas

    WOW! lol Baller!! Brendon!! dynamic duo 2013! “The Outsiders” or how about “The Awkward Cousins”? for the record i actually like both of them. they way they play with partners, they way they handle pressure, the way they compete.. so different and yet so similar. makes my mind numb!
    anyone remember Baller saying these words at one time?… “this house is like being in jail”
    I always thought how interesting it would be to see Baller back in the house and if evicted we get to see him cuffed and escorted back to jail by armed deputies. can you imagine his eviction block speech?