Best BB Player Bracket: Dick Donato vs. Cowboy

Best BB Player Bracket: Dick Donato vs. Cowboy

Dick “Evel” Donato (@EvelDick): Big Brother 8

1. Was the first House Guest to use the Power of Veto on the opposing nominee and survive eviction in Big Brother 8

2.  Is the oldest House Guest to win Big Brother, being 44 at the time of his win

3. Won 3 HOH (Week 3, Days 69 & 76)


Michael “Cowboy” Ellis: Big Brother 5

1. Was named the runner-up on Big Brother 5. He received $50,000 for spending 82 days inside the Big Brother House.

2. Appeared in Big Brother 11 as the candidate for the Off-Beat. He did not re-enter.

3. Was one of the candidates eligible to be voted into Big Brother All Stars.

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  • Melissa Zeigler

    Cigars? Cigarettes? or “Save a horse ride a Cowboy” Evel won and Cowboy runner up… Ok I will vote now!

  • Boosh123

    why is dick’s brief stint on bb13 forgotten? they dont even mention him being on the season.. very odd

    • Wildinvegas

      what did he do in bb13?

  • Dana Dugan

    The stats for Evel Dick are wrong. Daniele won the Week #1 POV and Jen won Week #3 after Mike pizzed off Dick & he threw it to her. Regardless, he’s the clear winner here.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Cowboy voted out Nakomis, which I was not okay with. Other than that he was a respectable game player, but you can’t beat Dick Donato

    • Chance Armstrong

      Nakomis put him on the block. She struck first.

  • Brian Morath

    I’m loving this head to head battle you guys put up for fans to vote on. Thanks a bunch!

  • Wildinvegas

    Dick is so good i would of thought he’d get a 1st round bye! oh, he’s up against cowboy, never-mind.