Best BB Player Bracket: Dick vs. Dominic

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Dick vs. Dominic

Dick “Evel” Donato (@EvelDick): Big Brother 8

1. Was the first House Guest to use the Power of Veto on the opposing nominee and survive eviction in Big Brother 8

2.  Is the oldest House Guest to win Big Brother, being 44 at the time of his win

3. Won 3 HOH (Week 3, Days 69 & 76)

 Dominic Briones (@DominicPhillip)  Big Brother 13

1. Was in The Regulators alliance

2. Nominated twice for eviction (Weeks 2 & 3) Veto Wins 1 (Week 2)

3. Loyal to Dani Donato & Cassi Colvin

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  • DaBa

    While Evel Dick was entertaining, he was also the benefactor of extreme producer/audience intervention when he won S8. Regardless, Dominick played so poorly that he should still lose this round. Being a member of the “Regulators” alliance is the equivalent of the Big Brother kiss of death.

    • Corndogger

      PT was part of the worst alliance in BB history. How did he even manage to get this far in these polls? Oh, never mind! I forgot most people are voting based on who they liked and not on who was the better player which is what the voting is supposed to be based on.

      • Chance Armstrong

        He was against Captain Kosher round 1

  • Michelle Jones

    You’re kidding, right?? While I was no Evel Dick fan during S8, I was one of millions who lamented his early departure in S13. Dom was fun and very easy on the eyes but totally lacking in good strategic thinking.

  • Disgusted w/stupid polls.

    Dom lost to Andrew so why is he up against Dick? If he lost the first round why is he going on to the second. Also, you should be comparing Dom with someone who left at the same position he left the game at. Putting him up against Dick is unfair and just plain stupid. Why don’t you stop these polls. They are quite ridiculous. You just want to get hits to this site. It’s disgusting.

    • AnnieO555

      I agree that the polls are horribly lopsided and Dom shouldn’t be here as he lost previously, whoever is running this poll should pay attention or stop.

      • gma

        Actually Dom won 206 – 189.

  • Heather Kelly

    This was a NO Brainer!!!! Dick

  • Raeshawn

    Dominic was a horrible player and not even worthy to be in BB

  • Andrew Sloan

    Easy vote. Dick will make it to the final 2 for the guys. Then it will be a tough vote

  • tom

    I hold AP against Dick, but the fact that he got Jen to vote to keep him, and controlled Zack still makes him a good winner in my opinion.

  • Chris Kelly

    Every year now we have someone in the game pulling off stuff that Dick brought to the game. We should have enough respect for Evel to not compare him with anyone else.

  • Amanda Jane Ragan

    these polls aren’t even comparable…there are such extreme differences betwen them…very unfair comparisons…