Best BB Player Bracket: Dick vs. Jeff

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Dick vs. Jeff

Dick “Evel” Donato (@EvelDick): Big Brother 8

1. Was the first House Guest to use the Power of Veto on the opposing nominee and survive eviction in Big Brother 8

2.  Is the oldest House Guest to win Big Brother, being 44 at the time of his win

3. Won 3 HOH (Week 3, Days 69 & 76)

Jeff Schroeder (@JeffSchroeder23): Big Brother 11, 13

1. Part of the Veterens alliance in BB13, loyal to Jordan Lloyd both seasons

2. Combined, won a total of 4 POVs. BB11 2 times (Weeks 2 & 7) & BB13 2 times (Weeks 5 & 7)

3. Won America’s choice season 11 receiving $25,000.00

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  • kungfuwomn

    Come on now people these polls are really a joke now Jeff didn’t even make it to Final 3 in either of his seaons how is he a better player then ED, I love Jeff and Jordan i really do they even live in my city now but come one people it was a joke that Jordan won over the best female BB player ever Janelle but for Jeff to be beating ED is even worse because at least Jordan won BB11 and was in Top 4 i believe for BB13 but please people and im not a huge ED fan now i was in his season but no way is Jeff a better player then ED.These polls will really be a joke if ED loses.

    • Paco G

      what a joke this vote was, bunch of mindless JeJo zombie sheep voting for their precious Jeff

      • Kara

        No kidding and everyone knows they suck so don’t sweat it. Even their fans know, but will never admit it.

    • Michmomto3

      Of course this poll is a joke. It is an OPINION poll. This is not a scientific evaluation here. You vote your way, and I’ll vote mine. I hope we both have fun.

      • sherriebronson

        IMO Jeff won BB11 and came in 4th on BB13. There is no way to separate the package of Jeff and Jordan. From the 1st week they knew each other forward, they had each others back, talked much game strategy and always told each other everything about the game. They absorbed the wins and loses along the way together and moved forward with a mutually agreed upon plan. The combination of their wins and social play got them to this acclaimed position. Their being humble rather than cocky and nice rather than mean spirited more than many BB players has earned them a large fan base who continue to follow them because they love this team. The most loyal fans tend to be those who watched them the most hours on the feeds. In summary, they both work very hard for what they get and deserve recognition, praise, applause, and Votes.

        • Dan

          With one exception here Sherry.Jordan could stay in this game without Jeff but alas Jeff would not be able to make it without Jordan.For crying out loud GIVE Jordan her Due.!!!!!

          • sherriebronson

            My comments were not to minimize Jordan’s contribution in any way. She deserves all acclaim. Because her instincts and choices are natural and evolving at a very young age, I think she hasn’t realized what a talented, amazing person she is.
            I do not think that Jeff should be only given credit for the position he left the BB house each time. Jordan finished higher while carrying their baton the last leg.
            Jeff deserves the credit too for their accomplishments. He said Jordan was a better BB player than him.
            I hope we get to take a vote with these two in the finals. It’s about time. !!! I don’t know how I can choose but seeing them together at the end would sure make me smile.

          • Dan

            Hopefully you would choose Jordan as she was ,of these 2 the better player..Jeff is way too emotional and not that good at comps to keep him in the game till the end.:)

          • Kara

            Jordan and Jeff don’t know how to play the BB game.

          • guest

            obviously you didnt watch the same game we all did she must have done something right she won the 500k..

          • Kara

            Jordan doesn’t deserve anything!!!!!!! Is that a joke? Talented??? Please!!! They don’t deserve to be anywhere on these polls, let along final two. Just ewwwwww to both of them. I wonder how much money that poor excuse for a website, that worships them for having absolutely no talent, gives them every week.

          • guest

            well its obvious you have visited that ‘poor excuse” for a website.get a grip and go lay down kara…and ‘ewwww’ really what are you 2? come back when you learn how to spell….why dont you tell us all how the game of bb is supposed to be played and let us all know how to win it because it is obvious that you have so much experience with it…what an idiot you are

          • Kara

            Oh please!!! The only reason Jordan was left in the game, without doing anything btw, is because she sucks in comps and the game itself. She should never even have been considered for BB13, along with her creep of a bf Jeff.

        • Dholman09

          True but ED still played a better game. ED had his daughters back just like Jeff had his girlfriend’s. HELLO!

    • guest1

      and this of course is all in your opinion and you are entitled to that…as is everyone else in america…and i think your just waking up to realize that these polls are all a bunch of foolishness

    • guest1

      and this of course is all in your opinion and you are entitled to that…as is everyone else in america…and i think your just waking up to realize that these polls are all a bunch of foolishness

    • Rob

      We all know the best player doesn’t always win. ED is one of the most overrated HGs to play the game. The final was yesterday between Dan and Will. Those two are head and shoulders above the rest.

      • Faceones

        i might have to agree with u this one time ooops did i say that lol

      • Kara

        I agree. Those two are the best, but Dan is better. With that said, without Will BB would not even be on the air.

    • Kara

      They will be a joke if Dan loses to Jeff.

  • BB1113

    Lets all try and have fun. Ultimately that’s what this is for.

    • Kara

      If this is for fun they should keep Jeff and Jordan off the polls. They just want the hits. They know Jeff and Jordan suck in the BB game and in life.

      • guest

        oh and you clearly are a good judge of character…go play in traffic

  • Invest43

    Dick is becoming cat food :(

    • Luvlady345

      yup! Dram Crushers are alive and well!

  • Volpe

    poor Evel Dick, just another victim to the cat lady massacre

    • guest1

      dont feel sorry for dick.he’s an idiot in my opinion…vote your way and let everyone else vote theirs in peace no need for name calling..this is not the vote for president does it really matter in the morning who wins?

    • Davin0200

      i voted for jefff and i dont have any cats, just dogs. oh and i also voted for jordan fyi

      • Volpe

        of course you did and i’m sure you’d vote jeff over will or dan too

        • guest11

          of course jeff is the better player..but you go ahead and go for ‘dick” all day long thats your right

          • Kara

            Jeff wouldn’t know how to play BB if his life depended on it. Dick wasn’t great either. If he didn’t have Dani in the game he would have been voted out the first time he was on the block. Dani and Nick were responsible for saving is ugly a$$. But he is still better than Jeff. Dan is a better player than Will. Dan didn’t need a girl to win his comps. for him. He knew when to throw comps. and when to win them.

          • guest

            well make up your mind kara first jordan doesnt know how to play the game and now she has to win things for jeff…its obvious that your obsession is becomming an illness..get some help sweetie before its too late

          • Athinker

            shes not talking about jeff there hes talking about the dan/will poll lol stupid cat lady

    • Luvlady345

      YUP! And I love it!

    • guest11

      well ‘CATS’ have nine lives we may be down but never count us out…jealousy is a bitter pill to swallow and it doesnt look good on u…

  • Chris Kelly

    Evel is an essential part of the modern BB game. Jeff just needs to win it to be taken seriously because I think most people want to see Jeff’s game win.

  • DaBa

    I actually side with the cats on this one, meow.

  • kristanmarie

    Cat ladies yesterday: “I like Janelle but Jordan won the game…that’s what matters!”
    Cat ladies today: “Who cares if Dick won? JEFF

    • Dan

      I have to agree with that.Jordan definately deserves the win…Jeff not so much.I’m sure Jeff would even win over Jordan and she was by far the better player.Love Jeff but he stoopid in BB,way too emotional.

      • TheRealDeal

        And that’s what it’s going to come down to , Jeff vs. Jordan in the final round. Jeff will win even though Jordan deserves it over him imo.

        • Dan


    • Davin0200

      Jeff didnt make it to final 3 because he was the biggest threat and best game player in both seasons.

      • kristanmarie

        Being a great player means that, throughout the season, you can overcome people wanting you out by either winning comps when you need to or by playing socially and convincing them otherwise. Jeff was unable to do this either of the times he played…

      • BBForever

        Janelle was a much bigger threat than either Jeff or Jordan, dumbass. Pretty sure your argument is moot.

    • Volpe

      stop making sense, the cat ladies will use their super powers on you!



    • Kdog

      It was because of personal reasons that he ha to LEAVE, not quit. Get your facts right.

  • Davin0200

    jeff didnt make it to final 3 because he was the biggest threat in the house both times.

    • Dan

      Then if Jeff was a better player he would have toned down his target.Like Jordan told him to do in the beginning but he wouldn’t listen.

    • Kara

      Jeff was not the biggest threat. Brendan and Dani were much bigger threats than Jeff. Jeff is a egotistical moron that didn’t even deserve to be on BB13 let alone Jordan being on. BB13 was fixed for JJ to win and they still couldn’t pull it off and Rachel benefited from it. At least Rachel won instead on dumbo Jordon. Thank God!!!

      • guest

        and of course this is comming from smarty pants kara who was clearly the smartest and best speller in her class…we bow to you because you obviously know this game inside and out..excuse me i have to go put my sunglasses on because your aura is so bright its killing my eyes

    • Kara


  • Davin0200

    Oh and honestly ED using the POV on dani then not geting voted off… is only because the rest of the house were not the smartest people. cmon now …. do you all remember the rest of the cast?????

  • David Mager

    Jeff is a terrible player the only reason he is relevant still is because of the coupdetat in bb11and if there was no such thing then he wouldnt have been on bb13. And dick shouldnt have won bb8 daniele carried him strategically and physically

    • Kara

      A truer statement was never posted. Bravo!

  • Guest

    No cats here, but I’m voting for Jeff. I stopped watching BB8 because I couldn’t stand to watch Evel Dick or Dani.

  • Tita Fesh

    The cat ladies must be out in force today! Jeff a better player than Dick? Cat ladies, you don’t know the first thing about Big Brother!

    • Georgiannh

      Why are they called “cat ladies”? I’m clueless.

      • guest11

        so is she so dont feel’s another way to try to bring down jeff and jordan fan base…not gonna happen say what you will. sorry we all arent members of the DicKlovers club

    • guest1

      please please enlighten us all because you must be an expert on the game right? and before you call me a ‘cat lady’ yes i am a jejo fan but also a fan of many others who have played the can like “dick” all you want but dont down those who dont think he played the better game.thanks

    • Luvlady345

      YES we do we just like the opposite of you!

  • Tom Palmer

    there was a point in the middle of these polls where i thought some reasonable decisions were being made. I think these last few have been bad, but I’ll accept them. But if Dan (who I guess won over Dr. Will?) doesn’t win over Jeff, that’s unacceptable. There’s no way Jeff played a better game than Dan. With ED you can make arguments that AP helped him along, or that Dani carried him or whatever.

    • Dodoodoowgas

      Sorry Tom, but you’re going to be disappointed. Big Jeff won’t lose any poll ever as long as his obsessed fans are behind him. It sucks, but it’s true.

  • Official Cody Allen

    The fact that Dick is losing to Jeff makes me want to throw up. That’s all I gotta say.

    • jo31

      go ahead. throw up

    • Luvlady345

      throw up DREAM CRUSHERS!

  • Loreli Miller

    Omg…again…how in the world is Jeff and better PLAYER than Dick…there is no way. Jeff and Jordan should be left out of these polls.

    • Dan

      BS Jordan definately should still be here.

  • chellelynn2

    Its was too bad Dick had to leave the show last season. I wonder how he and Jeff would have really gotten along? Two very strong will guys..they probally would have had an “exchange of words” at some point. We will never know.

    • Corndogger

      But I think it’s safe to say that if ED had stayed that Rachel never would have won the game. Probably wouldn’t have made jury.

  • Jim

    I am an avid follower of JeJo. And I also feel Eric won Season 8 for ED. HOWEVER, all I have to do to decide who to vote for here is to think back to the Endurance Comp in S8 with ED on the appartus in the pouring rain and his drive that keep him up so long. The only thing I dont like now is his arrogant attitude, but that is his right, and if it makes him feel better about himself ok. And as he would say, Tough Shyte A$$hole.
    And I feel that Jeff’s significant other outplayed ED’s offspring. Jordan has the street smarts to know how to win S11 and get to F4 in S13. Danielle had ED to get her through to F2 in S8, and allowed her personal desires to doom her in S13.

    • Dan

      Very good points!! Dick was how old 44?I think and lasted to the end he was so sore after.Now Jeff giving up that challenge to Russel rubbed me the wrong way.

    • artharsh

      Daniele won 5 vetos and 2 hoh’s trust me she didn’t solely rely on dick. Jeff was worthless person who had anger issues and was arrogant.

  • Me

    I am a Jeff fan but come on………Dick won the game!

  • Adam Alamillo

    We all need to put our differences aside and make sure that Dan somehow wins this Bracket. Hahaha

    • Mattstar122296

      i dont even like dan that much but he was a great player, so he has my vote in the finals. thats what these polls are about:(

  • Andrew Sloan

    Both were helped along by America but Dick plays a phenomenal game. He gets my vote hands down. Jeff is awesome but his “big moves” were never well thought out, costing him the game: getting rid of Russell in BB11 and Dani in BB13.

  • Luvlady345

    Cry me a river JeJo the dream crushers!

  • Luvlady345

    It’s funny to me the J/J probably don’t know these polls are going on, but they are causing so much up roar bravo Reality Nation for once again stirring the pot against J/J eveb you will NEVER admit it, but please you know their fans will come out in full force to support them and the anti-fans will voice their opinions, so I guess it’s a win on either account….

  • Doodoodoowgas

    Both are horrendous a-holes. But at least Dick doesn’t front like he’s some kind of nice, humble guy like Big Phony Jeff. And HANDS DOWN he played the better game. Big Jeff doesn’t deserve to sniff Dick’s farts.

  • Mattstar122296

    man, up until these last few days theses polls have been great..but now this is just crazy. With evel dick and janelle out, i dont even know what to say.

  • CDom

    In BB11, Jeff believed the lies of Natalie and Kevin when he knew that they were desperate. He got paranoid and chose not to consider the source.

    In BB13, Jeff picked a fight with Shelly right before Danielle’s eviction. I know that he didn’t know that it was double eviction night but he knew that it was coming at some point. If you have to fight with her, why not wait until after the HOH competition when you or someone in your alliance is in power? It was a bad move.

    How is he a better player than someone who won?

  • Barbara Offhaus

    I’m sorry I missed out on voting because Dick was always the better player. everyone hated him, they all wanted him evicted, there were many chances to get rid of him…………but………everyone knew that if they made a deal with Dick they would be safe, they all thought they could win against him and he went on to win the game!!! none of the house guests really saw that coming!!! Dick at age 44 played the game and competitions better than most of the younger house guests. by far Dick deserves to be called the best!!!!

  • Guest

    Evel was lucky as hell to even make it to final 4…completely saved by America’s vote because his butt was on it’s way out the door until that last minute save kept him in the house. He was lucky he was on the season he was on.