Best BB Player Bracket: Dr. Will vs. Dan

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Dr. Will vs. Dan

Dr. Will Kirby: Big Brother 2

1. Was part of the first true strategic alliance of any Big Brother season, “Chilltown”
2. His strategy was to combine charm with lies. Despite being nominated four times, his strategy worked and Will was winner of Big Brother 2
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3. Appeared on Big Brother: All Stars where he finished in fourth place

Dan Gheesling (@DanGheesling): Big Brother 10

1. Winner of BB10 with a unanimous 7-0 vote
2. Member of The Renegades Alliance. Replacement Nominee Roulette Anyone?
3. Three HOH wins and two Veto wins

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  • TheRealDeal

    Dan was great , but Dr. Will was The BEST !!!!!

  • Volpe

    Dan was damn good and should be able to beat anyone… except the good Dr. Will

  • Patworx

    In my opinion, Dan is the greatest player ever!

    But if he has to lose to someone, I’ll be fine with Will.

  • Matt

    Dan is the best player, hands down! Sorry will.

  • Leb123isme

    WILL IS THE BEST PLAYER EVER IN BB HISTORY. as great as dan is, will > anyone

  • 2scoops

    The best 2 male players ever but my vote goes to Will.

  • Adam Alamillo

    Dan never received an eviction vote, won by a unanimous, 7-0 jury vote, AND was America’s Player for a week. I vote Dan.

  • SnideSnidington

    It’s a shame that the best two players have to meet this early, but Dr. Will invented the game in Season 2 and then perfected it in Season 7, so I have to go with him.

    • Volpe

      this really should be the finals

    • Adam Alamillo

      He couldnt have perfected it if he didnt win the season. Maybe “accentuate”, but definitely not perfect.

      • SnideSnidington

        I would actually contend that he perfected it because I believe his ultimate goal was to let Boogie win in BB7, which is of course what happened.

        • Manley

          No that was not his goal. If you asked him yourself and he was being honest based on past interviews post-Allstars, he absolutely wanted to win himself!

          • acm57

            True, however, in a way he did win because the deal was if he was evicted and went to jury, he would campaign very strongly for Boogie to win. If Boogie did win, then they would split the $500k. So, in a way, it was a Chilltown win.

          • Kalimnafisi

            You cannot Split the final prize. So When Dick won BB8 he could not just give half to Danielle. Instead he had to buy her things

          • Sean Bunn

            Once you get the money you can do whatever you want with it. CBS can’t prevent the winner from giving half the money to someone else.

          • Sean Bunn

            Actually he said before he wanted it to be him and Boogie in the final 2, but he wanted Boogie to win that time. They worked together so his money is kinda like Will’s money. As for my theory. I think he did play the game perfectly in the social aspect of it. At the time in the BB house, once you get to the final 4 you had to rely on winning competitions and luck. He ran out of luck. But I honestly think Boogie won because of Will. Chilltown was responsible for getting James, Danielle, Howie, Marcellas and so many more out of the house.

        • Email

          and he did a good job convincing the jury that…..erika is the most underrated player to ever play the game. everyone in the jury thought she was a floater when she was actually a beast. she could have easily won an hoh but gave it to danielle because she knew she would nominate janelle so she got what she wanted while keeping the target off her back. then she won an hoh but then due to “technical difficulties” she lost and then she finally got her hoh. then every time they tried to get rid of her she won the veto.

          • Sean Bunn

            I agree she was underrated, but Boogie did deserve to win over her.

  • DaBa

    This poll is a little too close for comfort, both were fantastic, but I’ve got to vote for the Michael Jordan of the Big Brother game: Dr. William Kirby

  • Sepen

    Yeah! this ones gonna be close IMO the winner of this vote will be the final winner of this whole poll

    • sepen

      And my vote goes to Dan the winner of BB10 and the future two time winner

  • Melissa Zeigler

    I can’t wait to see who wins this round of Best BB Player! It is sooooo close!!!

    • Ryan

      which ever one wins SHOULD win the final round

  • Tuniciaa

    Both of these are my favorite players, period. Will showed others how to play the game, and Dan used this advice, and won this game. Since Will is the true puppet master, I vote for him.

  • Jplumb777

    That was the toughest vote possible!! The two best player to play the game.

    • Rob


  • Guest

    Hard choice between these two, but gotta go with the winner. Good luck Dan.

    • Leb123isme

      they both won…

  • acm57

    How do you win Big Brother, and not win competitions. Not only did he win BB2 but helped Boogie win BB7. Dan was great in his season and the Renegades were great to watch, but no one can touch Will and Chilltown!!

    • BBForever

      It’s easy when you play on a season WITHOUT veto competitions. LOL

      • Mwillithegenius

        That’s why All-Stars is important in showing Will Kirby’s skill as a player. All-Stars was in some ways a different game from Big Brother 2, but he still came very to close to winning All-Stars

      • Sean Bunn

        I would think that would make it harder actually

  • TheRealDeal

    I can not believe Dan beat Dr. Will , what is this world coming to lol.

    • Sean Bunn

      probably because there a lot of people who watch BB today that didn’t watch BB7 & BB2, so they didn’t really get to see how powerful Dr. Will really was.

  • chellelynn2

    Dan was not quite as manipulative as “Evil Dr.Will” I think just for that my vote goes to Dan.

  • Faceones

    dang i did not expect that thot will would win easy i know dan was good player and all but will dominated 2 times in different type of big brother games and he won wo winning and no vetos i dont get it

    • Adam Alamillo

      I bet Dan could be the first 2-time winner.

  • Andrew Sloan

    SO MAD I wasn’t here yesterday to vote!! AND IT ACTUALLY WOULD’VE MADE A DIFFERENCE IT WAS SO CLOSE. I make tons of people in my family vote, but completely forgot about this yesterday. Dr. Will should’ve flippen won. Dan played an awesome game, but i think people just voted for him because his season was season 10 and new BB fans might not know exactly how awesome Will is (thats probably just a few votes right there). Even JULIE CHEN called him a LEGEND on The Talk right before season 13. This is not good.

    • Adam Alamillo

      Give Dan an All-Stars season, and we’ll see what happens ;) He’s legend-quality himself.

    • BBForever

      Dan is the only unanimous winner in BB history; that makes him a legend. Will won the first “real” Big Brother, where the rules were much different from today’s… and while he did really well in All-Stars, he clearly couldn’t compete with the new changes. Ultimately his cockiness got him booted by the same girl he thought was in his pocket. He should have seen it coming.

      • Njfekdc

        will in all stars had to compete against all stars and every single person in the house with the exception of chicken george were all great. so what if dan was the only unanimous winner because like you said the game changed and back then they voted for who they liked not who played a better game. will also won season 2 on his own he didn’t have any help since his whole alliance was evicted so early. before will big brother was just a popularity contest will brought strategy to the game.

        • Sean Bunn

          Tired of this whole game changed thing. It’s not as different as they think. Actually in BB2 I would think it would have been harder because they couldn’t compete for vetos

      • Mattz0r83

        to say he couldn’t compete is ridiculous. he didn’t win a single competition and finished 4th while almost single-handedly engineering the eviction of nearly every house guest and certainly everyone in the jury. he could clearly compete with the changes. and for the record, he did see it coming and described in detail what led him to the conclusion that he was going home and there was nothing he could do. he was essentially one wrong move away from being a two time winner. and he did all this after entering the game as the only winner, putting a big target on his back in the first place. if you watch the way season 7 unfolded, will makes dan’s play style look like a joke.

        also take into consideration that Will played season 7 against all-star house guests, while Dan… well, he flew under the radar and made one big move, which really wasn’t that brilliant, and held a dramatic funeral for himself that was for the most part totally unnecessary. i mean really, how much brilliance did it take to figure out that the way to get off the block was to throw Ian under the bus by telling the truth and Frank being in the position of having the whole house against him no matter what he did, was going to try to align himself with Dan. Frank basically had to take the deal and pray it was legit just to get the votes to come off the block next week. it wasn’t any brilliant strategy, no matter how the production tried to spin it. it was the only obvious move.

      • Sean Bunn

        The guy was responsible for getting well over half of the house out of the competition. Chilltown’s 1 mistake was letting Janelle get so far

  • areddy

    the problem with these kind of brackets are the newer seasons tend to have an advantage just because they are fresher in people’s minds or they have not even seen the prior seasons. Having Will even this close is a testament to how good he was.

    • BBForever

      You’re forgetting that Will was on TWO seasons, which makes him stand out more than Dan. Also, Will was already labelled an “all-star” which gives him the edge. What a lame argument.

  • Waywardirish

    Forgot to vote too. Acckk! Dan was a fantastic player. I would have went with Will though.

  • Luke Anyanka Bright-Pyle

    Wow, that was close! But I have to agree with the winner! Even though its not what i expected the poll to go like tbh

  • Kalimnafisi

    Will Should have won, Dan is my second/third favorite male BB player, but Will is the best for the males. If his seasons werent like 10 years ago, and were in the last 4 like Dan, Im sure he would have won

  • asdfjkl;

    How the hell is Dan in the lead lol?
    Have you people ever seen a season of Big Brother?
    You forgot to mention that in Season 2, there was no Veto.
    That means you had to manipulate your way into staying another week.
    Also, in Will’s 2 seasons, he never won a single HoH or Veto and still kicked ***.

  • Sydney

    love this show i watch i ever year i dont miss an episode or someone gets hurt…….. or i just cry

  • RIGHTway

    Dr Will is the best player of all time in Big Brother 2.Dan is the best player of all time in Big Brother 10. This matter is closed.

  • twentyfivemanroster

    After being on the block and assured to go home this season(14), Dan got himself out of it again (ahem…without winning a veto) That may be the greatest play ever. Does that give him the edge? Who knows, but that was an amazing feat.

    • Sean Bunn

      Dr. Will actually managed to get people to put up their BEST FRIENDS IN THE HOUSE! IN THEIR ALLIANCE!! that takes some serious social skills! He got Janelle to put up Marcellas! He got Erika to put up Danielle! Manipulation is the name of the game if you ask me

  • Seanorlin

    I’ve watched every season of big brother since season 2, I’ve seen Dr. Will play twice, and I’ve seen Dan play twice(including currently). Dr. Will did great in season two and all stars, but in all stars he had boogie from the beginning, a partner he trusted 100%, and he got 4th in all stars out of 14 people.
    Dan was a part of the renegades, won unanimously in season 10 after being public enemy number 1′s partner(brian), and now in his second season, he’s already made it farther than any former winner ever before, including Will, as Dan is guaranteed at least third(out of 16 ppl), and he has gotten out Janelle(the girl who got out Will), and Boogie(Will’s partner), plus his funeral and replacement nominee roulette are legendary, and he’s never, in two seasons, had a vote against him,

    Will threw competitions, and that made it so that ppl didnt see him as a threat as he would never in hoh(in all stars), Dan threw the ones he needed to and wons the one he needed to, thats why he’s made it farther than any winner ever before, and also Dan didn’t have Memphis this season, he’s had people that he doesn’t trust like Will had Boogie in both seasons, and Dan still manages to make people who hate him take him off the block, then shank them(Frank)

    Will 1st and 4th not unanimous winner, had boogie twice, had votes to evict
    Dan 1st and at least 3rd, only unanimous winner, had real partner only once, no votes to evict

    I Vote For the Dan, based on the facts