Best BB Player Bracket: Eric vs. Ragan

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Eric vs. Ragan

Ragan Fox (@RaganFox): Big Brother 12
1. Ragan was the second Saboteur of the season. He completed his duties receiving $20,000
2. Two Veto wins (during week 6 & day 56)
3. Ragan had one of the most notable fights during week 6 when Rachel came back in the house for 24 hours

Eric Stein: Big Brother 8
1. First ever America’s Player, Eric would attempt to complete a series of tasks given to him by poll votes from viewers, where he would be rewarded $10,000 for each task completed
2. Eric is best known for his “showmance” with Jessica Hughbanks
3. Was the 10th player evicted, placing 5th and becoming the 5th member of the jury

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  • Kungfuwomn

    I really didnt know who to vote for didnt really care for either one but Eric as America’s Player was way better in his duties then the saboteur which turned out to be the easiest 25 or 50k whatever he won ever made on BB! Anyone can write a note?

  • DaBa

    Eric was given the handicap of all handicaps in season 8. He pretty much had to fight the audience AND the producers who all wanted Dick to win and who manipulated the show to make it happen.

    Despite all that, he still made it pretty far. And in an even BIGGER upset, this scruffy little guy got to take home a smoking hot blonde once the show wrapped up. I salute you Eric Stein!

  • Melissa Zeigler

    This is a tough decision for me. I think they both played the game equally hard. Oh who do I vote for? HELP lol

  • Kareny

    I really love both of these guys so it’s a hard one for me – I could listen to them both talk game all day long. But Eric did a much better job of playing a badly dealt hand, while Ragan committed some bad missteps in his own game.

    So, my vote goes to Eric, but I’d take ‘em both back on All Stars…!

  • Andrew Sloan

    I just re-watched season 8 and eric can be overlooked just by the fact he was playing for America and never really had his own strategy/played his game. When in fact Eric had to flip the house on multiple occasions and was an excellent strategist and manipulator. Eric also couldn’t risk winning HOHs because who America chose to nominate could throw off his strategy. Ragan was no where near close the strategist that Eric was (although I do admit Eric got a little too into the game, telling Dick about Amber’s past and threatening to use that against her if she were to betray him). Ragan did win 2 POVs and was always right next to Matt in the endurance comps, but the strategy that Eric exhibited in his season gives him my vote.