Best BB Player Bracket: Evel Dick vs. James R.

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Evel Dick vs. James R.

Dick “Evel” Donato (@EvelDick): Big Brother 8

1. Was the first House Guest to use the Power of Veto on the opposing nominee and survive eviction in Big Brother 8

2.  Is the oldest House Guest to win Big Brother, being 44 at the time of his win

3. Won 3 HOH (Week 3, Days 69 & 76)

James Rhine (@JamesRhine): Big Brother 6

1. James formerly held the record for the most Power of Veto wins with 5 in Big Brother 6, but the record would be broken by his Sovereign Six ally Janelle Pierzina

2. Appeared on All Stars. Both seasons James placed 7th

3. He was part of the Sovereign Six- Legion Of Doom alliance

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  • DaBa

    As I said before, Dick was a great entertainer, with a great understanding of the game, but not a great player. He benefited from producer and audience intervention during S8 which is something James never had during either of his seasons.

  • James Rhine

    I had no damn help… But loved having to fight each week to keep my ass in the game.

    • Debmartin06

      James you are my all time favorite, but I had to vote for Dick…please forgive me!

    • Faceones

      sorry Evel had help James did not he had to fight all the way through just my opinion not like he gonna win still gave James my vote

  • Andrew Sloan

    Evel Dick may not have made it so far if America didn’t vote to save him, but he is an all around great player nonetheless, who deserved to win season 8.
    1. His strategical gameplay was great. He always knew what was going on and when to make key game changing moves. Also his bullying and intimidation got under people’s skin, frazzling people for upcoming competitions and making some fear going after him
    2. His competitive/physical side was surprisingly good. In endurance competitions he either won, threw the competition or was one of the finalists, proving he was a good competitor
    3. He was great TV

  • Melissa Zeigler

    Don’t anyone tell James that I voted for him!

  • sepen

    Evel dick gets my vote James R is a very creepy looking “man” Mr Rogers look alike plus he whined like a little bitch when Janelle destroyed “him” in the OTEV POV comp

  • BBfan6211

    had to vote for the veto king he’s my favortie bb player of all time