Best BB Player Bracket: Hayden vs. Dan

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Hayden vs. Dan

Hayden Moss: Big Brother 12

1. He had 4 of the 7 jury votes to be crowned the champion, winning $500,000
2. Part of the Brigade Alliance
3. 4 HOH Wins (Week 1, Day 56, Weeks 9 & 10)

Dan Gheesling (@DanGheesling): Big Brother 10

1. Winner of BB10 with a unanimous 7-0 vote
2. Member of The Renegades Alliance. Replacement Nominee Roulette Anyone?
3. Three HOH wins and two Veto wins

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  • Eagle

    My votes for Hayden. You played a great game Hayden. Good Luck *-*

  • Andrew Sloan

    I love how there is only 1 other comment here, but in the other poll there are like a thousand. My vote is for Dan, he played the whole game and had no one to hide behind. Hayden always had Kristen and the Brigade backing him up. Although there is nothing wrong with that, and it’s good gameplay, Dan just played it way better

  • Kareny

    As much as I think Dan was a BB genius and delivered great TV, he took some huge risks – they paid off, which was incredible to see, but there were so many times his game could have flown off the rails and didn’t. Hayden played a safer and more solid game, which wasn’t quite as exciting to watch, but as far as the “ideal Big Brother game”, I have to go with Hayden over Dan here.

  • Honestjo

    Vote is for Dan. He played better but I really didn’t like either of the two very much and didn’t care if they won or lost those years as I recall.

  • Adam Alamillo

    He made it through the whole game with 0 eviction votes, 3 HOHs, 2 Vetoes, all 7 Jury Votes, and completed all three America’s Player tasks he was asked to perform. Dan gets my vote.