Best BB Player Bracket: James Z vs. Kevin Campbell

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: James Z vs. Kevin Campbell

James “Crazy James” Zinkand (@ApexJames): Big Brother 9
1. James was the first male player since Kaysar Ridha to be voted back into the game.
2. James became a huge threat upon his return, winning 1 HOH competition and three consecutive Power of Veto competitions (Day 37, Week 6, Week 7).
3. He ultimately placed 6th, becoming the 4th member of the jury. He also won America’s Choice, receiving $25,000.00.

Kevin Campbell (@kcampbellicious): Big Brother 11
1. Kevin was a member of the Off-Beat clique.
2. Kevin was the tenth and final House Guest evicted from the season, placing 3rd.
3. Won POV 2 times (Day 34, Week 9).

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  • Michynkrs

    Are You Kidding me? Kevin should be KILLING This by a freaking landslide!

    • Faceones

      he should be

  • Andrew Sloan

    James cost Chelsea her game… blah :O. Although he was a strong physical player, he was not as strong of a strategist. Kevin played the game extremely well and won when he had to. He also won HOH which should be up there, sending Jeff home. It sucked he ended up with Lydia and then Natalie, but he did great with what was given and played the whole house brilliantly

  • Kungfuwomn

    Kevin probably could have won more comps but he decided to float to the end and win comps, compared to others like Enzo and Adam that were complete floaters!

  • Luke Anyanka Bright-Pyle

    This is a hard one! Both played great games in my opinion, but have to go with Kevin, he got further with his game, amazing strategy towards the end game!! :)

  • Kc Campbell

    Vote for James. Kevin was a nerd who got cast due to some clerical Error.

  • TruthTeller

    Ewwwww , just seeing crazy James makes me wanna upchuck.

  • Sid

    Kevin, you are lucky this isn’t a vote on penis size.

  • TweetsRide

    I always think of Kevin when I see the BB WC(f)!! #chestbump

    +1 for Kevin