Best BB Player Bracket: Janelle vs. Jordan

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Janelle vs. Jordan

Janelle Pierzina (@JanellePierzina): Big Brother 6

1. Janelle won every America’s Choice award during Big Brother 6 and appeared on All Stars where she came in 3rd place for the second time
2. Known for her phrase “Bye bye, bitches!” which has become wildly popular in the Big Brother community
3. Is currently tied for the most Power of Veto wins

Jordan Lloyd (@BBJordanLloyd): Big Brother 11

1. Winner of BB 11 and appeared again in Season 13
2. Jordan partnered with Jeff Schroeder. Her second duo partner was Rachel Reilly
3. Nominated for eviction BB11 4 times (weeks 2, 3, 8, & 9) Nominated for eviction BB13 3 times (weeks 4 & 8 and day 69)

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  • Invest43

    Janelle is going to become another victim of the cat ladies :(

    • Faceones

      what wrong with cats?

  • Patworx

    Janelle fans, hurry! Let’s beat Jordan! Quickly!

  • TheRealDeal

    Love them Both , but Janelle should have this one for sure !!

  • kungfuwomn

    I love Jordan it it wasnt for her and Jeff and i wouldnt have bought live feeds for first time after a month of the show for them and then become such a huge Brenchel fan but i know that Janelle is one of the top 2 best BB players of all time and their is no way that she should lose.I am playing with my head not my heart so i hope all Jordan fans realize that Janelle should really win this one.

  • Royrescue

    y’all really think only Cat Ladies Vote for Jordan and Jeff! you only want to Demonize everyone that may have a different opinion than you have! really, enough with the Cat Ladies! Janelle lost both times! and Janelle is going to lose again! to a meaningless Pole that very FEW care about! everytime I see or hear Cat Ladies to Demonize differing opinions,I am voting for Cat Ladies! and i love to hate BB! I Love the Love Story of Jeff and Jordan,Cool people that are nice to everyone,even the HATERS! but not the best BB players!

    • Sue

      What a thought! Stop the Haters. By Voting against the HATE!

    • Matt

      Love your comment,Roy.I am Sick of Jeff and Jordan HATERS

      • TruNut

        No one hates Jeff & Jordan, we hate their lunatic fans!!! You all need to get your own romances, geez.

        • Luvlady345

          I see you are sprouting the bitter NONSENSE of the bitter ex HG, when they diss J/J they use this same old used up line……Nah you dislike/hate them the truth will set you free, if you didn’t it wouldn’t matter how their fans votes……Hate me for liking and voting for who I like, geez and J/J fans are lunatics….LOL

        • Erock822

          this is dumb JJ fans are hopeless in love

        • Mattymattman13

          its fine that people loveeeee jeff and jordan so much, but those fans dont realize that liking someone doesn’t equate to them playing a better game than someone like janelle, who btw only won 6 HoH and 7 PoV’s during her tenure at the big brother house. i think all jordan can say to that is that’s number of times she farted hourly.

  • Michmomto3

    Are you a cat lady whenever you vote for Jordan/Jeff period? Is there a problem in liking who you like? Goodness! I think Jordan, who has actually won the game, is a better player than Janelle. So what? I vote my way, you vote yours. Why take this to a nasty place? Yikes! LOL We all realize we’re not voting the president here right? :P

    • TruNut

      Because you cat ladies always make it a competition.

      • guest1

        its not that the ‘cat ladies” make it a competition its simply that everytime jeff or jordan win one of these ridiculous polls then everyone has to start blaming their fan base,and something obviously has to be rigged …its ridiculous its a free country and you can vote for who you want to vote for and you shouldnt have to be subjected to nasty name calling because you voted for who you like. In the end this stupid poll means nothing..nobody cares it doesnt mean shit..its just another way for reality nation/superpass to keep people arguing about shit that does not mean anything in the real world…its not all about competions in the game of bb social playing and just plain old luck have alot to do with winning the game..everyone needs to relax and worry about things that really do matter

      • BB1113

        Isn’t it a competition? Double check, it’s Janelle fans bringing this to a nasty and uber competitive place.

  • Davin0200

    I voted jordan and i have ZERO cats tyvm.

    • SnideSnidington

      I think you should replace the word “cats” with “intelligence relative to the game of Big Brother,” and then your statement will be correct.

  • Dana Cunningham

    why the hell does jordan have the most votes.. hands down janelle was the better player. Its a shame she always got evicted in the end.

    • Leb123isme

      yep. yep.

  • s.m

    LOL @ the ppl who call us cat ladies just because we love jeff and jordan!! GET A LIFE HATERS!!! …u just JEALOUS u don’t have SUCH STORNG FANBASE like US for ur fav player :) MOVE ON!

  • Jwoods440

    i think Janelle should win, i absolutely love both of them but Janelle was the better player, and we are voting for the best player not Americas favorite.

  • kungfuwomn

    If you vote against Jeff or Jordan that doesnt mean your a hater, i happen to love both of them but their is just no way that Jordan is a better BB player then Janelle period.If you polled the fanatical BB watchers those who watch every season from day one and poll all the HGs that have ever played BB Janelle would be in the top 3 over Jordan and thats not because they hate her its because Janelle was one of the greatest BB game players of all time.I happen to vote based on who won the most comps and their gameplay over who actually won the BB game so people may not vote Janelle because she didnt win but if you are going to go by who won the most comps in BB history Jordan would be near the bottom.I love Jordan and Jeff i really do but it looks like Jeff will probably go up against Evil Dick and you can guess who will win that one if Jordan wins over the best Female BB player of all time?

    • guest

      Last time i checked BB isn’t the Olympics it’s not about who wins the most competitions. There is only one object of BB and that is to not get evicted and in that regard Jordan wins. Janelle had a horrible social game and to me BB is a social game and that is why i am voting for Jordan.

    • Luvlady345

      See for me Janelle was NEVER,EVER the best female player on BB, she won competitions but most of them do at one time or the other…..You have to do more than just win competitions to be the best in my book……

      • TruNut

        Most of them do at one time or another ? LOL, that’s rich. Tell me, does being dragged along because you were never a threat justify a better player? Pathetic!

        • Luvlady345

          It called playing smart and to NOT have a huge bulls eye on your back, the object of BB is to be in the F2 chairs, it’s doesn’t MATTER how you get there as long as you get there……PLEASE drag me to the F2 at the chance for 1/2 mil, I will take it….Anyone say the wouldn’t is more delusional than this dumb poll…..

  • Luvlady345

    Janelle had a horrible social game, her ra on BB6/Allstars how she didn’t have good stratergy, never won the game so for me this is an easy one…..Call me what you want, I embrace my inner cate MEOW! Jordan, all the way!

  • 2scoops

    Janelle is for sure the better player…Don’t need a poll to know this!

    • Kalimnafisi

      Agreed Completely! Should have been Janelle and Rachel in Final 2

  • Paula

    Janelle is what you call a choke player, she could never win at the end, so my vote goes to Jordan ..

  • Official Cody Allen

    WHAT?! Are you serious right now? Jordan is beating Janelle? This is ridiculous! Smh.

    • Erockk822

      Thinking the same thing! The voting is casted by Jordan lovers!

  • Tom Palmer

    If you vote for Jordan, please list your reasons as to how she played a better game. I’m willing to not call you a cat lady if you actually list reasons.

    Here’s the reasons for Janelle

    won the most competitions in bb history. (competitive gameplay)
    last survivor of the sovereign 6 alliance both times. (social and competitive gameplay)
    allied with chilltown who threw comps to her as a result. (social gameplay)
    voted out Dr. Will (strategic gameplay)
    was one hoh away from winning both times.

    here are my reasons against jordan

    poor competitor
    hid behind Jeff both times, and let Jeff make the decisions. late in BB13 she hid behind rachel, although she didn’t do that as well.
    could have won bb13 if she had just been willing to make a deal with porsche, but gave up.
    little to no strategic gamplay other than taking Natalie over Kevin
    people claim she had a good social game, but she was just nice. a good social game is turning enemies into allies, which is what Dr. Will did.

    so there’s my argument. i’m not just hating on Cat Ladies or whatever.

    • Manley

      Adding on to your Jordan info…if it had not been for Alison Grodner HELPING JORDAN AND RACHEL, Jordan would have been evicted the week that Porsche won HOH! That entire Pandora’s Box (did Janelle have one of those? I don’t think so!) was set up to help the two were about to be annihilated by the other side, a “help” to keep them in the game. It was disgusting then and it’s disgusting now.

      • Royrescue

        BB fans know that Porsche’s Pandora Box only SAVED Adam! Follow this thought. IF there was No Pandora’s Box,Rachel would still have Won POV! still following me? Porsche would Replace Rachel on the Block with WHO? Against Jordan. Jordan has Rachel and any other vote to stay! still following. Shelly would have voted out Adam or Kalia over Jordan. Adam would have voted out Shelly or Kalia over Jordan. Every BB fan Knows Porsche’s Pandora Box only Saved Adam. Think About It

        • TheRealDeal

          Well , This is true.

          • Michmomto3

            Why am I a cat lady if I don’t list me reasons? Good lord, who is crazier a devoted fan base or a bunch a people demanding justification for our votes? Jordan won, that is all.

          • Mattymattman13

            the point is, cat lady, that this was a poll about who played a better game, not a popularity poll. maybe you’ve never seen janelle in a season of big brother, but she dominated in both of her seasons.
            jordan, by no means, dominated the game. she didn’t even care that she was there. she had little to no drive, sucked at comps, and followed whatever jeff said. im pretty sure that in order to be considered a great player, you should think for yourself at the very least.
            yes, she’s a nice enough girl. but by no means should be considered one of the best players in bb history (at least not better than janelle)

        • joe

          But what if they planned for Rachel to win POV from the beginning of the week. There would be no need to have them in duos unless you want them to be 100% safe. That POV comp was definitely a repeat of the first HOH and the producers knew that.

          • Royrescue

            Pandora Box is preplanned,HOH,POV,COMPS,are preplanned.go to BB11 Chima’s expelled, and the POV Comp became the next HOH Comp.

          • Corndogger

            Rich Meehan has already said they came up with that Pandora’s Box the night Jordan was whining for help. It wasn’t preplanned. It was rigged to help Jordan stay in the game.

          • Royrescue

            Well, it did not HELP Jordan now did it! It only Helped Adam. Think about it Kalia.

        • Corndogger

          LOL! That has got to be the craziest logic I’ve heard concerning that Pandora’s Box incident. Anyone who was watching the feeds saw Jordan whining that they needed some “help” and then out of the blue (unannounced to TV viewers the episode before which has never happened before) the next day there was a Pandora’s Box which also happened to bring back the duo twist. That twist was designed specifically to save Jordan because she was the next one to go. The POV comp also would have been different (they never essentially used the same comp in the same season) so it’s debateable if Rachel would have won that POV.

      • Bbfan3

        You are 100% right. I have never seen a set up like pandora last year. Heaven forbid sweet jordan or good for tv rachel train wreck be evicted. All the newbies were screwed day 1

        • Guest

          Yes we seen a set up like this in BB12 when the saboteur twist was brought back, so why can’t they use pandora box to bring back a the duo twist this season, I mean it’s just a twist, they did it in BB12, why can’t they do it in BB13 without it being called rigged, it’s Porsche felt for being greedy and taking the 50000 from pandoras box and with pandoras box it’s always a gamble

    • Paula

      First of all Jordan talked game with her true alliance Jeff all the time….
      Secondly -Jordan won in the end when it was most important, she didn’t choke
      Thirdly -Jordan knew the only person when it got down to F6 who wouldn’t take her to the end on BB11 was Russell so she harped on Jeff day/night to get rid of Russell, even Jeff told Jordan that he thought he could trust Russell but he would take him out…..
      Fourthly -Jordan surrounded herself with player who was always seen as the bigger threat, she was always the nicer of her alliance, she would tell Jeff to play nice with Michele because they needed her even when Jeff wanted to get her out ….
      People always thought it was a mistake for Jordan to get rid of Lydia during her HOH reign and send her to the jury but that was probably one of her best moves along with taking Natalie to the finals….Lydia worked over Jesse who imo was the swing vote and hot Jordan the win….

    • jo31

      anyone that won the money or the trophy is the better player. Like any sporting game, any team that won no matter how are label the better team. Janelle did not win, Jordan won. A win is a win is a win. So my vote is for Jordan love her or hate hate. If it was not for Jordan Rachel would not have won. Jordan coached her, whether we want to admit it or not, Jordan coached her. She even told her who to take to the end. She nearly lost becasue she took Porsche when Jordan told her to take Cruddy. She was lucky that Jordan and Jeff were on that Jury and was able to convince some on the jury to vote for her.

      • Bbfan3

        Jorda couldn’t coach a chiwawa out of a box with a steak.

      • Mattymattman13

        janelle came in third both times, the only thing that stopped her from winning the WHOLE thing both times was the final HoH.

        jordan did win once. but also played a much worse game in her second season and came in fourth.

        and did you see the competition she was against in bb11? they all sucked. ALL of them.

        janelle came in third to much more respectable players in both of her seasons, and was inches away from the win both times.

      • Hang Wai Chow

        A win is a win.LOL
        Why don’t we see the result between Dan and Jeff?

    • Erock822

      I agree if Janelle was on season 11 she would of beat Jordan. In fact Jordan would of been voted out weeks into ot.

  • Melissa Zeigler

    I love these polls because everyone has a opinion! Who was the best player for me might be because they are a fierce competitor, as to others it may be who had the best strategy. I love Jordan dearly! But I voted for Janelle.

  • Elizabeth

    I will say it again, vote for who you want and make your points without sniping. Leave the hateful comments about the players and of their respective fan bases out of the conversation. It is unnecessary, unproductive and exhausting. Jordan pays no attention to these polls and Janelle seems to be busy and fulfilled and more than likely cares nothing about it if she does know about it.

    There is enough hate to go around in the world and in social media without it being about something as silly as a debate over BB!

  • Official Cody Allen

    It makes me sick how people say Daniele road Dick’s coat tails to the end when Jordan tried to do the same with Jeff! The only difference between the 2 is that Dick could make it to the finals and Jeff couldn’t. The only reason Jordan ever won a competition is when people LET her win. And she only talked game when Jeff said she could and even then Jeff told her what to say! Just because she’s cute and funny doesn’t make her a better player than Janelle. In season 6 Janelle was a target the whole time and still made it to the final 3. Just because she “chocked” doesn’t mean Jordan is better. The only reason Jordan won anyway is because Natalie mad Jessie mad. If Jessie wouldn’t have been pissed at Natalie he could’ve easily changed Lydia’s vote and Natalie would have won.

    • Royrescue

      could of,would of,should of. were do i vote

    • Luvlady345

      Seriously I can tell you never watched J/J on the feeds, it was Jordan who told Jeff repeatly for weeks on end to get rid of Russell, it was Jordan who told Jeff to be nice to Michele to keep her on their side, even though Jeff couldn’t stand the sight of Michele…..People let her win really? In order for your ALLIANCE member to let you win anything you have to had beat out the rest of the people who they were up against, both times Jordan did that in BB11/13…….Seriously you think Kevin/Natalie LET her win? Now that’s a good laugh……Jordan didn’t let pressure get to her in her win on BB11 which is something that Janelle did, she let Ivette(sp) beat her enough said…..

  • Leb123isme

    I voted for janelle. this doesn’t make me a jordan hater, because jordan is fine, I just think janelle played a better game.

  • Jake Taylor

    No offense but I think that this poll should of been created 3 seasons later with nobody from BB14/BB15/BB16 in it, or had nobody from the last 3 seasons of Big Brother in the poll. That way fan bases can just calm down, and they will actually vote for the better player.

    It is really ridiculous that Jordan is still here. Compared to Danielle, who made it to the final 3 in her original season without getting nominated, Jun, who is basically invented one of the most underrated strategies in Big Brother, and if we don’t get enough votes soon, Janelle, who is basically the best competitor we had on Big Brother.

    I am gonna campaign as heck in order for Janelle to win this poll. I will ask as many friends as possible to vote for Janelle. I don’t want Jordan to be still here after this round.

    • guest1

      and of course you are entitled to your opinion..dont waste your time on getting friends to your time would be better spent making big mac’s and fries

  • Michelle Williams Falk

    Missy is right when she says it is an individual opinion about what makes a good player. People say all the time this person or that person doesn’t deserve to win because they did or didn’t do this or that. BUT, if they make it to the end they did something right along the way or they wouldn’t be there. JMO

  • Mike

    Janelle should win this one…Janelle should win the whole thing…

  • OwenJDave

    The fact that Jordan is winning is disgusting. FU Cat ladies.

  • DaBa

    Janelle vs. Jordan?! I believe the internet just exploded in a burst of cat hair.

  • Walkingonsunshine1992

    WTF is Jordan winning? I used to say Janelle was overrated, but that was before running into Jordan’s ridiculous fanbase. Janelle’s definitely a better player. What a crock of shit.

  • Ksteeves19

    its gonna be jeff vs. jordan in the finals

    • Monkey Face

      No ****. They of course knew this and it is the reason they stuck them in separate brackets. RN wants to show Jeff and Jordan these -totally indicative of how great they were at the game and how everyone loves them- results to kiss their ass and stick them on some show so they can reel their obsessive fans in who will literally do anything and pay anything for a second of their trite banter or whatever. All about the benjamins, baby.

  • AL

    is this a joke! janelle is obviously the better player and its ridiculous that people dont say that. she has the most hoh wins, the most pov wins, the most americas choice wins, the most overall competition wins, and not to mention everyone hated her and trashed her in the house but she still dominated both seasons! i love jordan, but she floated by letting other players be the target. in allstars janelle pretty much won a competition every single week except for the weeks when her season 6 alliance was in power and the last week when she got evicted. but other than that she either won hoh or veto the whole season even though she was prime target since week 1!
    VOTE JANELLE, HANDS DOWN! she’s the “best reality tv competitor” as stated by dr. will himself!

  • Amber Horner

    I love Jordan too, but obviously Janelle was the better player.

  • Cory

    And some people call themselves Big Brother fans. This is sad.

    • Kalimnafisi


  • Nicoliegh

    We all love Jordan but come on…Janelle will get the votes of real BB fans who appreciate the game.

  • Chris Kelly

    Janelle is the best player to never win by far. Jordo won.

    • Adam Alamillo

      Best player to never win by far is Danielle Reyes. Janelle is up there though. Danielle should have beaten Jordan polls ago.

      • Chris Kelly

        Please Adam, as soon as Danielle was put on the block she lost all game. Watch All Stars again. Janelle was solid in both games.

  • Kungfuwomn

    Face it people it doesnt matter what poll Jeff or Jordan are put in they are going to win all of them, their fans will vote for them for president of the US if it meant they win.I love them as reality stars but and even though i am brenchel fan i dont rush to vote a thousand times for every poll Rachel is in.I know alot of people might not remember Janelle on BB so voting Jordan who was just on a few years ago may be kind of understandable they can compare them together.But if Jordan wins she will probably end up against Rachel in the finale( Really it should be Rachel and Janelle) and those two were on same show and Rachel dominated and is close behind Janelle with winning most comps, and she won the show.But Rachel will probably lose to Jordan too and in that case since they were head to head in alot matches it will be even more silly but i know alot Jejo fans dont really care for Rachel so i can see a landslide win over Rachel but if in the end they match Jordan or Jeff with Evil Dick or Dan and they win then this whole poll will really be a joke.

    • Luvlady345

      You know what you should put IMO, in your post….. IMO, Rachel is one of the worse BB HG to play the game, it would be a joke IMO for Rachel to even be near the end of this poll, but hey to each is own, but this is JMO..

    • guest1

      IMO it sounds like there are a bunch of sore losers here…look vote for who you want noone is stopping you .but dont be rude to the jeff and jordan fans that want to vote for them..and NEWSFLASH…this whole poll is a JOKE just another ploy from reality nation/superpass to stir the pot!

  • Honestjo

    oh my! I like Jordan a lot but how can see beat Janelle, she is the best whomever played. I thought it would be down to rachel and janelle since they were the best. totally picking the people they love over the skilled ones but I am really surprised Jordan is beating janelle by this much

  • Tuniciaa

    I give jordan this. She had a superior social game than Janelle. If you can get Rachael to love you, your social game was immaculate.

    • Monkey Face

      Because Rachel wasn’t desperate or anything like that.

  • haleyy


    • guest1

      jeff and jordan fans have just as much right to be here as you do..yes i am a fan of jeff and jordan but also of many other houseguests in the game of really need to try to relax we are not voting to find a cure for cancer we are voting on a ridiculous poll that means jack shit in the morning…fans can vote for whoever they want based on their own opinion of who they thnk played the better game…you can go ahead and vote for who you think is the better player and that is your right in this free country that we live in,but dont be mean to others that do not share the same opinion as you.

  • Guest

    My 10 cats and I just voted for Jordon. Hope she wins! :)

  • kungfuwomn

    They need to change the name of poll now from Best BB player to most popular player? Again I love jordan but whatever this poll says Janelle is still one of the shows greatest players and she is def better then jordan.Wonder if Evil dick or dan wins over Jeff {yeah right} will Jordan beat Evil too ?}I can see people falling on the floor with laughter.

    • Paula

      Who cares? It’s my opinion an everybody has one! I am rolling on the floor laughing with how the fans of J/J are such dream crusher on these silly polls! LMAO!

  • Paula

    LMAO! J/J fan have a new name THE DREAM CRUSHERS for Reality Nation silly polls..

  • Mattstar122296

    Im speechless. I dont even know what to say right now.I love you Jedi Janie.

  • jo31

    Why are cat ladies such good fans? They are loyal and make J win all the time. HAHAHAH!! Proud to be one and don’t even own a cat or a dog.LOL!!!

  • Michmomto3

    Why are people so mad?If Janelle had won, more power to her. I like Jordan and thought she did a great job. Anyone who thinks that these polls (ANY like these) dont smack of personality contests across the board are seriously deluding themselves. Whatevs, this is supposed to be fun, not a huge drag, and thats what this entire thing is turning into. Not because of one fan base or the other, but because people just cant respect the opinions of others and move on.

  • Loreli Miller

    This poll is crap. Don’t get me wrong I like Jordan but there is NOOOOOOO way she is a better player than Janelle…Janelle is the queen of Big Brother. I demand a recount! ;)

    • Dan

      Jordan >Janie in social…Janie >Jordan in comps….Comps to win when it counts Jordan 2 Janie none….nough said.

  • Andrew Sloan

    I’m SOOO mad I wasn’t here to vote yesterday. This is friggen ridiculous. JORDAN SHOULD NOT HAVE BEATEN JANELLE. I love Jordan just as much as the next person, but as GAME PLAYER- physical, mental, emotional- Janelle is SO much better.

  • Waywardirish

    I can’t believe Jordan won this.

  • honestjo

    wow! as I said I really do like Jordan but Janelle was so better of a player and actually should of won the whole thing, now I have to root for Rachel because she was the second better player in my mind, just my opinion. I did watch the live feeds by the way too. People who didn’t watch the live feeds don’t know everything that went on or the show made you believe other things sometimes. Just saying. I say love whomever you want and have your own opinions. :)

  • MrVet0

    Are you kidding me? I didn’t even get vote…Jordon won? wow

    • katy

      Seriously, I roflol at this one.

  • Erock822

    The voting is not about most loved its about better player no way Jordan is better than Janelle dont give me this crap won. This voting is ragged”

  • Mattymattman13

    THE BIGGEST TRAVESTY TO HAPPEN. ever. seriously?
    yes, jordan’s adorable, we love to laugh at how dumb she is, and we love listening to her cute little southern voice. but janelle outplayed her in EVERY aspect of big brother: socially, competition-wise, her alliances. the only mistake she ever made in the game was not winning final HoH twice. whereas jordan just had to ride coattails and look pretty.

  • wylee

    Hack, hack..oh geeze I just hacked up a hair ball…..Janelle hands down….didn’t know about this pole until tonight….lets move on, JJs are so yesterday, unless your a catlady with nothing to do all year…your more like stalkers than fans….

  • Debsueohio

    Why is it that because some of us think that Jeff and Jordan are a sweet pair that means we have cats??? Do we say all people that like Janelle have implants??? Or people that like Will have had plastic surgery geesh get over it….we can like who we like without negative comments ty

  • Soda Pop

    Jordan is considered America’s sweetheart and her seasons are much more recent than Janelle’s, i think that is the only reason why Jordan’s winning. If they were both in the same season Janelle would come out on top, no questions asked. Janelle can really strategize and fight for the prize, Jordan just seems to get by with luck.

    • katy

      Jordan got by imo because she posed no threat to others so rolled easily to final three. After that I’l have to say luck and the BB gods took over. lol

  • Becca

    strange, strange strange. Only seen big brother 14 but where can i do my homework?

  • Iz

    I’m sorry, I utterly ADORE Jordon, but what the FRACK are you people smoking?! Janelle won competitions (and holds multiple records), Janelle had strategies (and good ones at that), and Janelle played the freaking game (and smoked the competition through to F3 – twice)! She absolutely deserved to win BOTH seasons 6 and 7. As much as I love Jordan as a person, even comparing her to Janelle is just a travesty. Janelle is, in my book, the best female player in Big Brother history. Although I do consider Danielle Reyes to be an extremely close second.

    Jordan won BB11 and got as far as she did in BB13 not because of some genius master strategy, but because she was truly no threat to anyone. She did not win competitions or “outsmart” people. I think she is one of the most endearing people on reality TV, but a strategic BB player she is not.