Best BB Player Bracket: Jeff vs. Adam

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Jeff vs. Adam

Jeff Schroeder (@JeffSchroeder23): Big Brother 11, 13

1. Part of the Veterens alliance in BB13, loyal to Jordan Lloyd both seasons
2. Combined, won a total of 4 POVs. BB11 2 times (Weeks 2 & 7) & BB13 2 times (Weeks 5 & 7)
3. Won America’s choice season 11 receiving $25,000.00

Adam Poch (@HeavyMetalTeddy): Big Brother 13
1. Had two duo partners Dominic & Shelly
2. Won POV 2 times
3. Adam was in the final 3 and became the last member of the Jury

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  • BigBroFan19

    Definitely Jeff. I don’t think Adam was playing the game for the 500,000. He was playing for second place at best. There is no way he would have had a vote from the jury. Adam is a cool guy but I never even considered him as a possibility to take the win in BB13.

  • Julia

    Jeff won fan favorite both the seasons he was on..

    • Hellataz

      Exactly! No other Bb player has won Americas fave HG twice. Adam rode Jeff coattails and was never a threat that’s why Jeff left first, stronger players always get targeted first. Jeff FTW !

      • Kazekage2 0

        Umm Janelle won AP twice in a row you fool.

  • Melissa Zeigler

    What I would like to see is Jeff cook! Then I can decide on who I will vote for!! JK :D

  • Jake Taylor


  • captain_obvi

    lets get this straight… I vote *against* little Jeff the retard, not *for* Adam.

    Everything about Adam is phony and soft, he played scared. He was a plant, the Veterans little biaach



    • Carly

      wow, calling someone a retard makes you such a GOOD PERSON!!



  • Michmomto3

    Jeff won 2 HOH’s as well. Adam won 1 HOH and was given 1 of his POVs by Jeff.

  • Official Cody Allen

    I’m not a Jeff fan at all, but come on be real here. Adam was horrible!

  • Sjpackard73

    Is this a joke?

    • rose

      That Adam is on here YES 100%

  • suebee

    Why doesn’t it state that he won America’s Favorite for BB13 too!

    • Truthteller

      because nobody cares and that’s the truth!

    • Neptune

      because being america’s favorite player has nothing to do with game playing ability.

  • TruthTeller

    Adam outplayed Jeff in one game.

  • Chris Kelly

    I liked Adam a lot. He was interesting and made a good time of it, but Jeff was right in the mix both times he played and is a real competitor who fully understands the people and the game.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Adam is one of the friggen worst players ever. Daniele got it right calling him a “piggy-backer.” Jeff gets my vote, no doubt in my mind

  • AdamBeard@piggybacker.dani

    did Adam vote for himself 345x

  • TweetsRide

    adam asked for a hard boiled egg…that made jeff really mad

    +1 adam

  • Cher

    This is cute. Put sure-thing BIG JEFF up there next to one of the worst players ever. Can these brackets be a little more evenly matched, please? You’re going to get BIG JEFF vs. Jordan at the end. But I think you know that.

  • Trevwoh

    the 404 people who voted for adam are just about as stupid as he is. I hate jeff too, but adam is the worst big brother player in all history. bye

  • Trevwoh

    this is actually just embarassing………..

  • sandy3cats

    Jeff by far

  • tom

    I’m surprised this one is close. I’m not a Jeff fan, but come on!

  • JanelleLover

    Janelle won America’s favorite twice and winning it doesn’t make you a good player at all. Jeff sucked at the game.

  • honestJo

    Jeff for sure even if he did say the homophobic thing. Adam I can’t stand because he broke his promise at the end that whomever wins the third contest he will pick to win. He said he voted Porsche because he saw Shelly’s vote. They all say that is bs. No, I liked adam before he did that, he was money hungry and wanted Rachel out of the money. Showed a different side of himself that I didn’t like, I guess money does that to people