Best BB Player Bracket: Jordan vs. Danielle

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Jordan vs. Danielle

Jordan Lloyd: Big Brother 11
1. Winner of BB 11 and appeared again in Season 13
2. Jordan partnered with Jeff Schroeder. Her second duo partner was Rachel Reilly
3. Nominated for eviction BB11 4 times (weeks 2, 3, 8, & 9) Nominated for eviction BB13 3 times (weeks 4 & 8 and day 69)

Danielle Reyes: Big Brother 3
1. Was the runner up receiving only one vote from the Jury
2. Appeared on All Stars and was the 9th person evicted
3. All Stars Danielle won her first and only HoH competition in Week 5 that was thrown to her by Erika Landin. Sshe nominated House Guests Janelle Pierzina and James Rhine for eviction

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  • Dan

    BB11 winner and fourth place BB13,Not bad for this small town girl.Plus she rocks.

    • Corndogger

      We’re not voting on who rocks. As a BB player Dani rocks way more than Jordan.

      • Dan

        Ahhhh ok

    • Troy

      all she rocks are those rocks in her head

      • TruthTeller


  • SnideSnidington

    I think it is fairly obvious that if this were to be solely about who is the better player, then Danielle wins by a mile, but recency effect and popularity greatly favors Jordan.

  • kungfuwomn

    I beg to differ Jordan played a great game while Jeff won the challenges Jordan would go to every group and gather information and except for being wrong on Ronnie she had a good reading on the other houseguests and who was to say that she couldn’t have won that Golf HOH that people say Jeff gave her. And she killed Natalie and Kevin to win and thats just BB11.On BB13 she supported and calmed down Rachel and in my opinion helped her to win so i say to Jordan haters stop underestimating her win on BB.She may not have been the best physical competetor but in BB history she will go down as one of the sweetest and most popular BB winners ever.

    • Corndogger

      Sweetest and most popular is not the same as best player and that’s what these polls are supposed to be about. And Jordan won BB11 because of what Michele did for her in the jury house and her jury question to Scrappy where she gave Scrappy enough rope to hang herself. And in BB13 I’d say it was Rachel who was calming down and supporting Jordan, not the other way around. Porsche supported Rachel way more than Jordan did but she’ll never get credit here because this crowd for the most part hates her.

      • Dan

        What Michele did for in jury????? did what?? OMG talk about delusional.

        • Corndogger

          Sounds like you didn’t watch the season or pay attention to what was said after the fact.

          • Dan

            I watched the feeds and after the fact what on earth did Michele say she did in jury for her.

          • Corndogger

            You’re forgetting that Michele was more than happy to tell the jury about Scrappy’s engagement which Scrappy actually wanted her to do for some strange reason. That along with Michele’s jury question to Scrappy flipped Jessie’s and Lydia’s votes and that’s how Jordan won.

          • Julie

            Lydia would not have voted for Scrappy regardless of who was next to her. Jessie saw the writing on the wall and knew that america would vote for jordan over scrappy. So he did too in order to get along with “america” and get more face time / interviews. In other words, jessie voted with america to further his career. He could care less which of them won. Michele did not flip anything.

  • Icalltheshots

    A WHOLE lot of delusional cat ladies out there. Astounding really that people simply can’t bring themselves to vote for the best player instead of the best cookie dough consumer. Unreal…

    • Dan

      Best player in whose opinion? Yours???

      • Corndogger

        Why don’t you give us some concrete reasons as to why Jordan is a better player than Dani and stick to comparing their first seasons since that is the only info Spicy provided.

  • DaBa

    Is this a joke? Just this once the votes should be disregarded and the result overturned. Nobody can give a coherent rationale for why Jordan should win this round. Saying she beat Kevin and Natalie (two garbage competitors) in an HoH competition doesn’t count.

    • Dan

      Should the votes for Keesha to win over Maggie be overturned too? Maggie was an exeptional player,but I guess that was ok since it wasn’t personal for you,poor poor Jordan haters

      • DaBa

        Maybe you didn’t read what I said in the Maggie/Keesha bracket. I think Maggie was a far better player than Keesha and she should have won that round by far. That being said, Keesha is a fairly forgettable BB contestant in the grand scheme of things, while Danielle is arguably the best female BB competitor of all time. This result is egregious.

        That’s alright though, keep voting for your charming blond airhead instead of striving for a bracket that’s actually accurate… It’s not like you Jordan fans aren’t masters of distorting reality already.

        • Dan

          You said it yourself Dani is arguably the best player Well I would like to argue that if she was that good she wouldnt have almost been voted out FIRST the second time around,instead she became DingDong Dani, she should have aligned with Janie when she had the chance but No everyone underestimated Janie and called her an airhead too. Sorry I didnt see your Maggie comment tho.

          • DaBa

            “Almost getting voted out” doesn’t mean anything in this game, and I would counter with the fact that she went from almost going out first week to making it all the way to 6th place, ultimately being undone by the greatest alliance in BB (Chilltown), no shame in that. And all this despite people knowing how dangerous she was every step of the way.

            Regardless, we could go back and forth on Danielle’s performance all day, but you could never make a good argument for Jordan. Not that I even want to hear it, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

          • Corndogger

            I’ll add that Jordan would have been voted out in Week 2 of BB11 if Laura hadn’t made that unfortunate slip-up. And if it wasn’t for Rich and Allison saving her butt last season there’s no way she would have finished fourth. She also lucked out in BB11 when Jeff was saved with the coup d’etat.

          • Dan

            Rigged rigged thats all people like you can ever come up with when someone you dont want to win wins,Before Laura slipped up the votes were already in place for Jordan to stay.

          • Dan

            It is my understanding that to win the game of BB you have to make it to the final 2,how you get there is totally up to you.Jordan got there because she made sure she posed no threat and always kept bigger players then herself in the game namely Jeff and Michelle even tho Jeff constantly wanted Michele out.Russel was planning on taking Jordan out and she made sure he was gone.I think it’s GREAT gameplay (especially if you suck at comps) to gather people around you who will be voted out before you,smart smart smart.Oh and your dreaming that Rachel kept Jordan calm except for that one time.It was jordan taking Rachels clothes out oh her suitcase as she was ready to give up.Really they both were there for each other.

          • DaBa

            The problem with Jordan fans is that they can’t draw the line between what happens due to calculated strategy and what happens due to a natural course of events. She didn’t “keep” bigger players ahead of her in the game as part of some masterful strategy, it simply happened organically because nobody could be brought to care enough about the dumb blond attached to the hip of big bad Jeff (again, this was through no intentional strategy of her own).

            It still astounds me that Jordan fans still bring that point up when Jordon herself pretty much admitted how much she sucks and how she didn’t deserve to be there near the end of S13. Oh, and I didn’t know that “keeping someone calm” during an emotional outburst during BB is considered a masterful strategic move, that’s not gameplay, that’s wanting to keep Rachel’s annoying sobs out of your ears.

            And if you try and argue that the producers didn’t save Rachel and Jordan’s asses in S13 with the Pandora’s Box then I’ll know you’re REALLY crazy.

      • Southernjezebel

        Why do you keep saying Jordan haters? I’ve read all of these and no one has said they hate her. She’s just NOT a better player than Danielle was. End of story. Not hate, just truth!

  • Jake Taylor

    WTF? A lot of delusional cat ladies out there.

    Jordan won thanks to a bitter jury. She rode Jeff’s cocktails in both seasons that she was on, and 2 of 3 HOHs were thrown to her. The HOH that wasn’t thrown to her, she was competing against Kevin and Natalie who were also sucky competitors.

    Danielle had an alliance with Jason that was kept a secret the whole entire game, and made it to the final 3 without getting nominated. They would of gone to the final 2 if Lisa didn’t win the final HOH. She also would of won if the jury didn’t see her diary rooms.

    Danielle Reyes hands down played a better game than Jordan. The only reason I believe that people are voting for Jordan is because Big Brother 13 just aired, and people remembered her more than Danielle since she was on that season.

    • Dan

      Perfect avi for you betty Mc Bitterson

      • Corndogger

        Dan, some of us try to be objective when comparing players. There’s no way in hell that Jordan is even in the same league as Dani.

  • coop

    I like Jordan and respect her, but Danielle played a better game by a mile. These results are hard to swallow.

    • Corndogger

      No kidding! Danielle played one of the best games ever. No fair-minded BB fan would ever rank Jordan as one of the best players.

      • April

        Totally agree! Danielle was one of the greatest players in the game and is deserving of much more respect then to be placed in this bracket thing against jordan. But then again, reality nation is trying to get their number of site hits up so they can get some sponsors and advertising opportunities, and the best way to do that would be to publish controversial mis-matches within their polls.

  • Darla

    I love both Jordan and Danielle. Jordan played a good social game both seasons, and Danielle played an AMAZING game her first season, and not so much amazing her second season. Kinda torn on this one, but I’m going with Danielle for this one.

    • Corndogger

      The way this is setup it appears that we are only comparing their first seasons.

  • haleyy

    this is so stupid shes only winning because american loves her…

  • Corndogger

    There needs to be a fourth point under Danielle’s blurb.

    4. The jury in BB3 was allowed to watch the DR sessions from that season which killed Dani in the final vote as she made it a little to clear how much she was playing the rest of them and what she thought of their game play, etc. Given that Dani was considered by far the best player that season it was decided that from BB4 on that the jury would not see any DR sessions that the two finalists had done.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Danielle played one of the best games in Big Brother history season 3, and further showed her capabilities in all-stars. She could’ve taken it all the way if Erika wasn’t so blinded by Chilltown. Nonetheless, she played hard from start to end. Jordan played a very different game, which obviously worked for her, seeing as she placed 1st and 4th in seasons 11 and 13 respectively. She was lovable and no one saw her as a prime target. That’s a strategy which paid off. Now which strategy would fall under “The Best Big Brother Player”? Personally I would say Danielle because she played from start to finish and showed a strong passion for the game.

    • Dan

      Playing hard gets you voted out Not smart game play.

      • Andrew Sloan

        Not necessarily. Daniele played hard in her original season and got to the final 2. The jury just didn’t vote for her because they saw her diary room sessions and realized how she played them all. In season 7, Erika’s stupidity cost Danielle her game. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jordan, but just don’t think she should be awarded “best player”. I only say that because if you take Jeff out of the picture, Jordan wouldn’t have gotten as far in both seasons. Danielle showed a love for the game and that’s someone who should be granted “best player”

  • guest

    Jordan hands down, not only should she win this round she should win the whole thing.

    • yuuuuuuuuuuuup!

      Hi Jeff! (:

      I like Jordan and voted for her. I didn’t see Danielle’s season, so i prob shouldn’t have voted lol (:

  • Rozmarie Rl

    After bb2 we were sad about Monica and the 9/11 situtation regarding her sister. People was rethinking what if I was in that house and something happen to my family and no one told me… And then along came bb3 and Dani bb3; she showed us how to play the Big Brother game and have fun! She made the game fun to watch, and she made all of us to want a chance to be a bb houseguest! Because of Danielle Reyes, the Big Brother game is what it is today! CBS should make her the first inductee into BIG BROTHER HALL OF FAME!

  • Leb123isme

    VOTE 4 DANIELLE!!!!!

  • Caseymc5

    MEOW, MEOW….You don’t have to win every competition to win BB. Its that, a great social game, nd whole hell of alot of luck. She had one of the best social games IMO to Dr. Will. Everyone underestimated her & trusted her and in the end, she wiped out both Kevin & Natalie and took 2 of 3 final HOH comps. As for Jeff. They were a team. Just like Will & Boogie, & Dan & Memphis. They trusted each other & Jeff winning the Cout De Tat changed the game for everyone not just Jordan so get that straight because if Jesse was still left in that game it was a given he would have won with that jury filled with minions.

  • Caseymc5

    Oh and BTW these idiotic polls of what & who should have won against the people they were not in the game with, nor was it the same enviroment or household which makes it a whole different ball game. So she won BB11 & came in 4th on her second appearance and from what I recall came in second in at least 3 HOH comps besides the one she won, but at the end of the day, no matter how many times you study this game, or keep your little black book (shocker) of notes at the end of the day Jordan took home the convenant prize of half million dollars to the BANK!!!!

  • Ronnie

    As much as Jordan is my favorite player ever, Danielle is the better Big Brother player, hands down.

  • Janice

    Danielle made one of the biggest blunders in BB history by running her big mouth and attacking and getting personal in her diary room sessions. No one else on her season was dumb enough to do that except her. That definitely does not make her a great player. Her bad judgement and her ego got in her way .

    • Corndogger

      How can that be a blunder when none of them had any idea that the jury would be shown DR sessions? DR sessions are supposed to be kept private from other HGs (it’s why we keep hearing “You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other HGs”) and it makes no sense the jury was shown them in BB3.

      • Andrew Sloan

        The diary room is a place for house guests to reveal all their strategy/gameplay. Danielle did know that the jury could watch her diary room sessions because the jury was the entire evicted cast who went home after the show, not just 7 put in sequester. The jury that season was just bitter and I agree in that was NOT a blunder and Danielle is a much better player than Jordan

        • Southernjezebel

          I hated it when Danielle lost. Bitter jury syndrome. If I remember correctly… Several of the season 3 players, after the bitterness wore off, said they regretted not voting for Dani and she was the better player. The only one I know for sure that didn’t say that was “Marcy”. And for a few years he was just bitter with his life, period, so it’s hard to take him seriously.

  • Brenda

    This bracket poll means nothing. Every true bb fan knows that season 3 Danielle is the best. Always has been. Always will be. Case closed.

  • April

    This whole bracket thing is stupid! Why don’t you match up 1st place winners to 1st place winners, 2nd place winners to 2nd place winners, 3rd place to 3rd place and so on? Those results would create a much more accurate picture of who was the best player within each placement. Then have a top 10 or 12, run off.

  • Sarah

    what? how did jordan win this one?

    • Courtney

      Damiele is black, so people vote for jordon, it is white dominated

  • kristanmarie

    The Maggie/Keesha and Porshe/Cassi votes were ridiculous enough, but this is why I don’t participate in Big Brother-related polls anymore. Less than 25% of the votes for the best female player in BB history? Come on…

  • Wildinvegas

    LOL im so glad Lawon got some votes, he’ll go down in history as the most memorable player in BB history, right up there with Marcelles!

  • Wildinvegas

    wow, what a matchup! Two totally different gamers here in my eyes. I thought it would be closer, with the recent popularity of Jordan who was playing almost a kind of hero role with a newer strategy of less lying and more loyalty with a happy-go-lucky social game, edging out the cunning and fearless old-skool style of Danielle. OMG could you imagine these 2 in All Stars with a secret alliance?

  • Luke Anyanka Bright-Pyle

    Woah? Jordan won? This is meant to be a best player contest… Jordan didnt play, she floated… and dont say thats a type of playing, cause it may be, but its not nearly as strategic and hard to do as what Danielle did in both her seasons…

  • JJ

    wow, terrible vote. Danielle Reyes single-handedly changed the course of the game for all future seasons. Her loss caused the producers to begin sequestering the jurors because that bitter vote had zero to do with gameplay. I bet if there was a re-vote for season 3 now, Danielle wins unanimously. In two full seasons, winning that final HOH in season 11 was the one and only thing Jordan actually did – and she only got that far because she was not a threat. She wasn’t “playing like she wasn’t a threat” – she was ACTUALLY USELESS. Danielle was the BIGGEST threat in her season, but no one thought so because they had no clue what she was doing. She even made sure that the person she aligned with (and kept secret THE ENTIRE GAME – something that has never been done before or since) was perceived as a bigger threat than she was. That is gameplay. Danielle should have won against anyone her season – the fact that she lost to Lisa of all people was one of the biggest travesties in BB history.

  • Shotxbiitch

    Explain to me how this even make sense. I am sick of the ignorant big brother fans just jumping on the Jordan and Jeff train. I get it, they’re likeable and attractive and kind of funny. I like them as people too. That aside, Danielle is by FAR one of the top players to ever play. She lost to a floater bc the jury was bitter and could watch diary rooms. Jordan is a floater that rode coattails to the end until she didn’t have any more coattails to ride. Jordan won because the jury contained Jessie and Michele who just couldn’t take the fact that Natalie had a chance to win after they got lied to in the ultimate game of deception. In what world does Jordan even come CLOSE to measuring up with Danielle? Learn a few things about the game of Big Brother and then come talk to me about who is a better player. Especially this Dan in all the comments below. Talk about ignorance (and here he’s gonna come and be like RAHHH JORDAN IS QOOD)

  • Will

    THIS. IS. RIDICULOUS. Danielle was a far better player than Jordan in every aspect of the game. Jordan was an airhead who just got lucky. Luck does not make her the better player.
    I am thoroughly disappointed in all the cat-ladies who call themselves fans, because this is a disgrace.

  • Official Cody Allen

    I swear it makes me sick that Jordan won this. I love Jordan. But be real here. The only reason she won this round is because JeJo fans are blind when it comes to anyone else being a good player, especially if they’re against Jeff and Jordan.

  • Trevwoh

    PATHETIC……. Danielle should have won by a LANDSLIDE

  • tom

    If Jordan had won BB13, I would consider her BB11 performance an actual strategy, and consider her to be the best player of all time. But she lost BB13, because she couldn’t even bother to ask Porsche to vote to keep her. One move and she could have easily won a second season, and yet she didn’t make it. I’m unimpressed by her gameplay.

  • Teebuck0

    i read all the comments and its funny how everybody agrees daniel played the better game except dan…… crazy

  • Chris Kelly

    Jordo could get votes when she needed them. Danielle had zero scrambling ability, put her on the block and she lost all game. BTW Janelle is by far, the best player to never win.

  • 2scoops

    Brutal! Danielle is an amazing player. There is no way you can compare Dani to Jordon. Not even close!

  • Alex

    Wow, Danielle is one of the best players on BB history. Jordan is not a “player” in any sense. She basically got 500k for lounging around all summer.

  • Teebuck0

    You hear that chris…not even close… you are delusional if you think jordo was better than danielle…. For a fact you are delusional if you think jordo got votes at all… she was a pond knucklehead

  • BBForever

    LMFAO this is hilarious. Anyone who voted for Jordan cannot call themselves a Big Brother fan. You have all disgraced the show.

  • Dapts

    I don’t know why I’m looking through these. They just piss me off.

  • Sim

    Again another bitter jury for Danielle :(

  • Iz

    Sad. Just sad.