Best BB Player Bracket: Keesha vs. Jun

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Keesha vs. Jun

Keesha Smith: Big Brother 10

1. Keesha placed 4th and became the 6th member of the jury
2. Voted America’s Choice and won $25,000
3. Nominated 3 times (Weeks 5 and 8, Day 64)

Jun Song: Big Brother 4

1. Received 6 out of 7 jury votes and was crowned the winner and received $500,000
2. Part of the Elite Eight & Girl Power Alliances
3. 1 HOH Win (week 8 ) 1 Veto Win (week 6)

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  • DaBa

    Keesha should not have advanced past Maggie last round, let’s end the madness here and not have her run through another former BB winner. Keesha got strung along by the Renegades until she wasn’t needed anymore and Jun played a better game and won, plain and simple.

    • Faceones

      i dont agree

      • Darla

        get over it michele

        • Faceones

          excuse me i am not a female

  • Jun Song

    I agree with DaBa.

  • Melissa Zeigler

    I heart Keesha but best player is Jun.

  • Joyzelle

    No contest – Jun is the winner! She out-played, out-smarted and out-lasted them all! She was the sly, female Dr. Will, who cooked her way into their lives by listening. People should watch & learn from her before entering the BB house in the future.

    • Jun Song

      I endorse this message.

      • Faceones

        lol u would

  • Volpe

    how is this even this close Jun is hands, feets toes and every hair on her head better than Keesha at the game

    • Jun Song

      And tits! :)

  • Andrew Sloan

    Keesha won 2 HOHs and a POV. Why are only her nominations up there against Jun’s wins. But… Keesha did play a good game. She’s the reason Jessie left over Memphis, which saved us all. Jun did WIN and played a good social game at that. Jun gets my vote, but I do think Keesha is awesome

    • Jun Song

      That’s what Wikipedia is for :) .

      • Andrew Sloan

        True… and also Keesha went after Angie which pissed me off. Forgot to mention that. You deserved to win though Jun, congratulations!! :D

  • tom

    will vs. jun would be an interesting final 2 to think of in terms of actual gameplay.

  • Sim

    Jun mastered the floater strategy & won!
    Floating is not a bad thing if you know what you’re doing like jun :)