Best BB Player Bracket: Keesha vs. Maggie

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Keesha vs. Maggie

Keesha Smith: Big Brother 10

1. Keesha placed 4th and became the 6th member of the jury
2. Voted America’s Choice and won $25,000
3. Nominated 3 times (Weeks 5 and 8, Day 64)

Maggie Ausburn: Big Brother 6

1. Her secret partner in the house was Eric Littman
2.  She was a member of the Friendship Alliance
3. Winner of Big Brother 6

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  • Melissa Zeigler

    I have got to keep this REAL! I am torn on this in a very big way for many different reasons!

  • Dan Wild

    I don’t even know Keesha and I voted for her.

  • Darla

    Even though Maggie was hated, she was the better player.

    • Faceones

      no maybe just lucky they both played floater game

  • Anonymous

    Challenge records are close K – 2hoh/1pov, M – 1hoh/1pov. M – also nominated 3 times. K part of an entertaining final 5 (minus Jerry who was not so entertaining…) and loyal to Renny. Would be interested in seeing K play again…not M

  • BB Prncss

    Omgshhh Keesha By Far!

  • Sandy3cats

    Keesha !!!

  • DaBa

    Maggie was the most unlikable person in BB history IMO, but I think people voted on this poll based on popularity rather than gameplay. She was a better player than Keesha (who kind of got strung along by the Renegades until they had to cut her).

  • Faceones

    no but your a jerk leave missy alone

  • Lukas

    Well I like Keesha way more, that said Maggie is one of the best players to ever play the game, like her or hate her. She Is the third best winner after Dan and Dr. Will in my opinion. Maggie was very smart when she convinced Howie to put up James and Sarah to save her ass. Was also very good at making Ivette and April feel the most loyal to her after their partners left in the game. She also never made the game personal like most people did on her season. Regardless of how you feel about her she is one of the better winners of Big Brother, Better Than Lisa, Jordan, Hayden, Rachel, Adam, Dick, Boogie, Eddie and slightly better than Jun but it’s close. Even Rachel and Howie admit that she was a brilliant player even though they were against her the entire time. Jame’s worked for some kind of police type job and said he couldn’t read Maggie and thought Maggie was some type of cop. People don’t like her because she was in the nerd herd but she really is a phenomenal player. It’s really not even close that she is better than Keesha gameplay wise as much as I like Keesha she was only a B+ Player. Maggie is a Top 3 Winner. And won without production or America helping. *Cough (Jordan, Evel Dick, Rachel)

  • Dapts

    Keesha isn’t a good player.
    People just liked her more.

  • Jaybirdnifty

    This seemed like it ended more as a popularity contest than who played the game better. They both were good players in my book, and played the game in two different ways. While Keesha tried to win comps and was the aggressor, Maggie just kind of sat back and kept her hand to herself. And while Keesha’s personality was entertaining, Maggie played the game better. She got a strong alliance and let them do the work while she still looked like a smart player. To me, in Big Brother at least, I think a social game is more important then comps. Because it’s unlikely that you’ll win every comp.