Best BB Player Bracket: Kristen vs. April D.

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Kristen vs. April D.

Kristen Bitting (@kristen_bitting) Big Brother 12
1. Was loyal to her showmance partner Hayden Moss
2. Had to wear the Hippie Unitard
3. Placed in 10th place

April Dowling: Big Brother 10
1. April was best known for her showmance with Ollie
2. April was the sixth House Guest evicted from the season, placing 8th and becoming the second member of the jury
3. HOH win 1 (week 4), nominated for eviction 1x (Week 6)

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  • Melissa Zeigler

    Best BB Player Bracket…I had to remind myself.

  • AnnieO555

    Aw come on Missy, tell us who you voted for??? : )

  • DaBa

    Both had showmances, both were very uninteresting, and both were equally poor players. Guess I gotta vote for the person who placed slightly higher in her season, April takes it by a hair.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Voted for April. She controlled Ollie, where as Hayden controlled Kristen

  • gma

    Neither were very good but after the fact Kristen talked, maybe still is, about what a good player she is. Voted for April.

  • Andy

    blah! These 2 are both the same, played the same, act the same & worth the same which isn’t much. The only difference is april made it to the jury so she gets my vote. Why are they even included?

  • Sid

    One took it up the butt on the live feeds. The other ate a live spider.

    Tough call…

  • TweetsRide

    See my comment on James and Jessie’s poll. The same opinion applies to April.

  • TweetsRide


  • Corndogger

    Kristen got screwed because Andrew was too clued-out to realize he was in a secret alliance with her and Hayden. She did everything she could to protect him and yet he ratted her out. If Andrew had been paying attention BB12 would have turned out a lot of differently and most likely a lot better.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Close vote, but I believe April was the rightful winner. Kristen didn’t really do much. April played the game well, and was the leader of her alliance (which originally included Keesha and Libra). But her somewhat inconsiderate and aggressive personality towards Keesha ended up being her downfall. Kristen got played by Hayden the whole game…

    • Andy

      I think Libra was the leader of those 3 screaming girls, (not April) when they were in an alliance together. Keesha always got the credit though because she cried so much and was better looking on TV.

      • Tina

        April was jealous of Keesha and couldn’t get past it, which is why she wasn’t any type of leader during her game. Kristen was not playing the catty-girl/jealous role but all the other women of that season were. If there ever is an all-stars II & April is somehow a house guest, April will play the exact same catty-girl/jealous role. Where as, if Kristen is somehow a house guest, Kristen will play a much more crafty game. However none of that matters since neither one is worthy of a second chance.