Best BB Player Bracket: Matt vs. Dan

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Matt vs. Dan

Matt Hoffman (@HeadofHOFFhold): Big Brother 12
1. Nicknamed “The Brains” Or “Diabolical Genius”
2. Was part of the Brigade Alliance . Matt caused a lot of controversy in the Big Brother community with the lie he told about his wife.
3. One Veto win (Diamond Power)  Two HOH wins (Weeks 3, 5)

Dan Gheesling (@DanGheesling): Big Brother 10
1. Winner of BB10 with a unanimous 7-0 vote
2. Member of The Renegades Alliance. Replacement Nominee Roulette Anyone?
3. Three HOH wins and two Veto wins

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  • DaBa

    Bye Matt.

  • Nick

    Can anyone tell me how I can do a bracket thing like this and have people vote? I wanna do it exactly like this for Bruce Springsteen songs. Please and thank you.

  • Corndogger

    I loved Matt on BB12 but Dan played one of the best games ever so he gets my vote.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Matt’s biggest mistake was turning on Ragan when Britney was HOH. Dan all the way, played a perfect game :D