Best BB Player Bracket: Memphis vs. James

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Memphis vs. James

Memphis Garrett (@MemphisGarrett): Big Brother 10

1. Is the only runner-up thus far to receive no jury votes to win the game
2. Was in The Renegade alliance
3. Nominated 4 times for eviction (Week 4, Day 46, Day 59, Day 66). POV wins: 3  (Day 47, Day 54, Day 60)

James Rhine (@JamesRhine): Big Brother 6
1. James formerly held the record for the most Power of Veto wins with 5 in Big Brother 6, but the record would be broken by his Sovereign Six ally Janelle Pierzina
2. Appeared on All Stars. Both seasons James placed 7th
3. He was part of the Sovereign Six- Legion Of Doom alliance

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  • Kungfuwomn

    I had to go by how many comps were won and up until Janelle he had won the most POV’s plus he’s funny.

  • tom

    Good matchup. I went with Memphis, but it was close

  • Sid

    “she stole my dolly”…. i voted for the other guy.

  • Sid

    “she stole my dolly”…. i voted for the other guy.

  • Danielsherriff

    James didn’t win 5 vetos in Season 6, he won four vetos for himself and helped his girlfriend Sarah win a veto in week 4 so she could use her veto to save him from the block. He won one veto in All-Stars making his total vetos totaling five throughout his entire Big Brother career

    • Dana Dugan

      I am totally with you here. This is, at the very least, the 3rd statistical mistake this poll has made and I’m ignoring important omissions in their descriptions. How can we expect this poll to be even fun let alone valid when most voters don’t know that their ‘tip sheets’ are so unreliable. As a die-hard superfan who gets the feeds, takes notes, and mostly just remembers the facts, good or bad, I’m almost insulted by this. Why don’t we just skip to the end anyway cuz we all know how this works out given Jokers did it last year!

  • Andrew Sloan

    Tough vote, and I’m surprised there have been so few votes :O. Went with Memphis because he played a very good game with Dan. Although teaming up with Michelle, Jessie & Angie got him through the first few evictions, it was the switch to Keesha, Libra, Renny and Dan that got him to the end. Also he did a good job in playing Jerry, which was key for getting Renny out. James was really good at competitions (but also so was Memphis) because he had to be, as he was a constant target. So going solely based off competitions would be unfair because Memphis did not need to win every week. James got outplayed in both seasons, so I had to go with Memphis, even though it looks like James will take the W this round.

  • Tuniciaa

    This is actually a tough one. Memphis played a superior social game. He had poor Keesha wrapped around his finger. James was not as charamistic: but he was able to play both sides of the house, and remain undected for awhile.