Best BB Player Bracket: Michelle C. vs. Chima

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Michelle C. vs. Chima

Michelle Costa (MichelleBB10): Big Brother 10

1. Was the seventh House Guest evicted from the season during a Fast Forward Week
2. Placed 7th and became the third member of the jury
3. Known in the community as the Portuguese Princess of Providence

Chima Simone (@ChimaSimone): Big Brother 11
1. Was a member of the Brains Clique
2. HOH Wins 1 (Week 5, Day 34)
3. Chima is the only House Guest thus far to be expelled at the jury stage

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  • Luke Anyanka Bright-Pyle

    Michelle all the way!!! Aggresive, feisty, my all time favourite player, and definitely the better one out of these 2, quitters never prosper.

  • Michelle Costa

    Thanks for all the votes and thanks luke for the awesome comment :)

  • Jake Updegraff

    Michelle didn’t quit… enough said.

  • Melissa Zeigler

    Who to vote for? hmmmmm…….. Ok I just voted!

  • Bubba

    Chima was the WORST Big Brother person EVER

    • TruthTeller

      if you can actually call her a player. She wasn’t a player, she was a bully and stupid one at that! The game is so much better without her! Whoever it is at reality nation that included her in this bracket thing, should be fired.

      • TweetsRide

        Chima deserves to have a her own reality show titled… “Chimalicious”!!

        • TruthTeller

          gag! All Chima deserves is a kick in the butt!

  • Joe Arnold

    No q, the BEST female player in BB history !! Chitownjoe.

  • JJ

    Man, I totally sympathize with Chima. She’s totally right about the producer manipulation and if I were a houseguest I gotta say I’d be pissed if I ended up on the wrong side of that. Hell, I’d probably feel dirty if I was on the RIGHT side of it. That coup d’etat was such bs. I couldn’t stand Jessie or most of his alliance, but they were in a good position and no amount of strategy or legit comp wins would have helped them there. I know Chima had some pretty heavy personal shit going on so I do question if she was stable enough to be in the house at that time anyway, but she was doing fine until that BS happened. I have been a fan of this show since season 1 but the producer manipulation that has been going on (and getting worse) since All-Stars is awful and totally cheapens the strategic aspect. Not to take it TOO seriously, but it effs with the integrity of the game and I will never, ever like it, even when it benefits those I am rooting for. Its gross. Chima could have gone pretty far – she was smarter than most of the people left including her own alliance. As for Michelle, I honestly only remember how loud she was, and the way she kept screaming “LEO-TAHHHD!!” She was good for a chuckle, but did she play the game? Hard to say.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Totally understand where Chima was coming from after Jeff used the coup d’etat, but she still had a solid alliance behind her, and to throw away that opportunity is crazy. Michelle on the other hand respected the game and was a strong social and physical play. Too bad for REPLACEMENT NOMINEE ROULETTE :D . Michelle gets my vote hands down

    • TruthTeller

      i’ll never understand why Dad didn’t just put up Ollie instead of dragging Michelle into it.

      • Andrew Sloan

        I know, i would’ve much rather seen Ollie leave over Michelle. Dan went back on his word against Ollie anyways, so why not just put him up. Dan won anyways so I can’t say it’s a bad move looking back, but I believe he thought Michelle was a bigger threat in competitions over Ollie. She could’ve hung on a lot longer in the swinging vine endurance if her foot didn’t get caught, plus she was way better with mental competitions.

  • TweetsRide

    If Dan hadn’t screwed over Michelle, she would have finished in second place.

    If CBS had a larger microphone budget, Chima would have won season 11.

    • April

      LOL. But I don’t think chima would have won. If chima made final 2 against scrappy, scrapp’s whole “i’m only 18 and you believed me” strategy would have gotten much more respect from the jury & scrappy would have won. If chima made final 2 against Kevin or Jordan, then Kevin or Jordan would have won because both Kevin and Jordan were each so much more respected over all then chima was by the majority of the voters.

      • TweetsRide

        No…Chima/Jeff final 2…Chima wins 6-1.

        • Andrew Sloan

          Jeff would get Jordan and Michele’s vote hands down. And he would get Jessie (as Jessie admitted it when Russell walked into Jury). Left are Natalie, Lydia, Kevin and Russell. I don’t believe Russell would vote for Chima because he too said he would vote for Jeff. Lydia could vote for Chima because they were allies, or she could vote with Jessie which also seems likely. Natalie and Kevin would vote for Chima.

          • TweetsRide

            all that would have changed after Jeff threatened to stab EVERYONE in the throat after jordan is “backdoored”… jessie is his only vote

        • April

          Chima/Jeff final 2…Chima wins 6-1 ~~maybe, but I don’t think Jeff would have made it to the final 2. Jeff played a lot like Kaysar did, which was to be way to trusting of the other house guests instead of developing a back-up plan. As for Chima, I honestly don’t think she would have won against anyone except for Russell.

    • TweetsRide

      order intentional

  • Michelle

    Michelle played the game and didn’t quit! She should also be an all-star house guest. Chima shouldn’t even be in this bracket or a part of BB history.

    • Andy


    • TruthTeller

      Very true! She does not even deserve to have her name written down next to other BB players names.

  • Kaytee

    People voted for Chima? Just proof that people aren’t voting for BEST game player.

  • Kathy Persons

    Can’t vote for a quitter.

  • Sid

    Chima I remember… The other one, I don’t.
    It doesn’t make any difference.
    The winner of this bracket won’t be going any further.

  • Shotxbiitch

    Chima didnt quit either… she got asked to leave bc she got a little too pissed off. she works for big brother now btw (so clearly they respect her) and has a solid chance for an allstars return.

    • Andrew

      chima knew the rules and set herself up to be kicked out of the game. Same thing as quitting. She does not work for big brother, she works for reality nation which is not associated with big brother.

  • TweetsRide

    I promise to name my daughter Chima if she wins today … #middlename

    • TruthTeller

      I’m sure your daughter is so happy that she didn’t.