Best BB Player Bracket: Natalie vs. April

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Natalie vs. April

Natalie Martinez (@ScrappyNatalie): Big Brother 11
1. Was a member of the Athletes Clique.
2. HOH Wins: 1 (Week 9)
3. Natalie lied to her fellow House Guests about her age. (She was 24 years old, not 18.)

April Dowling: Big Brother 10
1. April was best known for her showmance with Ollie
2. April was the sixth House Guest evicted from the season, placing 8th and becoming the second member of the jury
3. HOH win 1 (week 4), nominated for eviction 1x (Week 6)

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  • Burg Girl69

    It hurt me to vote for Natalie…but she was the better player.

  • Ryan

    >:( do i have to choose?!?!? fine *closes eyes and clicks on the natalie button*

  • Hannah Abbott

    Both are horrid human beings. . . . Ratalie doesn’t bath and April has no shame. . .

  • Kungfuwomn

    Natalie was my most hated player up until BB13 but she was definitly a player then April and although i disliked her in the house BB13 filled with or a few people who i really disliked even more so Natalie gets my vote.

  • This Seasons Token Old Person

    Let’s see, both from Phoenix. One had no idea what personal hygiene was (whether it was showering while on her period or brushing her teeth) and the other encouraged an old man to grab her boob on Day 1, went on to “do the Ollie” and obviously didn’t care how many cameras were around. Yea…I vote for neither. Ick.

  • Andrew Sloan

    eh, tough vote. April was the leader of her alliance, making her the #1 target and resulting in an earlier eviction over the others. Natalie hid behind Jessie, then Lydia, then Kevin, sliding to the end… but it worked. She did a lot of behind the scenes work where April was more upfront. So what to do…