Best BB Player Bracket: Rachel vs. Kathy

Best BB Player Bracket: Rachel vs. Kathy

Rachel Reilly (@RachelEReilly): Big Brother 12 & Big Brother 13

1. Winner of BB13

2. Is the third House Guest (and second female) to win the first Head of Household competition and the game following Lisa Donahue and Hayden Moss

3. Part of the Veterans Alliance. Loyal to Brendon Villegas and Jordan Lloyd.


Kathy Hillis (@BB12Kathy): Big Brother 12

1. Placed 8th in her season and was part of the Jury

2. Nominated twice  for eviction  (Week 3 & 6)

3.  Was the oldest player in Season 12

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  • DaBa

    Very tough decision…

    • Kara Malinczak

      Tough decision? I hope you are kidding.

  • Kungfuwomn

    Not that she needed it against Kathy but when Rachel advances to final rounds i hope they add her stats to the bio like how many HOH’s she won and how many comps she combined to win both her seasons and how it is up their with Janelle.

    • Dana Dugan

      Agreed. She won 2 HOH’s in BB12 in the short time she was on and in BB13 she won 4 HOH’s and 2 vetos. She was on the block 5X that season, once taken off by Bren and once taking herself (& Jordan) off and suvived the vote 3X (against Lawson, Jeff & Jordan.) So there ya have it.

  • Seth

    Wasn’t Kathy the one that became stuck in the carmel?

    • Dana Dugan

      yes. What a riot!

  • AnnieO555

    who picked these pair ups????? the pairings are so obviously onesided. But having fun with it any way.

    • TruthTeller

      Correct AnnieO555! ALL these parings are one-sided. Reality Nation is only doing this in order to promote their on-staff writers who are all one of two things….has-been bb players or wannabe has-been bb players

  • Corndogger

    If Matt hadn’t made such a dumb move when he had the Diamond POV there’s no doubt that Kathy would have gone on to win BB12. ;-)

    • BB12 Matt

      I knocked out the biggest threat. I should totally win this whole bracket tournament thing.

    • Faceones

      are u kidding me Kathy winning she had no shot

  • Corndogger

    Rachel was more loyal to Porsche than she was Jordan last season. Are you guys conveniently forgetting about the first half of the season?

    • TruthTeller

      Rachel is a cry baby who, (for some God only knows why reason) is only loyal to her brain dead side-kick, Captain Pee-pee!

  • Wildinvegas

    roflmao @ this matchup. looks like a top seed vs a bottom seed. Rachel could win this whole thing!

  • Shotxbiitch

    I personally feel for Rachel that her stuff from BB13 outshines BB12. Like, she played phenomenally both times, but I feel like she was a little more “independent” in BB13 and deserved the win.

  • Jan BB lover

    Loved loved loved Kathy! Awesome person.All best to her!