Best BB Player Bracket: Ragan vs. Russell K.

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Ragan vs. Russell K.

Ragan Fox: Big Brother 12

1. Ragan was the second Saboteur of the season. He completed his duties receiving $20,000
2. Two Veto wins (during week 6 & day 56)
3. Ragan had one of the most notable fights during week 6 when Rachel came back in the house for 24 hours

Russell Kairouz: Big Brother 11

1. Known to his friends as “Russell the Lovemuscle”
2. Inside the Big Brother house, Russell had regular blow-ups and has a very short fuse
3. Had a brief secret alliance with Ronnie

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  • Melissa Zeigler

    Both of these guy’s played a great game in different ways!

  • Andrew Sloan

    Did not like Ragan at all in the game. Liked him after with superpass but absolutely no way is he a better player than Russell

  • Guest

    Russell’s list of 3 is the worst list yet! Russell did a lot in the game and all you can say is…

    “Known to his friends as Russell the Lovemuscle”?? That had nothing to do with the game, and no one in the house called him that, so why include it??

    “Had regular blow-ups and has a very short fuse”?? What he actually did was perform STRATEGIC blow-ups which he used as a physiological weapon. This in turn brought fear and confusion to the other house guests, which then compelled the other house guests to fight back and reveal more than they origionaly intended.

    And how nice of you to include Ragan’s victories, but none of Russells??? Russell won 2 HOH’s! Week 1 (which he shared with Nat that allowed Jess into the game), and week 4. He also won the POV during week 1.

    And then there was one of the best blind-sides in BB history (if not the best). Jeff uses the coup d’etat to take Russell off the block after a week of Chima belittling Russell over and over and over and over again. Yes, I understand that Jeff wasn’t trying to “save” Russell, but the fact that it was Russell who had to come down in order for Jessie to go up, was the icing on the cake for us viewers!!

    Is it possible that you might be a little biased towards your fellow Reality Nation writers?? Just sayin’

    • Julie

      Agreed! Calling you out Reality Nation, CALLING YOU OUT!

      • Hannah Abbott

        In this case, it is very true. . . .

  • Dan

    I agree about the bias.

  • Hannah Abbott

    Russell was/is a moron, so this is really an unfair battle. Regan is a good player, but probably too emotional to ever win the game. .. . Russell is just too stupid to ever win. . .you can learn to control your emotions. . there is nothing you can do about being as stupid as a stick. ..sorry Russell

  • BB Prncss

    Ragan Ragan Ragan Love Him And His Game!

  • Connie Thurman

    love Ragan in & out of the house / Russell Hmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm still thinking hmmmmmm can’t see anything but a bully most of the time if you call bullying good game play?

  • Beth

    Ragan was so much a better player!

    • Julie

      Ragan played the same game as Russell. The only difference is Russell yelled, where as Ragan cryed. Would love love love for both of these guys to be in the house again.

  • Wildinvegas

    im not really a fan of the bullying style tactics, even E dick made me cringe sometimes but evil did more for me as a player, and so did Ragan. and in this matchup, in my eyes Ragan suprised me and was one of the most dynamic players in BB history, feeling remorse for his now forgiven fued with rachel and sails to well deserved ‘victory’!

    who else besides me started rooting for Ragan down the stretch against insurmountable odds to make the game more interesting? Rocky actually lost in his first movie too, i expect Ragan “Rocky” Fox to be a feared player if there’s a Ragan II

    • Julie

      LOL! and lets hope there is a Regan II some day!