Best BB Player Bracket: Shelly vs. Dani

Who was the better Big Brother player?

Best BB Player Bracket: Shelly vs. Dani

Shelly Moore (@ShellyMooreBB13): Big Brother 13
1. Her first duo partner was Cassi,  followed by Adam.
2. She received a golden Key.
3. Well known in the community for playing both sides of the house.

Dani Donato (@danidONAT0): Big Brother 8, 13
1. Runner up season 8 & Part of the Veterans alliance season 13
2. 5 POV wins in season 8
3. Her loyalties were: Season 8 Dick Donato, season 13 Dominic Briones, Kalia Booker and Porsche Briggs

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  • Yodagirl7711

    dani was better because she could win competitions ….especially when she had too……shelly…was awesome to watch…go back and forth and back stab…she did all that brilliantly and really should return for an all stars …if they ever have one again !!…..i still give the vote to dani…and she ,too should be on an all stars…as well as her father …evel dick !!

  • Andrew Sloan

    Daniele alone, or with Dick is a really good player. But with some else like Nick or Dominic, her strategical game really suffers. But nonetheless she’s an awesome physical player and an awesome player to watch. She get my vote

  • Chris Kelly

    Dani is the real deal.

  • Kungfuwomn

    I am voting on winning comps hated both players on BB13 but Dani won most comps so i am voting for her.

  • Official Cody Allen

    The only people who voted for Shelly over Dani are Jeff and Jordan fans. Smh. Daniele is OBVIOUSLY the better player here!

    • Dan

      Why ?? does EVERYTHING Always get blamed on the JJ fans,Just cause Dani might not have enough fans of her own to get her the win doesn’t mean it’s JJs fault,Geez oh and I voted for Dani.Wait I thought JJ fans HATED Shelly too hahahahaha

      • mummygaga

        People always blame Jeff and Jordan because they are the most overrated houseguests on Big Brother. However, considering that the cat ladies actually gave Shelly death threats and not Daniele, I would expect for them to vote for Daniele.

        Daniele played the better game. She won 9 competitions in both of her seasons. The only person to won more competitions is Janelle (though Hayden and Drew could win more competitions than her if they were to come back). I am not sure why everybody thinks she was riding Dick’s cocktails in Big Brother 8. She was excellent in competitions and it seems as if Dick was riding her cocktails. I also kinda wanna see a Rachel vs Daniele battle. That would be an epic battle.

        • Official Cody Allen

          They did hate Shelly. But I think since Shelly voted for Rachel to win over Porsche they forgave her because she went with JeJo again. Lol. And JeJo fans do get blamed for a lot…but usually it’s true! Haha.

        • Gwrey62

          The death threat towards Shelly I believe will always believe came about not because of J/J, they knew Shelly was playing a game said it the night they found out. Also after Jeff left the house when talking to Julie, and Jordan said they knew it was a game move but it still hurt. But when Shelly hid Rachel dog and she was begging her for it telling her she had nothing to please give it back that her mom gave it to her now that where the threat came from even I wanted to knock Shelly upside her head for that stunt.

  • Sid

    Does chain-smoking on the couch all day, count for anything?

  • Scott James

    Why in the FUCK is this vote so close?!? Oh right jeff&jordan sycophants. VOTE DANI!!!!!!

    • Corndogger

      Jeff and Jordan fans are voting for Shelly because she voted for Rachel. Their voting is still based on hatred. They hate Porsche with a passion and are voting for Shelly because she fucked Porsche over at the end with her vote.

  • SecretXO

    to be honest i am a big jeff and jordan fan… but that has nothing to do with how im voting in this poll. dani is clearly the better player. plus if i was letting my jj love cloud my judgement then i would still vote for dani since shelly was the one who screwed over jj more than anyone else in the game, just saying.

    anyway… regardless, dani is a MUCH better player and i dont have any idea why this poll is so close, but dont claim it is because jj fans hate dani… they have just as much or more reason to hate shelly imo.

    VOTE DANI… she deserves it!

  • Scott S

    Although she messed up her game in BB13 I voted for Dani because she’s a stronger competitor. Shelly was a flip flopper and didn’t win one challenge in the 62 days she was in the house.

  • Gwrey62

    I vote Dani but neither was loyal to anyone, Shelly said thing to J/J about Adam all the time and voted out Jeff good move for Shelly, Dani told that Shell and Por hid the dog, and the duck. Told on Kalia that she begged her not to put up Jeff. Said thing about Dom and when they told him thing that came out of her mouth she blamed them for telling when she should have said i said them because i didn’t want them to know i wanted to play with you .

    • Corndogger

      Porsche had nothing to do with hiding Rachel’s dog. And it was Porsche that told Shelly about the duck.

      • Gwrey62

        Shelly hid dog. Porshe hid duck in HOH toliet, first as joke then wasn’t able to get in to get it out.

  • Tuniciaa

    Sorry, Dani fans, but I have to go with Shelly. Shelly should’ve won season 13. She had a superior social game, allowing her to play both sides of the house without being detected for weeks. This is a hard strategy to pull off. Danielle was a good player, but not a great player. She overplayed, going after her ally, Jeff, too early in the game.

    • Corndogger

      Porsche was on to Shelly very early on in the game and Rachel clued in shortly after. It’s unfortunate that Jeff and Jordan were totally blind to what she was really doing. Shelly only lasted as long as she did because there were a lot of stupid players last season (e.g., “The Regulators”)

  • tom

    I’m a huge Dani fan. I wanted her to win the game, and I disliked Shelly. I even hope Dani wins this so she can face Rachel and beat her. However I’m actually going to vote for Shelly because she played the better game.

    And here’s why:

    1. Everyone knew Shelly was lying, and yet they continued to trust her.
    2. She convinced Kalia to put up her own ally Lawon.
    3.She played Cassi, so well that Cassi didn’t even campaign to stay and was voted out 9-0.
    4. If not for PB which completely screwed her, she would have had a very good chance of winning the game. (Rachel wins veto, and Jordan goes home instead of her. Then kalia gets voted out next, then in the final 4 she either wins the HOH against Adam, or Porsche votes to keep her against Rachel, She wins final hoh against Adam and Porsche who did terrible, and goes to the final 2, where people either vote for her as having played the best game, or vote bitter.) hypothetical I know, but still.Remove the producers meddling, and she’d have been in very good shape.

  • haleyy

    thats my girl

  • haleyy

    jeff and jordan fans GO AWAY NOONE LIKES THEM GET OVER IT.