The Best Big Brother Showmances of 2012

Which showmance will you vote for?

The Best Big Brother Showmances of 2012

This year marked Big Brother’s 14th Season. Along with a group of new faces, some former house guests were brought back into the game as coaches. This gave a new, unfamiliar opportunity to the incoming house guests as the fans were able to idolize and confide in coaches/idols about personal game play for the first time. About half way into the game, the coaches had the opportunity to become players and that’s pretty much when all hell broke loose.

Even in such chaos, the house guests often cling to each other in order to feel safe and have security. Sometimes, they even fall in love. Let’s reflect on the most memorable Big Brother (Season 14) Showmances of 2012.

Mike and Frank Showmancing
1. Frank & Boogie
– This lover’s story comes as no surprise. Upon learning Boogie was a guest on the show (even if just as a mentor), Frank’s eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree. His love for Chilltown, Boogie and Will, the original showmance starters, had the 28-year-old from Naples, Florida following his idol around the BB house like a lost puppy. Of course Boogie could never replace Will, but what else was he suppose to do in a household for thirty days without a sidekick? Shack up with a lady? No, that’s crazy (Besides, he had already had his moment with Janelle). So Mike ultimately settled for Frank, and the two stuck together in a bromance until Boogie’s surprise elimination.

Dan plotting his funeral.
2. Dan & Himself
– No one loved Dan on this season of Big Brother more than Dan. He evicted friends and foes off the show quickly, recklessly and without any emotion. He even was the guest speaker at his own funeral, an event he created to save his BB life after being secluded for 24-hours. Unfortunately for him, Dan’s narcism didn’t help him win the big money prize at the end. His dirty ways, however, did give  the Season 10 recruit another idea for a book, which ultimately aided his career as an author. So kudos! If anything, Dan’s taught us the only way to success is loving one’s self first. Forget showmance, he’s invented the selfmance.

Ian taunting the BB cameras.
3. Ian & BB Hidden Cameras
– At some point or another, every person that watches Big Brother has wondered about what goes on inside the walls and mirrors of the BB house. So when Ian Terry took it upon his self to fulfill his fan fantasy and dance, speak to and even flirt with every camera in and out of sight, he immediately won the hearts of America. Considering he was the winner of Season 14, it seems fair to say the cameras loved him right back. And that ladies and gentlemen is what we call a $500,000 showmance.

Big Brother Showmances
4. Frank & Ashley –
If you put a man and a woman in a constricted space long enough, eventually some nookie will happen (unless you are Shane and Danielle). Even though most of us were rooting for Ian to wind up as Ashley’s lover so the couple could turn into the real-life duo from the Big Bang Theory, the uniting of Ashley and Frank made the BB house hold dynamics much more interesting to watch. He won challenges while she sat, watched and cheered her man on, probably dreaming of baby unicorns and invisible rainbows. Neither knew what might happen to their affair after the show ended, so it seems likely this showmance was more of a conveni-ance. But nevertheless cute. (See how I did that? Conveni-ance. Boom.)

Big Brother Showmances
5. Shane & Danielle
– Always wearing pink tank tops and manicuring his body, some of us at the office were unsure Shane even liked women romantically. So when Danielle slowly crept her way into his arms and became his best gal, bets were on for when the messy break up would happen. But there never was a big break up. Even after the lies and betrayal, the couple cuddled and cooed each other during the BB after party proving their showmance was indeed legit, boring at times, but totally legit.

Big Brother Showmances
6. Frank & Carrot Suit
– The most intimate love affair of all came about when Frank was confined to a large carrot suit costume as punishment after losing a challenge. For one week, Frank and his sweaty new beau never separated, not even for bathroom breaks. Only that carrot suit knows Frank’s deepest, darkest secrets and vice versa, which clearly can only mean one thing—they share the deepest showmance imaginable–a show-it-all-mance.

What was you favorite showmance this year?

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  • Invest43

    I loved it when Frank asked Ashley, “So, you want to go make-out”!

  • gma

    The best relationship, in my opinion, of the year was Britney and Ian. Frank and Ashley were a showmance because Ashley was horny. Shane and Danielle, what can I say….they are duds. Never have I seen a good so desperate and horny, climbing all over Shane and basically humping him. His non-interest was NOT just self-control.

    • guest101

      you are stupid. Lets just leave it at that.

      • gma

        And that is why you reply as a guest….dumb ass.

    • Sahira Arzu

      It was shameful and annoying to watch, Thank god for 4 camera views.

  • Dellarocco

    Frank and Ashley no question about it! Frashley for the win!!!!

  • Sahira Arzu

    Ian should have been coupled with his Hammock they were a match made in Heaven. She was always there for him, day or night, rain or shine. Lol…

    • Renee

      Right? That hammock made Ian so happy, it was adorable. I hope they gave it to him.

  • Jules

    I just have to say this is HILARIOUS! Enjoyed the new Show-it-all-mance & selfmance – brilliant!!

  • Andrew Sloan

    Ian and all of his “showmances” were a joke… it was just all too awkward and even I felt weird watching it. The best showmance this season was Shane and JoJo for like the day it lasted because it was funny how it pissed of Danielle :D

    • Tuniciaa

      I like you Andrew…only if JoJo could’ve stayed alot longer to keep Dani mad…

  • bad2dabone

    Dan & Himself

  • Tuniciaa

    The best showmance of the season was Dan’s self-mance…it was almost brillant…because he didn’t win..Shane and Danielle was one of the worst showmances in Big Brother history…Frashley was a cute showmance…