Big Brother 14 Promo: ‘Most Houseguests Ever’

New commercial for BB14 also promises four huge surprises

Big Brother 14 Promo: ‘Most Houseguests Ever’

Big Brother 14 is just around the corner and some details on the show are starting to trickle in, including one big one: This season will have more house guests than ever before.

According to a new promo from CBS, this season we’ll see more house guests and more twists than usual. So it looks like it’ll be a super-sized summer.

“This summer Big Brother is not just big, it’s super-sized,” the promo announcer says, “With the most houseguests ever. And not one, not two, not three, but four HUGE surprises. It’s big brother to the max.”

The other promo is a little less detailed, but focuses on the types of contestants we see every season.

“Every summer there are houseguests you love and houseguests you love to hate,” the announcer says.

What do you think of the details? Let the speculation begin! I’ll start. Maybe super-sized means all the contestants will be overweight and the person who loses the most weight wins. Wait, wrong network.


  • Andrew Sloan

    WOOT!! Going to be AMAZING!!!

  • Kelvin

    lmao! funny paragraph at the end :)

  • Joe

    They showed a lot of BB11 in those clips, and not just of Jeff & Jordan. I wonder if Ronnie or Chima will be back.

    • DaleMcClung

      I know they are bring back someone b/c unfortunately thats been the way BB has been operating but they wouldnt bring back Chima she was removed from the house and too big of a flight risk

  • Joe

    They showed a lot of BB11 in those clips, and not just of Jeff & Jordan. I wonder if Ronnie or Chima will be back.

  • DaleMcClung

    So my guess is 20 HG’s with 4 of them being returning HG’s and they will be split into teams of four

    • Branden B

      Not bad thinking, Dale.

      • Branden B

        About when do HGs go into sequester? Be on the look out for quiet twitter accounts!

        • DaleMcClung

          Usually about 2-3 weeks before the show starts the hgs move in the week before we see the first airing. Once we get the first round of info like house pics or confirmed twists thats when they are in sequester bc they dont want them finding out .

  • Seattlepat2001

    i bet they have pets…remember the stupid turtles counted as houseguests??????????????

  • Alexandra

    If Rachel comes back AGAIN, I won’t be watching this season. Two straight summers of her was more than enough, though I will say that she deserved to win over the other two finalists last year. Point is, she won last year, I don’t need her on my TV screen again.

    • DaleMcClung

      Agreed, and if they bring jessie back in any way, shape or form i am immediately changing the channel and never going to watch again

      • Alexandra

        Her laugh has mentally scarred me, I flinch every time I hear a similar sound, I really don’t need to hear it anymore. Personally I hope they don’t bring any old HGs for this year, (Jessie repulses me) but I wouldn’t be opposed to Will Kirby if he suddenly decided that it might be cool to get back in there.
        And here’s hoping for a more interesting cast this year. None of them were really interesting last year, I think they relied too heavily on Dick causing hell for everyone, which is why I was so upset when they left. Daniele was the only one keeping it interesting for a while until she left.

    • D.A.

      I agree. If she is on it again I will not watch until she gets kicked off. (I will check online until she is voted out)

  • Tom Palmer

    4 definitely seems like 4 returning houseguests. Maybe they’re redoing the cliques type twist, with each team having a captain? How are they going to get rid of the extras? In BB9 they got rid of 2 at a time for a while. But they had duos.

  • CMarks

    Please no more returning houseguests. With the thousands of people applying for “Big Brother” there is no reason, or need, to bring someone back who has already been there. However, true to form the CBS promotional department has begun recycling the same old hype – more and bigger twists, most exciting ever… How about a real twist and not have any of the usually unsuccessful twists? But BB is my summer guilty pleasure so I’ll be watching, enjoying and complaining …

  • Guest

    I have a feeling it is a fans v. favorites season

    • Bball8

      But last season was kinda like a fan vs favorites….

  • BBFAN483

    I think they will have two houses and neither house will know about each other until week 3 or 4 when they will combine for the first time. All new house guests. Maybe some relationships from outside the game will then be apparent when the houses combine.

  • Sue

    I’m with everyone else if Rachel comes back i’m done with Big Brother!!!!!

    • Nataliaarzu

      Oh get over it already a bunch of pathetic whiners over one female. So ridiculous!

  • Jake

    Guys, they arn’t bringing anyone back. The only reason why they’re in the trailer is b/c BB always uses clips from previous seasons in their trailer for the next.

  • 420 Patient

    If they bring back a “love to hate” contestant then Ronnies coming back….”Roll that beautiful bean footage”

  • 420 Patient

    The 4 twists couldd be returning hg…if they start with the normal 16 hg, then bring in 2 returning that you “Love”(???&???) and 2 that you “Love to Hate”(Dick & Ronnie…please, please please not Jessie). Then that takes care of 4 twist and “Supersizing” all at once.

  • ilikeike29

    I hope they bring back Chima

  • Georgiapeach

    I agree with Alexandra 100%. I really hope there are no returning house guests. If there are, than please no more Rachel & Brenden. Had enough of them 2 seasons in a row & on Amazing Race.

    • Richard H. Shores

      Enough of the returning house guests. Either do another All-Stars with all returning house guests or some other permutation or cast all new people. And I would not read too much into what the promo department of CBS puts together for a promo.

      • rosebud

        I agree enough of the returning house guests epspecially Rachel and Brandon and Jeff and also Jessie. Can not stand them. The only one I liked was Jordan. I hope it will be good.

  • Reio

    Four twists eh??? Sometimes they say there will be many twists at the start and sometimes they are related to the HOH challenge or something like that, who knows if it really means returning houseguests or teams??

  • Reio

    Four twists eh??? Sometimes they say there will be many twists at the start and sometimes they are related to the HOH challenge or something like that, who knows if it really means returning houseguests or teams??

  • Tatyr

    that’s awesome more house guest more drama and last longer

  • Big Brother Live Feed

    I like surprises…. as long as it’s not Rachel.

  • Kim Santre


  • BigBrotherUSA

    Get ready for a supersized season of Big Brother on CBS! There will be 20 houseguests with NO returning houseguests from previous seasons… There will be FOUR HUGE SURPRISES! Stay tuned for all the details on the new houseguests.

    • Jason

      Can you please give us more information now????!?!?

    • Kevin

      Where can I found out who is in da house?

      • TruthTeller

        you can “found out who is in da house” when the show starts. Now get back to english class before you fail it again.

  • Toni Kass


  • tgrfan42069

    it will end up being a let the summer of sabotage that amounted to nothing

  • joe

    i hope one of the surprises is not Rachel returning, too. In fact, considering the promos, i am pretty sure four are coming back, i just hope it isn’t my suspicion – heroes jeff and jordan and villains brendan and rachel. i really hope i haven’t waited for this season and that happens!

  • Barbara Offhaus

    I would love to see Evel Dick come back since he had to leave the game last year. he’s a great player, a great entertainer and so many fans love him!!!! if he hadn’t had to leave, last years BB would not have been so boring. don’t get me wrong, even though last year was boring I am still an avid fan of BB. does anyone remember their only winter show?? now there having Dick in the game would have made all the difference in the world!!! as for Rachel…she’s one of my favorites. she sure knew how to set everyone on edge!!!! I do agree that we have all had enough of egotistical Jesse!!!!!! let’s see, who does Jesse love?? why, Jesse of course!!!

  • BBFan4Ever

    Hi Everyone. I have really enjoyed reading your comments & agree with them. Makes me miss the chat rooms even more, lol. I so hope they don’t bring anyone back in the house. All new faces would be so much better. I agree with some too in the fact that we might be disappointed with the promises of a great show, then, have it suck like the saboteur. But, as with every season, I am ready & gullible. Love Big Brother & talking to you all in the chat rooms.

  • Leolion

    IF they do bring back HG’s i realy only want to see britney from bb12 or Matt from bb12

  • Tombilliter

    I want more Rachel Rachel Rachel Rachel…

  • Somerlynn1

    I would love to see Rachel come back cause she upsets the house

  • Daniellefan3322

    4 huge suprises
    Both of Rachels boobs will be returning to the house this season (Counts as 2 suprises)
    Jessie and his Huge steriod built body will be returning
    Jeff and his huge ego will also be returning.

    A season of CBS shitting on our head again

  • TruthTeller

    The only returning house guests I want to see are The Zingbot, Tori Spelling and that big crying baby from season 11 ( and no, not big crying baby Ronnie. )

  • Lol

    BRITNEY MUST COME BACK!!! She’s vital for comic relief! I love her! Definitely in my top 3 faves of all time just for being hilarious!

  • Sammi

    Please bring back Janelle. The greatest BB player of all time. She can be a firecracker, lol.


    I’ve watched every season of BB. If Rachel & Brendon are back, I will not be watching it!!! I almost quit watching it last summer when they returned AND I didn’t watch Amazing Race until they were out. It is no longer Big Brother, it’s the Rachel & Brendon Show. What a great way to lose BB fans, don’t you think?

  • Tweets

    @No More, if you didn’t watch the Amazing Race until Rach and Brendon were eliminated, then you probably watched only 2 episodes cause them two lasted a long time!

  • Nikki

    I have repeated myself over and over, if Rachel returns, BB will lose a very loyal fan. I’ve watched since the 3rd season. but I can’t deal with her again. It was hard enough to stomach her on TAR. -_-